Document skip

With the document skip function you can efficiently code documents during review. If you enable skip, Relativity removes from the queue any document after the current one that doesn't meet the view or saved search criteria.

Skip functionality accounts for changes to document criteria. These changes result from propagation to family and duplicate documents as well as the actions of other users in the workspace. See Applying propagation to documents.

The following diagram illustrates basic skip functionality.

Document skip diagram

See this related recipe:

Enabling document skip

On the user details page, a system admin can set the skip permissions for a user. Under user information, system admins can select the following document skip options:

  • Disabled - disables document skip
  • Force Enabled - forces a user to have skip enabled
  • Enabled - a user to set up their own skip mode

If they have document skip enabled, users can change their own skip default preference setting under My Settings:

  • Normal - disables document skip by default
  • Skip - enables document skip by default

See Users for more information.

When skip is enabled, the skip drop-down menu appears when you browse the results of a view and a saved search.

Using document skip

If you're coding a set of documents for responsiveness, document skip can improve review efficiency if:

  • You've enabled propagation to family and duplicates for responsiveness, and/or
  • You're working with other reviewers to code the documents

To use document skip during the review process:

  1. View a subset of documents in your workspace that meet certain criteria, such as Responsive field is not set.

    Note: Either create or select an existing view or saved search.

  2. Be sure that the skip drop-down menu is set to Skip. If this menu is hidden, then you probably don't have skip enabled. See Enabling document skip.

  1. Code the document as Responsive/Non-Responsive. If propagation is enabled, its attachments and duplicates are also coded Responsive/Non-Responsive.
  2. Click Save & Next to load the document that meets the criteria.

    Relativity skips family, duplicates, and other documents that no longer meet the criteria of the view. If you click Save & Next and none of the documents remaining in the queue still meet the conditions, you receive a message.

Changing skip mode

To leave document skip mode, take one of the following actions in the layouts pane.

  • Set the skip drop-down menu to Normal.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Cancel.
  • Click any of the document navigator arrows.

Note: You can change your document skip indicator between documents. If you leave the document review session and later return, the skip indicator returns to your default.