Relativity provides a variety of options for interacting with the infrastructure. It also includes optimizations to improve the performance of your enviornment. Use these guides to learn more about Relativity's infrastructure.


Installing to agent servers

Adding and editing agents

Managing agents in Relativity

Managing and setting Relativity agent quantity limitations


Elasticsearch system requirements

Installing Elasticsearch

Upgrading Elasticsearch

System Guides

AppSettings table

Backup and data management best practices

Instance setting table

Environment optimization

Infrastructure planning considerations

Managing Relativity SQL log files

Performance baselines and recommendations

Usage metrics

Workstation configuration


Infrastructure solutions for very large workspaces (VLRW)

Workflow solutions for very large workspaces

Resource files and pools

Create a resource pool

Adding resources to a pool

Removing an Analytics server from a resource pool

Adding or removing a processing source location

Adding or removing resource pools from a client domain


Server types

Analytics servers

Cache location servers

SQL, agent, services, and web servers

Worker manager server