RelativityOne Early Case Assessment Workspace template

Note: For RelativityOne customers without a copy of the ECA Template, contact Support to request a copy.

Early case assessment in RelativityOne involves identifying key facts to drive case strategy and culling processed documents to a smaller subset for review. Built on top of the Repository Workspace application and only in RelativityOne, the Early Case Assessment Template simplifies and streamlines the process of early case assessment by putting the process on rails and removing unneeded content and capabilities.

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The template structures the ECA workflow into four distinct phases: (1) Import, (2) Indexing & Analytics, (3) ECA, and (4) Configure. Collected documents are uploaded to the RelativityOne Staging area using the RelativityOne Staging Explorer. From there, documents are processed into the ECA Template using Quick Create Processing Sets. Post-import, documents with processing errors are addressed and search indexes are built. Using saved searches, documents can then be searched, viewed, and culled. By Promoting documents by using Relativity Integration Points, tagged documents are sent to a separate workspace for document review.

The links below will get you started using the ECA template: