Creating an application for managing attorney lists

At the start of a project, it’s typical for reviewers to receive a list of attorneys associated with a case. To manage these lists as the review progresses, create a master list within Relativity , which can be easily updated and maintained.

Recipe overview

This recipe shows you how to create a single object with multiple fields on it, allowing you to import a CSV attorney list into your project.


  • Relativity Desktop Client (RDC)
  • Microsoft Excel attorney list (this can be saved as a CSV file)


  1. Create a new object in your workspace called Attorney. You may wish to place this new tab under an Attorney List parent tab.
  2. A Name field will automatically be created on the Attorney object. Change the Name field to Last Name, First Name.
  3. Click New Field to create the following single-choice fields on the Attorney object:
    1. Alphabet

      Note: This field is optional.

    2. Law Firm or Employer
    3. Client
  4. Edit the Attorney tab view and layout to include the new fields.
  5. In Excel, create or modify the attorney list you wish to import.
    1. Name the columns in the spreadsheet the same as the fields created above.
    2. The column that corresponds with the Alphabet field should be populated with the first letter of each attorney’s last name. This will facilitate sorting and quick access to the list for your reviewers.

  6. Save the Excel file as a CSV file.
  7. Launch and log in to the RDC.
  8. Choose your workspace, and change the dropdown from the Document object to the Attorney object.
  9. Choose your CSV file and import your list.
  10. Enable filters to search on any combination of the newly created single-choice fields.
  11. Add new attorneys as needed during review.
  12. If necessary, add other fields and columns to match your workflow.