Publishing data for ECA

Before using the ECA Dashboard and Integration Points to promote culled data to a review workspace, you need to discover and publish the source data into your ECA workspace through Relativity Processing.

For details on discovering and publishing data outside of the ECA workflow, see Processing.

This page contains the following information:

Selecting the ECA-optimized processing profile

When processing data specifically for the ECA workflow, you need to use an ECA-optimized processing profile called ECA - Processing. This profile is automatically installed when you import the ECA & Investigation application. You can select this profile from the corresponding field on the Processing Set layout.

Among the settings that make the ECA - Processing profile optimized for this specific workflow is the Deduplication method field, which is set to None. This is because you perform deduplication through the Update Duplicate Status script that is installed automatically to your workspace when you install the ECA and Investigation application.

Note: If you intend to use both the RDC and Relativity Processing to bring data into the same workspace, note that if you select Custodial or Global as the deduplication method on your processing profile(s), the processing engine won't deduplicate against files brought in through the RDC. This is because the processing engine doesn’t recognize RDC-imported data. In addition, you could see general performance degradation in these cases, as well as possible Bates numbering collisions.

Running the deduplication script

After you publish files to your ECA workspace, you need to run the Update Duplicate Status script to deduplicate those files.

Performing this workflow is required because you published data to your source workspace using a processing profile with a deduplication method of None.

Note: The All Custodians_Script field is a long text field and acts as a another piece of metadata for de-duplicated documents. You should select the new All Custodians_Script field when running the Update Duplicate Status script, as this will ensure that no de-duplicated documents make it into review.

For more information on the processing duplication solution, see Processing duplication workflow.