Transcripts application

The Transcripts application gives users the ability to upload, review, code, and annotate transcript files in Relativity.

Note: You can only view Transcripts using Review or the HTML Document Viewer. To learn more about how to adjust a user's Document Viewer settings, visit Users.

Transcripts application topics

For information about working with the Transcripts application, see the following topics:

Topic Description
Installing the Transcripts application

The Transcripts application must be installed in each workspace where you want to use the application. This topic includes:

  • Compatibility matrix
  • Installation institutions
  • Security permissions
Uploading transcripts

When uploading transcripts, Relativity automatically creates folders named after the Deponent Name field. Transcripts are stored in these folders, along with any corresponding attachments. This topic includes:

  • Uploading transcripts with Simple File Upload
  • Mass importing transcripts with the Relativity Desktop Client
  • Editing the Transcripts Import Layout
Supported file types for the Transcripts application This topic covers the load file requirements for each supported file type.
Annotating transcripts

When you open a transcript in the Viewer, you can add notes, designations, exhibits, and URLs to transcripts. This topic includes:

  • Adding notes, designations, exhibits, and URLs
  • Uploading a CSV file containing designations
  • Working with Case Dynamics
Transcript video clips

This topic covers how to create, save, merge, and export video clips.

Copying text from a transcript This topic covers copying transcript text with and without page:line numbers.
Word Index The Word Index lists out all the different terms that are found in the transcript. This topic covers how to use the Word Index.
Transcript reports

You can export the different annotations and items that have been linked to transcript(s). This topic includes:

  • Annotations Digest
  • Key Terms
Printing transcripts This topic covers how to print transcripts from the Viewer.
Transcripts tab The Transcripts tab contains individual tabs with views for Notes, Exhibits, URLs, Comments, Designations, and Designation types. This topic defines the fields on each tab.