Coverage Review

Coverage Review serves up documents that are optimal for training the model. The goal of Coverage Review is to quickly separate your documents into the positive choice and negative choice categories. Unlike Prioritized Review, which serves up the highest ranking documents, Coverage Review is intended for quick production use cases where you want to train the model as fast as possible.

The documents that are served up during Coverage Review can be either relevant or non-relevant and are the most impactful to training the model. Coverage Review begins by serving the documents the model is most unsure about - these are documents with a rank near 50. Coverage Review continues serving up documents until there are no longer any documents to review.

Special considerations

  • In order to make the Coverage Review even more efficient, we recommend suppressing duplicate documents from your Active Learning project on project setup. For more information, see Project setup.
  • The Active Learning model only builds once you have at least five documents coded with the positive choice and five coded with the negative choice.

Starting the Coverage Review

Note: Starting the Coverage Review disables all other queues.

To start the review, click Start Review. If you haven't already added reviewers to your queue, you are prompted to add reviewers. For more information, see Adding Reviewers.

After the project begins, you can see the following items In the Coverage Review modal:

  • Coded - the number of documents coded or skipped in the Prioritized Review.
  • Active Reviewers - the number of reviewers added to the review.

Admins can pause the review at any point in the project by clicking the Pause Review button on the project modal. Once the review is paused, the access point on the document view is disabled. You can restart the review at any time. Documents coded on the review field while the review is paused are included the next time the model rebuilds. For more information, see Project Setup.

Adding Reviewers

From the project homepage, admins can add reviewers to each queue on a user-by-user basis or in bulk.

Note: After you ARM an Active Learning project, you must re-add reviewers to the queue.

To add reviewers:

  1. Click Add Reviewers in the queue modal.
  2. Find and select an individual reviewer, or type to enter a reviewer name. You can also click All Users to select every user in the group.
  3. Click the green check mark to save your changes.
  4. Click the red X to cancel reviewer changes.

Note: We recommend no more than 150 concurrent reviewers per project. Concurrent reviewers are defined as reviewers making coding decisions in an Active Learning queue. There is no limit to how many reviewers you can add to a queue as long as the number of concurrent reviewers remains at 150 or fewer.

Adding new documents

If you want to add new documents to your Active Learning project after review has begun, complete the following:

  1. Click Pause Review to stop the review queue.
  2. Add your new documents to the saved search used as the searchable set for the classification index.
  3. Navigate the Analytics indexes tab, and then click the classification index used to create your Active Learning project.
  4. On the index console, click Populate Index: Incremental.
  5. Once the index finishes populating, return to your review queue and click Start Review.

Note: All documents, including the newly added documents, are given a rank score after the incremental population.