Workspace folder group security

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The Workspace folder group security solution provides a script that reports on the security permissions for each folder in the Document object.

This page contains the following sections:

Before you begin

Supported versions

This solution is supported in Relativity 8.2 – 10.3, RelativityOne.

Click on this link to download the appropriate version from the Relativity Community:

Solution version Supported Relativity version
1.0 8.2 - 10.3, RelativityOne


This solution consists of a Relativity script that runs at the workspace level. This script should only be run by a system admin. If you are not a system admin, we recommend you do not run this script.

Deploying and configuring the solution

Running the solution

After preparing the workspace, you can configure and run the solution.

Complete the following steps to run the solution:

  1. In the workspace, click the Administration > Scripts tabs.
  2. Click the name of the Workspace Folder Group Security script.
  3. Click Run Script.
  4. Click Run.

Viewing the results

After you run the script, the results appear as a report.

(Click to expand)

The following table describes the columns in the report:

Column Definition
Folder Name The name of the folder.
Folder Path The path to the folder.
Security Inherited or Override.
Groups The user groups the folder belongs to.