Exporting to HTML for expert witness review

This recipe describes how to share documents and their metadata with an expert witness without giving the witness access to Relativity. Using the HTML export feature and a CSV file, you can review documents and their metadata, as well as enter comments to later overlay into Relativity.

Recipe overview

This recipe walks you through the process of exporting documents to an HTML format that include PDF, TIFF, or Native files.


  • Workspace access with the following permissions:
    • Saved search
    • Print to TIFF
    • Export to File mass action
  • Relativity Desktop Client (RDC)


  1. Create a saved search containing the documents you would like to review.
  2. Image the documents.
  3. Note: To create PDF files—which may be easier to review—make sure you have TIFF images available.

  1. In the RDC, select to export a saved search.
    1. Select the search you’ve created for this project, or click the ellipsis to use production images.
    2. Note: Fields are automatically brought over from the saved search.

    1. Populate your destination settings according to your preferences.
      1. Change the Metadata: Data File Format to HTML (.html).
      2. For file type, you can select PDF, TIFF, and/or Natives.


The result is an HTML document that includes all of your selected fields and hyperlinks to the image files.

Offline coding form

If your expert witnesses need to make any comments while reviewing these records, create a CSV file export from the saved search.

  1. Edit your search to show the control number.
  2. Using mass operations, export this list of control numbers to a CSV file.
  3. Track their comments in this file.
  4. Overlay this information into a new document field.