Creating keyboard shortcuts

Any user with permissions to create or edit a field or choice can create keyboard shortcuts. You can only configure shortcuts for document fields and their associated choices.

You can define shortcuts for most field types on the document object. The action that a shortcut triggers depends on the layout display type selected for the fields and choices. See Document field type shortcuts and Document choice shortcuts.

You can't define shortcuts for system actions or browser-defined shortcuts. See Keyboard shortcuts and Keyboard shortcuts for details.

You can configure user defined keyboard shortcuts on the Field page and Choice page. These properties are identical to each other. To configure a field or choice shortcut, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the Fields tab and then click New Field.

    Note: You can also edit an existing Document field in same this manner. See Fields.

  2. Assign the new or existing field the following parameters:
    • Object Type - Document
    • Name- <required shortcut name>
    • Field Type- <data appropriate>
    • Required- Yes
    • Keyboard Shortcut (example):
      • Select Ctrl
      • Select Alt
      • Choose S from the drop-down menu

      If this shortcut is valid, you receive a message saying <Valid Keyboard Shortcut>
       Keyboard Shortcut field

  3. Click Save.
  4. Open a document in the Documents tab.
  5. Click Keyboard shotcut icon to make sure the field you created is included as a shortcut on the shortcut legend.
  6. Edit any layout and add the field you just created.
  7. Click Alt + Space to execute the Edit system shortcut.

    Note: As of Google Chrome 77.0.3865.90, Alt+Space is now used as a browser shortcut to minimize or maximize the window. For this reason, you may need to change the default Edit system shortcut using the Manage System Keyboard Shortcuts link on the Workspace Details tab.

  8. Click Ctrl + Alt + S to execute the shortcut you just created.
  9. Repeat the shortcut and note the changes in the check box.