Instance settings

This page provides an alphabetical list of all the instance settings in Relativity.

Note: A number of the instance setting entries listed below should never be modified in your environment, despite the fact that they appear in the EDDS.InstanceSetting table in the database. For these entries, we've included a Do not modify statement at the beginning of the description.

Instance settings change log

The following table lists all added, removed, and modified instance settings for Server 2023.

Type of change Name Section Notes
Type of change Name Section Notes
Added AuthenticatorRegistrationName Relativity.Authentication  
Added IAPICommunicationMode DataTransfer.Legacy  
Removed AdvancedOptionsEnabled kCura.ARM  
Removed AdditionalSortBy kCura.Audit  
Removed CustodianPortalAuthLoadRefreshTime kCura.Method  
Removed CacheTimeout Relativity.CaseDynamics  
Removed DisableAutoCSVIdentification Relativity.Conversion  
Removed HungOiLinkProcessCleanerRunIntervalInMinutes Relativity.Conversion  
Removed OiLinkMaximumAllowedLifeSpanInMinutes Relativity.Conversion  
Removed AdvancedImagingTimeout Relativity.Core  
Removed DisableOffHoursCollectFolderPath Relativity.DocumentViewer  
Removed TransmissionUrl Relativity.Telemetry  

Instance settings descriptions

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