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Relativity Binders on the Web is a cross-browser and cross-operating system solution that allows you to securely view evidence and prepare narratives on desktops and tablet devices. You can view, search, annotate, and organize PDF documents downloaded from Relativity. Binders on the Web automatically synchronizes your annotations with Relativity making them available when you access Binders on the Web on another device or desktop and when you use Binders for iPad. The types of annotations available include highlighting, notes, and freehand drawing.

Using Binders on the Web doesn't require familiarity with Relativity or the need to install anything on your tablet or desktop. To log in, your system admin must grant your account access to the Binders application and assign binders to you.

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System requirements

Binders on the Web runs on the Relativity server that runs the Binders application. In addition to the Binders application requirements, Binders on the Web requires one of the following minimum Relativity versions for 8.0, 8.1, or 8.2:

  • Relativity 8.0.520.1
  • Relativity 8.1.355.1
  • Relativity

Relativity Binders on the Web supports the same web browsers supported by Relativity. For a complete list of supported browsers and browser versions per Relativity release, see the Browsers list on the Relativity system requirements matrix.

For complete Binders application system requirements, see Relativity Binders Admin.