RelativityOne release preview

This topic provides information on new or modified functionality in the RelativityOne early access release. Features listed below are specific to the upcoming RelativityOne production release and don't represent the final feature list for the next Relativity Server release(s).

  • View RelativityOne production release highlights on the What's New in RelativityOne website.
  • For archived RelativityOne release preview content, see the Preview archive below. For archived What's new information, see the RelativityOne release archive for features that rolled out April 28, 2018 or earlier. 
  • Due to the release of Aero, the Early Access doc site will not contain any new content until the release of Relativity Mayapple in August of 2020.

  • The Preview environment is a RelativityOne instance that gives you early access one month ahead of your RelativityOne upgrade. This enables you to identify feature changes that impact your workflows and adjust accordingly. For details, see the Preview environment.
  • RelativityOne Sandbox is a reusable RelativityOne environment that allows you to test SQL scripts, event handlers, API based applications, custom pages, and custom agents for both the current and Early Access (EA) release of Relativity. For details, see the RelativityOne Sandbox.
  • For release notes, see the RelativityOne release notes.
  •  View the Relativity release schedule below to see the planned Relativity release cadence for 2019 - 2021. For more specific information on the scheduled RelativityOne downtime windows for your region, refer to RelativityOne release cadence and downtime windows. This page also contains the currently planned dates for upcoming RelativityOne releases.

RelativityOne Lanceleaf preview

As of June 10, 2020, Lanceleaf Early Access is available. The purpose of the Lanceleaf release is to deliver the updated functionality included in the new Aero UI. Because of this, we've created a dedicated Aero Site, which provides information on the enhancements contained in each monthly Advanced Aero release. You can find the Aero Site here.

In addition, you can find all Lanceleaf Early Access release notes by going here and selecting "Lanceleaf Early Access" in the Release filter.

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