Rolling productions can potentially reverse the document coding that has already been produced. If you still need to review documents, you can't lock down these coding fields. However, you can make reviewed documents read-only to prevent changing coding on produced documents.

Recipe overview

This recipe describes how to add an object rule to your Document object so documents are viewed in a read-only layout.


  • Applicable to all Relativity versions
  • Relativity security access
    • Fields: Add
    • Object rules: Add
    • Ability to build layouts


Perform the following steps to create a read-only layout:

  1. From the Layouts tab, create a new layout with the following settings to display the documents that have been coded:
    1. Object type: Document
    2. Name: Previously Produced
    3. Order: 10
  2. Alternatively, you can copy the original coding form and change only the fields that should not be altered after production to read-only.

  3. From the Fields tab, create a new field with the following settings to indicate which documents need to be locked down:
    1. Object type: Document
    2. Name: Produced and locked
    3. Field type: Single choice
    4. Available in field tree: Yes
  4. From the Choices tab, add a single choice field with the following settings:
    1. Field: Produced and Locked (Document)
    2. Name: Yes
  5. From the Administration tab, select Object type and select the Document object.
  6. In the Rules section, click New and create a new rule with the following settings:
    1. Rule type: Default layout
    2. Name: Production lock documents
    3. Field: Produced and locked
    4. Value: Yes
    5. Action: Previously produced
    6. Leave User can select another layout unchecked.
  7. Once you've completed steps 1-5, a system admin should mass-edit the produced documents to set the Produced and Locked field to Yes. This will cause the object rule to trigger on the produced documents.
  8. Examine the records. In the layout drop-down menu, there should only be the read-only version.


  • Make sure your reviewers don't have rights to edit layouts, as they can then switch read-only to No.
  • This doesn't work on Mass Edit operations, and you must limit that right for users.