Database schema updates

The table below lists the updates made in recent releases to both the EDDS and Workspaces database schema.

Database schema updates table

The following table lists all database schema updates made for Relativity Server 2021:

Database Table affected Change type Change details
EDDS AnalysticsIndexC4PopulationJob Modification

This represents a queue table that keeps track of jobs which populate our Analytics Engine with extracted text data. The columns of the commit were added to help keep track of metrics that we use for reporting.

EDDS CaseStatisticsFileInfo Addition When the Toggle “Relativity.Core.Toggle.CSMFileInfoCollectionRelOneToggle” is enabled, this table collects information on a workspace’s NativeType files as a part of the Case Statistics Manager run. Billing information is reported back via SUM.
EDDS AnalyticsIndexC4PopulationJob Addition Job queue table for Relativity Analytics Index Population Manager agent. This agent is used for index population phase for C4 Analytics Indexes.
EDDS ConsistencyCheckerQueue Addition This table is added to keep track of workspaces that need to be checked for data integrity of Data Grid File System (DGFS).
EDDS PostDeleteAuditWorkspaceCleanup Addition This is table is added to keep track of the deleted workspaces with Audit app installed. Audit agents clean up the Elasticsearch indices after specified threshold. This is to enable delayed deletion of Elasticsearch indices.
EDDS AuthenticationUserTableBackupRecord Removal No longer needed, was a backup for an upgrade
EDDS ActiveLearningProjects Modification Added AgentName column to store the name of the Active Learning Manager agent currently processing a project to prevent other instances of this agent type from processing project at same time.
EDDS ApplicationServer Modification Made a step towards Near-Zero Downtime for Custom Page deployment (part of the Aero scope of work). The purpose was to only redeploy a Custom Page if the file hash for the Custom Page had changed. As part of this, we added a FileHash column to the ApplicationServer table to track the file hash of the deployed Custom Page ZIP. Now assuming a RAP is updated with exactly the same Custom Page ZIP file, the customer will not experience downtime for the Custom Page because it will not be redeployed.
EDDS AssemblyAgentType Modification Was meant for a P3 defect, which was causing dead locks while using the Document Viewer. We determine that the table lacked adequate indexing. The primary key was against the ID column which is seldom used in queries. More commonly, queries are done against AssemblyArtifactID and AgentTypeID, so we recreated the primary key against those two columns. We also applied a second, standard index on the same columns in reverse.
EDDS FederationMapping Removal Migration of Secret to secret store
EDDS FileOperation Modification Improved handling failure scenarios of in-progress File Operations. Added ROSE correlation ID to File Operation to improve logging.
EDDS User Modification Modified to improve the user experience for the Distributed Job Framework. In the past for a distributed job when adding/removing a user from a group, deleting a user, or deleting a group when that job fails or completes an email is sent out to the user who kicked off the job. The change and the goal of the epic was to make that functionality configurable, so a user can opt in to either receiving all emails, no emails, or only failed job emails.
Workspace SerializedPipelineConfig Addition This table keeps track of a serialized text filter pipeline configuration, which gets sent to multiple different backend services that use it to declutter textual data before using it during an analysis phase.
Workspace AnalyticsIndexMetadataRepository Modification This change was made to be able to identify the previously populated index. Tracking this allows the application to skip population when an incremental population that only removes documents is run.
Workspace ContentAnalystCluster Modification This column references a configuration container that holds relevant job config data. It gets sent to a backend clustering job that produces LSI clusters for client visualization.
Workspace DynamicReviewMetadata Modification This change was made to facilitate multiple versions of Dynamic Review Queue schema. A version column was added to the review queue metadata table to track which version each review queue instance is using.
Workspace AnalyticsC4IndexBuildJob Addition Stores progress details and job execution metadata for C4 Analytics Index build jobs.
Workspace ReproductionHistory Addition Stores the mapping of a re-production artifact id to its production artifact id, along with the name and date produced as a record in case the re-production is later deleted.
Workspace AnalyticsCategorizationSetBuildHistory Modification Removed Confidence field from this object type as it is no longer used.
Workspace AnalyticsIndexMetadata Modification Added various columns to store metadata for C4 Analytics engine jobs and workflows.
Workspace ContentAnalystCluster Modification Added various columns to store metadata for C4 Analytics engine jobs and workflows.
Workspace DataGridFileMapping Modification Added CheckedForConsistency column to support file consistency checker