Using the UTC toggle

In Case Dynamics, you can toggle the UTC conversion on/off. The UTC toggle is controlled by a Relativity script that updates the UTC state in one or all workspaces where Case Dynamics is installed.

This page contains the following information:

Running the script

To use the UTC toggle:

  1. Go to the Relativity Script Library at the instance level.
  2. Locate and open Case Dynamics - Convert UTC format.
  3. Click Run Script.
  4. A pop-up appears. Select a single workspace or all workspaces.
  5. Select a Value:
    1. True - turns the UTC toggle on.
    2. False - turns the UTC toggle off.

      Note: The UTC toggle is set to False as a default.

  6. Click Run.

Viewing results

After running the script, existing date fields in Case Dynamics are updated with the UTC conversion values.

Note: The UTC conversion will only be visible in custom pages, such as inline edit lists and the Timeline Builder.

Examples include:

  • On the Facts tab, the Primary Fact Date and End Date field values are updated after running the script.

  • In the Timeline Builder, the date field values are updated after running the script.