Relativity Collect

Relativity Collect is an easy-to-use application for collecting your custodian's Microsoft Office 365 email and documents. Start by setting up Relativity Collect as an application in Microsoft Azure. For information on registering an app, see Accessing Office 365 tenants. Once registered, start adding custodians, data sources, and targets to Relativity Collect. Once connected, start the collect job and begin collecting data from custodians.

  • OneDrive- collect documents from within a custodian's OneDrive account.
  • Outlook Mailbox - collect data from within a custodian's Outlook mailbox.
  • Outlook Calendar - collect data from within a custodian's Outlook calendar.
  • Outlook Contacts - collect data from within a custodian's Outlooks contacts list.

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Note: Relativity Collect is currently available in Relativity production environments for RelativityOne North American customers and by request only until the RelativityOne 10.3.1 update. Request Relativity Collect by contacting your Customer Success Manager or emailing Collect will be available in the application library with the RelativityOne 10.3.1 update. Relativity Collect will be available to global RelativityOne customers in 2020.