Sample-Based Learning document review

This topic contains the following sections:

Assigning round documents to reviewers

Reviewers can begin coding documents at any point after the project has a status of RAR Sample Set created. To give reviewers access to documents designated for a specific project round, project managers can create views or batches of documents based on the RAR sample set field. As document review progresses, the progress bar on the project layout is updated accordingly.

RAR saved searches

When the Sample Set Size and Reviewed Count fields contain the same value, it means that all documents in the sample set were coded and the document review is complete.

Additionally, when you are creating a new round, you may choose to automatically create batches to assign round sample documents to reviewers when a round is initiated by selecting Yes for the Automatically create batches field. You can also set the Maximum Batch Size to specify the maximum number of documents in a batch. You would then assign those batches to your designated Assisted Review reviewers as you would normally for document review.

Sample-Based Learning standards and protocol

It's important for reviewers to be diligent when deciding which documents are good examples for machine learning. See Assisted Review Reviewer Protocol for more detailed information on how reviewers should code documents during their review.

Note: Sample-Based Learning does not support mass edit. If reviewers attempt to code documents in the sample set using mass edit, Sample-Based Learning does not update the Reviewed Count field or the overturn information. Sample-Based Learning also does not capture the seed reviewer of the documents for use in subsequent rounds. Categorization, however, includes mass edited documents as examples.

Text excerpting considerations

Reviewers can apply text excerpts during coding:

  1. Highlight a section of text.
  2. Right-click to launch the context menu.
  3. Select Assisted Review and then the appropriate project.
  4. Select the corresponding field in the layout.
  5. Verify that the appropriate text from the document is copied to the layout and click Save.

Note the following about the context menu in the viewer:

  • The Assisted Review option is only available in the context menu if there is a project created in the workspace.
  • A project is only available to select from the context menu if either the Designation excerpt field or Key issue excerpt field is set for the project.
  • The excerpted text option for designation is only available in the context menu if the Designation excerpt field is set for the project.
  • The excerpted text option for issues is only available in the context menu if the Key issue excerpt field is set for the project.
  • Only users that have the Local Access Permission on Document for the workspace see the Assisted Review context menu.

Note: If you excerpt text and save it in the field for a document, that text is always an example regardless of the Use as Example selection. To include the entire document and the text excerpt as two separate examples, select Use as Example. Clear the Use as Example checkbox to only include the text excerpt as an example.

Note: Relativity displays a warning message if too little text is selected as an excerpt. By default this message displays if fewer than 120 characters are selected. You can update this value using the MinimumExcerptTextLength entry in the Instance setting table.