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Documents can be shared to the mobile app by other Relativity users using the app or through the Viewer. Once a document is sent to the mobile app, the user receives the notification and begin to act on it. For more information on sending notifications, see Viewer.

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Notifications appear on your mobile device when a document is shared with you. Notifications are received on mobile devices through push notifications and the notification tab. Open the notification to view the document in RelativityOne's mobile app. For information on navigating to the viewer, see Documents.

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Receiving notifications

You need to accept the mobile notifications before reviewing notifications on your mobile device. Once notifications sent from Relativity are accepted, customize the notification settings to your preference.

Accepting mobile notifications

When opening RelativityOne's mobile app, a one-time pop-up message displays asking you if you would like to receive push notifications from Relativity. To accept receiving notifications, tap Allow. Once allowed, the device will receive notifications from other Relativity users in your workspace. For information on sending notifications to RelativityOne's mobile app, see Sharing documents and saved searches.

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Updating notification settings

To update notification settings, open your mobile device's settings. Tap on the settings icon to customize your notifications.

In Settings, tap on the Notifications tab. Your device's applications are listed on the right. In the list, tap Relativity. Then set the level of notifications for RelativityOne's mobile app. Within the Relativity Notifications, set the Allow Notifications, Alerts, Banner Style, Show Previews, and Notification Grouping settings.

For more information, see Apple support.

Viewing RelativityOne notifications

When a notification is received, open the push notification to open the Notifications tab where you can view the shared documents and saved searches. Tap the notification to open the standalone document viewer. Unread notifications are marked with an orange dot - . If RelativityOne's mobile app isn't already open, you need to log in. To learn how to log in, see Opening the app.

In the standalone view, the same viewing and coding functionality exists as it does in the mobile app viewer. For more information on coding, see Coding documents . Close the standalone viewer by tapping Close in the upper right corner. You are sent back to the previous screen once the document is closed. If the notification is opened when RelativityOne's mobile app is not open and then the user closes the document, the user is directed to the Workspace page.

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Accessing app via notifications

RelativityOne's mobile app can be accessed by notifications. When a notification is opened, Relativity's mobile app opens. If you are not authenticated to the instance associated with the document in the notification, follow the steps in Opening the app.

Once RelativityOne's mobile app is open, you can access the document sent in the notification. If you decide to close the document by closing the standalone viewer, you return to the instance, workspace, or document visible before the notification was opened.

Notifications tab

Tap the Notifications tab on the bottom of the app. Notifications that have already been previously received are available. These notifications can be reopened from the Notifications tab at any time. These are notifications that are originally opened with the push notification. They can be reopened from the Notifications tab at any time, until deleted.

To clear a single notification, swipe left on the row and tap Delete. To clear all notifications, tap and then Clear All. Once deleted, you cannot access these notifications again. Documents associated with notifications will remain in the workspace. Tap Other Workspaces to view notifications from other workspaces you have access to.

Sharing documents and saved searches

To share a document or a saved search with another RelativityOne user, open the document or saved search. Once in the document viewer or in a saved search, tap . A pop-over menu appears. The pop-over menu includes ways to share the document. Select the method you want to use to share your document. Tap on the app and follow the steps to complete the process of sending the link to the document.

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The link is sent with you as the sender of the email. The recipient of the email will need to open the email and click or tap on the provided link. If the link is tapped on a mobile device, RelativityOne’s mobile app automatically opens to the document. If the link is opened on a desktop computer, RelativityOne opens. The user opening the link will need to log into the app with their credentials.

Note: On iPads running iPad OS 13, links will open automatically open in Safari. To have links open directly in the app on iOS 12 or below, go to the iOS Settings app > Safari. In the websites section of Safari's settings tap "Request Desktop Website" and toggle off all websites. This will allow links to open directly in the Relativity iOS App again.

For information on sending documents from the web, see Viewer.