Usage metrics

Usage metrics is an integrated tool that collects anonymized data from Relativity users to help us better understand how users interact with the software. Collecting this data helps us determine where to focus development efforts to improve the overall user experience.

Note: Configure your firewall settings to allow access to

The following is an example of collected data:

Metric collected Sample value
Click location X 0.169921875
Click location Y 0.059813084112149535
Location within element X 0.631578947368421
Location within element Y 0
Timestamp of click 2014-06-06T15:49:28.697Z
Time zone offset of user -5
Hour of click 10
Second of click 28
Relativity User ID # 1015390
Workspace ID # 1016393
Artifact Type ID # 5
Page identifier RelativityListaspx
Element HTML ID # ctl14_RelativityTabStrip_Groups
Browser name and major version # Chrome 35.0
Status of Data Focus True
Name/ID of dropdown selection Edit/1003984
Language EN-US
Operating system Win32
Relativity Version #
IP address
Full URL /Relativity/List.aspx?AppID=-1&ArtifactID=62&ArtifactTypeID=5&SelectedTab=1014954

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