Adding translated text to documents

If your documents require translation, this recipe describes one way of including both the original text and the translated text in your Relativity workspace after you receive the translated documents from the translation service.

Recipe overview

This recipe explains how to add translated text to your workspace, then search, view the translated text alongside the original text, and potentially produce the translated text.


  • Relativity security access with the ability to edit/add fields
  • Relativity Desktop Client


  1. Create a field to hold the translated text using the following settings:
    • Field type - Long Text
    • Available in Viewer - Yes
    • Included in Text index - Yes (not required, but helpful when searching with the keyword index)
  2. After the documents have been translated and are ready for import, use the Relativity Desktop Client to overlay the information into the newly created field. The translated text must exist in the load file and not as separate text files.
  3. Index the translated text. The newly added text may not be immediately searchable. The following three options exist for indexing the text:
    • Build a new dtSearch index with only the new translated text.
    • Add this field to an existing dtSearch index, and then rebuild.
    • Set the Include in Text Index attribute to Yes on the translated text field to add the content to the keyword index.
  4. Configure your workspace to display both the translated and original text:
    1. Launch the standalone viewer.
    2. Change the Extracted text drop-down to the translated text field you created in step 1.
    3. Click the Sync button at the top of the standalone viewer to continuously update this window as you navigate through documents.
  5. If there is an agreement to share the translated text, export the content as you would any other field.