Errors and audit history

Relativity records all errors encountered at any point in the Sample-Based Learning project. You can access the details of these errors or retry them any time the View Errors and Retry Errors options are enabled on the console.

Viewing errors

If errors occur during any round of your project, the View Errors option is enabled in the console after the round is over.

To view errors:

  1. Click View Errors on the console.
  2. View errors link

  1. Refer to the error information on the project layout and audit list. Relevant errors have a value of Assisted Review error occurred under the Audit Action column.
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  2. RAR errors list

  1. Click the name of an error to go to its audit information. View its stack trace in the Audit details field.
  2. If you don't understand what the error is, and/or the error remains after you attempt to resolve it through the Retry Errors option on the console, contact Relativity Support for assistance.

Retrying errors

To attempt to resolve errors that occurred during the round:

  1. Click Retry Errors. Click OK on the confirmation message. Clicking Retry errors does the following:
    • Change the status of the project to Retrying errors.
    • Disables all console buttons except Refresh Page and Audit History.
    • Retry errors button

  1. Click Refresh Page to see the status of the project during error resolution.
  2. If the resolution attempt fails, the View Errors and Retry Errors options are re-enabled. You can again view an error's stack trace in its Audit Details field and/or attempt to retry the error again.
  3. Note: If an error occurs on an Analytics Categorization Set, the Retry Errors button is disabled. Go to the Categorization Set to resolve the error.

Audit history

The Assisted Review Audit report provides a breakdown of all audit actions and details for the entire project.

Click View Audit History to bring up this list.

AR audits list

This report provides the following fields:

  • Name - links to more information about the audit.
  • Audit Action - the action performed in the project. The following are audited:
    • Assisted Review upgraded
    • Categorization set created
    • Round initiated
    • Sample set created
    • Sample set size
    • Document review started
    • End manual review by reviewer
    • Finish round invoked
    • Finished round invoked prior to all documents reviewed in sample set
    • Categorization started
    • Categorization finished
    • Round finished
    • Assisted Review error occurred
    • Agent recovery information
  • Audit Details - the corresponding detail to the audit action. For example, if the action is Round initiated, the audit detail will be the name of that round.
  • Action By - the name of the user who performed the action. If the action was automatically performed by the system, then the value for this field will be system.
  • Assisted Review Round - the round in which the audit action occurred.
  • System Created On - the date and time at which the audit action was performed.