Building views for checked-out documents

You can build views for checked-out documents to better assist users in keeping track of the documents they have checked out in a batch.

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Build a checked-out documents view

You can build views for a reviewer to access their checked-out documents. For more details about creating a view, see Views. Use this procedure to create a view for checked-out documents.

  1. Click the Views subtab from the Administration tab.
  2. Click New View.
  3. Complete the required fields. See Views for details.
  4. In the Set Conditions section, choose Batch in the Field drop-down list.
  5. Click ellipsis button in the Value field. The Batch Criteria Selector displays.
  6. To create a simple view that shows the reviewer their checked-out documents, you could create the following conditions; however, you can make your conditions as simple or complex as your workspace's workflow requires.

    • Field - Batch::Assigned To
    • Operator - is logged in user


    • Field - Batch::Status
    • Operator - any of these
    • Value - In progress

  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save.