Using the handlers installer

You have the option of using the Invariant.Handlers installer to update only the file handlers in your Invariant instance without having run the entire Invariant installer. The handlers installer is relevant for upgrades only.

The Handlers Installer:

  • Can be executed without the need for a maintenance period.
  • Ensures compatibility with the rest of the system, which makes it less error-prone than .dll drops for File Handlers.
  • Enables regular file handler updates without updating other infrastructure components.
  • Eliminates the need for manual intervention with workers, since it stops and restarts workers automatically during file synchronization.

Note: Handler-specific fixes will be delivered along with full Invariant installers. To decide whether the handlers installer contains the fixes you need, please consult the release notes that accompany each monthly product update and major Relativity release. To locate these items in the release notes table, search for "file handlers" in the search box.

This page contains the following information:

Requirements for running the handlers installer

In order to run the handlers installer, you must have the following components installed and configured. Ensure that:

  • The Invariant.QueueManager and Invariant.Handlers are installed. You can verify that these components are installed by opening the Control Panel on the Invariant database machine, go to Programs and Features, and search for "Invariant."
  • The response file contains a configured WorkerNetworkPath. This should already be in place because you're using the same response file that you used to initially install the Invariant database.
  • A compatible Invariant.Core.dll is present on the worker network share. Check the compatibility using the handler compatibility matrix below.

Compatibility matrix

The following table breaks down which versions of Invariant are compatible with which versions of the Invariant. Handlers installer.

Invariant core version Core HandlerAPIVersion Supported handler version Handlers' HandlerAPIVersion 1.0.0

1.0.0 1.0.0 1.0.0 2.0.2122 2.0.2122 3.0.407 3.0.407 4.0.2202 4.0.2202 5.0.432 5.0.432
4.5.306.12 6.0.1589 4.5.306.12 6.0.1589
4.5.341.6 7.0.736 4.5.341.6 7.0.736
4.5.356.67 8.0.1109 4.5.356.67 8.0.1109
4.5.404.1 9.0.344 4.5.404.1 9.0.344 10.0.2147 10.0.2147 11.0.1396


11.0.2129 11.0.2129 11.0.2129 12.0.3302 12.0.3302 15.0.01201 15.0.01201 16.0.57 16.0.57 17.0.2744 17.0.2744 19.0.197 19.0.197
6.1.1798 21.0.4264 6.1.1798 21.0.4264

Note: Not every set of handlers is compatible with every version of Invariant. As updates to Invariant are made available, those updates might break compatibility with previous versions of Invariant core. Make sure to confirm with the compatibility matrix whenever choosing to independently upgrade file handlers. A compatibility check will execute during install time and stop the installation if the handlers are found to be incompatible with the existing installation of Invariant.

Running the handlers installer

To run the Invariant.Handlers installer, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the Invariant.Handlers.exe installer and Install.Handlers.bat runner script, and copy them to the location of the Invariant Database response file.
  2. Double click on the Invariant.Handlers.bat script to kick it off. Note how the system operates during installation:
    • The installer places a lock file in the Invariant Worker network share folder to prevent file syncing during installation. When the worker starts again, it drops another lock file on the network share to prevent the handlers installer from running. Lock files are deleted from the network share upon successful completion of the installation. If the installation fails, the lock file remains.
    • Workers are stopped and started automatically. The queue manager periodically checks the network share for updated assemblies. If any are found, the queue manager stops the workers and lets outstanding jobs finish. Then the worker is shut off and resynchronized with the network share to ensure that it's running on the most recent assemblies.
  3. Once the output of the Invariant.Handlers.bat script reports success, go to the Invariant Worker network share and verify that it contains updated handlers in the Plugins/Handlers/x86 and Plugins/Handlersx64 folders.