Loading external productions into Relativity

You can import external productions into Relativity through the Relativity Desktop Client. This recipe illustrates the basic workflow to set up a new production set and then load the load files (usually one for metadata and one for the images) into the production set.

This is often useful when the case team asks that, after a production goes out the door, they can access the documents just as they were in the production and that they be available for searching. This recipe also helps when you receive a production from the other side to help organize the received data in the workspace.


  • Relativity Desktop Client (RDC)


  1. Build a new production set. This is an empty 'staging' production to load the received production into. 
  2. Open the RDC.
  3. Click Tools > Import > Production Load File… to:
    1. Load the image load file (opt file) into the ‘staging’ production.
    2. Use Append Only to ensure only new documents are created.
  4. Click Tools > Import > Import Document Load File… to:
    1. Load the .dat metadata file.
    2. Map the appropriate metadata files and use the Overlay Only option on the Overwrite behavior to the production documents that you want to load.


  • Loading documents into a 'staging' production marks the production set as produced.
  • When loading a production set into Relativity, the systems loads the newly created documents into the root folder. It may be prudent to move these documents to a new folder to ensure proper foldering and security of the documents.
  • Using Append/Overlay during the metadata import creates new documents that did not have images, but these documents aren't associated with the production. To associate these files with a production set, create and load an image load file pointing to placeholder images and then overlay the metadata. Using the Overlay Only option shows an error on any document not already loaded, and you can use the error file as a list to identify documents that may not have had images.


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