Common review dashboard application

The dashboards included in this application provide an effective starting point for administrators helping review teams with visualizing their data set. Dashboards are helpful for providing additional insight into key volume indicators. They are a set of widgets that provide at-a-glance views for common review and administration of Relativity.

Once installed in a Relativity workspace, these pivot widgets and dashboards can be customized to your preference in your starter template, but this application is also a good starting point if you are not currently using data visualizations in Relativity.

This page contains the following information:

Dashboards Installed

The following dashboards will be installed with this application:

  • Document List
  • Custodian Info
  • Data Load QC
  • Database Stats
  • Document Characteristics
  • Review Progress

Installing the Common review dashboards application

The installation process follows the same steps used to install other Relativity applications. For more information, see Installing applications.

You must have system admin permissions to install an application. See Workspace security.

To install the application:

  1. To download the application rap file, go to Common review dashboards application.
  2. Click Download.
    You must have valid Relativity Community credentials in order to download any Community file linked to the documentation site. You'll need to enter those credentials on the Community login screen if you're not already logged in. If you're already logged in to the Community at the time you click a link, the file is automatically downloaded in the bottom left corner of your screen. If you get an error message stating "URL No Longer Exists" after clicking a Community link, it may be due to a single sign-on error related to the SAML Assertion Validator, and you should contact your IT department.
  3. Add the application to the Application Library:
    1. On the Applications & Scripts tab, click the Application Library tab.
    2. Click Upload Application.
    3. Click Choose File, navigate to and select the Common review dashboards application rap file, and then click Open.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Click Install in the Workspaces Installed section to install the application on workspaces.
    6. Click in the Workspaces field to display the Select Workspaces dialog.
    7. Select a workspaces to install the application, and then click Ok.
    8. (Optional) Click Clear to remove a workspace from the list.
    9. Click Save to install the application to the selected workspaces.

Using the Common review dashboards application

Document List

Contains no pivots and only the document list. This dashboard is used to revert to no pivots when toggling to another dashboard.

Custodian Info

This dashboard contains the following pivots:

  • Group by Custodian and Pivot On Sort Date/Time (Year)
  • Group by Custodian

(Click to expand)

Data Load QC

This dashboard contains the following pivots:

  • Group by Custodian
  • Group by Custodian and pivot on Sort Date (Year)

(Click to expand)

Database Stats

This dashboard contains the following pivots:

  • Group by Native Type
  • Group by Extension
  • Group by Sort Date

(Click to expand)

Document Characteristics

This dashboard contains the following pivots:

  • Group by Has Hidden Data
  • Group by Unprocessable
  • Group by Track Changes
  • Group by Password Protected
  • Group by File Type - Note that this field collapsed in the dashboard example below.

(Click to expand)

Review Progress

This dashboard contains the following pivots:

  • Group by Responsive Designation
  • Group by Privilege
  • Group by Issues
  • Group by Custodian
  • Group by File Extension

(Click to expand)