Overlaying updated hits on an existing search terms report

Search terms reports are very useful, but they can take time to build. If you can provide the information for these reports from another source, or if you need to combine two search terms reports from different data groups, you can import and overlay this information to expedite the process.

Recipe overview

This recipe describes how to use the Relativity Desktop Client to overlay searching information into an existing search terms report.


Relativity access


  1. Run a search, either in a search terms report or externally in other software, to identify a set of hits.
  2. Export the content containing the hits and create a load file. The hits should include your existing and new hits. The load file should contain the following fields (all examples assume your load file uses a multi-value delimiter of semicolon):
    • Search Terms Report: The name of the existing search terms report.
    • Name [Identifier]: The search terms in the existing search terms report.
    • Relativity Highlight Color: In the format [highlight color];[text color]—for example, 3;6.

      Note: This field is optional.

    • Documents – [Name of existing STR]: All control numbers that hit on this term, separated by semi-colons—for example, ABC000001;ABC000008;ABC000014.
    • Count: The number of hits.

      Note: This field is optional, but if it’s not included, you may not be able to rely on the count value that Relativity reports.

  3. Launch the Relativity Desktop Client, select your workspace, and select the Search Terms Result object from the drop-down list.
  4. Load the data into the Search Terms Result object.
  5. Select Tools > ImportSearch Terms Results Load File.
  6. Select your load file and set your delimiters.
  7. Map the following fields:
    • Name [Identifier]
    • Documents
    • Relativity Highlight Color (optional)
    • Count (optional)
  8. Select Overlay On, and choose Name [Identifier] as your Overlay Identifier.
  9. Under Parent Info, select the check box and select the Search Terms Report field from the drop-down list.

  10. Import the file.

Your Search Terms Results object and your persistent highlighting set are updated with the new hits.