Infrastructure Specialist

The Infrastructure Specialist exam is testing on Relativity Server 2021. See study resources on the Community site for current version information and upgrade dates.

PDF Downloads

Authentication Guide.pdf
Backup and Data Management Best Practices.pdf
Instance Setting Guide.pdf
Environment Optimization Guide.pdf
Workflow solutions for very large workspaces.pdf
Infrastructure solutions for very large workspaces.pdf
System Requirements.pdf
Pre-Installation Guide.pdf
Relativity Installation.pdf
Relativity Secret Store Guide.pdf
Relativity Upgrade.pdf
Worker manager server Installation Guide.pdf

SQL Configuration

Environment optimization

  • Configuring SQL Server

  • Managing your Relativity environment

Infrastructure planning considerations

Training Center

Infrastructure Performance and Configuration


  • Creating and running an Archive job

Backup and data management best practices

Environment optimization

  • Configuring Windows server

  • Expanding your Relativity environment

Infrastructure solutions for very large workspaces (VLRW)

Training Center



  • Creating a dtSearch index

Infrastructure planning considerations

Infrastructure solutions for very large workspaces (VLRW)

  • Scaling for number of users


Mass operations

  • Mass PDF


  • Workers

Install & Upgrade

  • Worker manager server installation

Web Servers

Infrastructure solutions for very large workspaces (VLRW)

  • Scaling for database size

Installing and configuring Processing

Secret Store

Relativity Secret Store

Analytics and dtSearch Indexes


Environment optimization

  • Configuring the Analytics server

Workflow solutions for very large workspaces

Training Center

Authentication and Security


Instance settings

  • Instance settings' descriptions

Install & Upgrade

  • Pre-installation

  • Relativity installation

Relativity Agents


  • List of agents

Case Statistics Manager

Relativity upgrade

  • Upgrading workspaces

Training Center

Relativity Management


  • Configure RabbitMQ for TLS

Service Host Manager

  • HTTPS configuration

Installation and Upgrades

CREATE DATABASE SQL statement failed on workspace creation

Installing Legal Hold

  • System requirements

Install & Upgrade

  • Pre-installation

    • Message broker options

  • Relativity installation

    • Primary SQL Server installation

    • Using the Relativity installer

Relativity upgrade

  • Upgrading your Relativity service bus

System requirements


  • Creating and editing a workspace

Server Administration and Environment Monitoring


  • Job types

Managing your Relativity environment

  • Database log management


  • Fields

  • Limiting workers to particular resource pools

Create a New Always On Failover Cluster Instance (Setup)

Training Center

Importing and Exporting


  • Creating and running a Restore job

  • Unsupported Relativity data

Relativity Desktop Client


Security and permissions

  • Client domains

Data transfer

  • GlobalProject VPN client

  • RelativityOne Staging Explorer

Getting started in RelativityOne

  • RelativityOne release cadence and downtime windows