Relativity Data Grid

Enabling Data Grid lets you store long text document fields (e.g. extracted text) outside of the SQL document table. Data Grid leverages the Relativity file share to store long text document fields, which is the same location where native and image file data is stored.

The benefits of enabling Data Grid include:

  • Limiting the impact on your SQL document tables, especially for larger cases that include a large amount of long text document field data.
  • Reducing your SQL footprint or being able to re-allocate resources to other workflows in your Relativity instance.
  • Storing your long text document field data in a separate file share location than your natives and image file data.
  • Easy to setup and include in your workspace templates before loading data into the workspace.
  • A front-end application, the Data Grid Text Migration application, to move long text document fields in existing workspaces without downtime

Special considerations

  • Text or information stored in Relativity Data Grid is inaccessible for some third-party applications. It's recommended that you contact any vendors of third-party applications to confirm their compatibility with Relativity Data Grid.
  • Data Grid supports Windows servers only.

Supported and unsupported functionality

To store text in Data Grid, you can use the same default file share as your natives and images, or you can designate a file share specifically Data Grid text. Once you enable a long text field's access to Data Grid, you can't disable it, so it's important to understand the benefits and limitations of storing text in Data Grid as compared to storing text in SQL.

Note: When you ARM restore to RelativityOne, extracted text is automatically stored in Data Grid.

Supported functionality Currently unsupported functionality
  • Import/export through the Relativity Desktop Client
  • Viewer
  • Preview
  • OCR
  • dtSearch indexing and searching
  • Persistent highlight sets
  • Processing
  • Integration Points
  • Analytics
  • ARM
  • Keyword search
  • SQL queries to long text fields stored in Data Grid
  • Adding extracted long fields stored in Data Grid to layouts (including the Document panel)
  • RSAPI query
  • Pivot and Sort in the UI
  • Filtering in the Document list on extracted text
  • Mass operations:
    • Edit
    • Replace
    • Tally/Sum/Average
    • Export to File