Project Management Specialist

This page contains the following resources for the Project Management Specialist exam:

Note: The Project Management Specialist exam is testing on RelativityOne.

Understanding Relativity Legal Hold

Relativity Legal Hold


Quick Reference Guides

Self-paced videos & tutorials

Understanding Collect


Creating a collection data source

Collect reports

Collect Store

Self-paced videos & tutorials

Using Relativity Processing

Relativity Processing

Processing profiles

Processing sets

Discovering files

Publishing files

Processing Reports

Self-paced videos & tutorials

Understanding the RelativityOne Platform

RelativityOne technical overview

RelativityOne Connect

RelativityOne data management

Cold Storage

Repository workspace

RelativityOne Staging Explorer

Importing Data

Relativity Desktop Client

Importing through the RDC

Importing data through Integration Points

Simple File Upload

Exporting Data

Exporting through the RDC

Exporting data through Integration Points

Running a Review Workflow

Workspace Navigation

Tab Navigation




Markup sets

Mass Operations

Persistent highlight sets


Short Message Viewer

Security and Permissions

Automated Workflows

RelativityOne Mobile App

Reviewer Statistics Script

Quick Reference Guides

Self-paced videos & tutorials

Searching in Relativity

Searching workflows
Saved Search
Search Panel

Search Terms Reports

Regular Expressions

Quick Reference Guides

Self-paced videos & tutorials

Using Case Dynamics

Case Dynamics

Working with Case Dynamics objects

Working with Outlines

Working with the Timeline Builder

Creating Case Dynamics reports

Self-paced videos & tutorials

Working with the Transcripts application

Transcripts application

Quick Reference Guides

Self-paced videos & tutorials

Using Analytics

Conceptual Analytics

Structured Analytics

Email threading

Email thread visualization

Name Normalization

Active Learning

Quick Reference Guides

Self-paced videos & tutorials

Running Productions

Imaging Documents


Production sets

Production console