Transfer tags from other document review applications

Migrating data from other document review applications to Relativity is a straightforward process through the exporting and importing of load files. However, some preparation is necessary to transfer tag information from the applications.

Recipe overview

This recipe describes how to transfer tags to the field tree in your Relativity workspace.


  1. In the application database, write the tag(s) information to a field. Use a semicolon to separate the individual tag or folder naming.
  2. Export the data from the application, using default delimiters. Ensure that at least the Document Identifier and Tag fields are in the export.
  3. Create a field in your Relativity workspace to hold the tag information.
    1. Set the Field type to Multiple choice.
    2. Ensure the field is available in the field tree.
  4. Import the tag data into the field created in step 3. Ensure that the multi-value delimiter is set to semicolon in the Relativity Desktop Client.
  5. Navigate to the field tree and observe your tags.