Preview environment

Note: As of July 2022, the Preview environment is no longer available for new RelativityOne instances. This content is intended for customers who had procured Preview before July 2022.

Preview refers to a free RelativityOne instance that gives you early access one month ahead of your RelativityOne upgrade. This enables you to identify feature changes that impact your workflows and adjust accordingly. The Relativity Preview feature, lets you try out the new version of Relativity prior to release in an environment that has the same Security and feature functionality of a RelativityOne instance.

Relativity Preview offers you the the following benefits:

  • The ability to preview workflow changes in the UI prior to a production release.
  • Seamless integration with RelativityOne production instance via User Sync and Federated Instances.
  • Preview is pre-loaded with dummy data that effectively demonstrates new Relativity features.

Note: This functionality is not currently available for FedRAMP customers / government entities.

Access to Relativity Preview

Each customer workspace in the Preview instance is identical and comes pre-loaded with dummy data (e.g., search indexes, searches, batches, etc.) to effectively demonstrate new RelativityOne features.

You may grant a user access to Relativity Preview by adding them to the "Preview Group" group in your RelativityOne production environment.

Considerations for accessing RelativityOne Preview include the following:

  • Preview users are given workspace admin security permissions and only have access to the front end of RelativityOne (not the back end and API). When you make a change to a view, it will not affect another customers' Preview environment.
  • Preview is accessed through Federated instances under the User menu in Relativity.
  • You will receive one Preview workspace per Relativity instance you have.
  • Preview instances will not be per Client Domain.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) will be configured to allow you to access Preview and production environments with the same credentials.
  • Relativity will only be able to view customer user email addresses, first names, and last names in Preview.

Granting users access to Preview environments

To grant users access to Preview:

  1. Associate the "Preview Auth Provider" OpenID Connect login method to relevant user accounts (with the email as the OpenID Connect Subject).
  2. Add the users to the Preview Group in your production Relativity instance to grant them access to your Preview environments.

Note: No more than 5 users should be active in your Preview workspace at a given time. Any users added to your Preview group will be able to access the Preview environment.

User and workflow restrictions

  • Users of Preview do not have any admin rights beyond the workspace level (workspace admin privileges) and do not have access to back end functionality.
  • Note: Preview does not give you access to the back end of Relativity (Direct SQL or API). For that, you must subscribe to RelativityOne Sandbox.

  • You should refrain from loading any custom data to this environment and specifically from performing the following workflows:
    • RDC import
    • Processing
    • Simple File Upload

Upgrades of your Preview environments

  • Upgrade timeline - Preview environments are updated one week after the US R1 production upgrade weekend. Currently, these upgrades are planned for Tuesday but this may vary. Per SLA, the Preview upgrades can be done any day that week as long as completed by end of business day on Friday. This upgrade will take place during business hours and can be any day that week, but will be completed Friday at the latest. There is no flexibility with upgrade times for Preview and customers should plan accordingly. There will be a period of a few days immediately following a RelativityOne production upgrade when your RelativityOne production instance will match the version in the Preview environment (before the Preview environment is upgraded).
  • Notification window - you will be notified prior to the upgrade through Message of the Day (MoTD).
  • Application errors - if an error occurs during the upgrade of applications, contact Relativity Support.

Differences between RelativityOne production and Preview environments


Preview environments contain the same infrastructure as your RelativityOne production instance. However, users will not have access to any back end functionality (e.g., Direct SQL or API).

Data in Preview environments

Consider the following:

  • Each customer workspace in the Preview instance is identical and comes pre-loaded with dummy data to effectively demonstrate new RelativityOne features. Customized data is not possible.
  • Any coding or other changes that you make to the Preview environment will not persist during monthly upgrades and be removed or deleted. Your changes are not backed up, and Relativity is not responsible for the loss of any changes made to this environment.

Preview Support policies

Your Preview environment does not have the same service level agreements as your RelativityOne production instance.

The Preview environment is considered a 2nd tier environments. Issues with your primary RelativityOne production instance will always take precedence over a similar issue in the Preview environment. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a catastrophic or NIA incident for the Preview environment. Response speed will be based on the relevant Relativity team handling the issue and their availability.