RelativityOne Early Case Assessment Workspace template

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Early case assessment in RelativityOne involves identifying key facts to drive case strategy and culling processed documents to a smaller subset for review in a separate workspace. The RelativityOne ECA Template simplifies and streamlines the process of early case assessment by putting the process on rails and removing unneeded content and capabilities.
Additionally, the RelativityOne ECA Template already has the Repository Workspace application pre-installed, providing cost savings in RelativityOne while limiting functionality to only what is required for early case assessment.

The following sections correspond to sidebar tabs in the template.


It is recommended that the ECA workflow be run from the Saved Search browser by working through the 3 predefined saved search workflows below — “Assess the Case”, “Tag Relevant Documents”, and “Tag Family Documents”. After this, ECA Administrators should create an Integration Point and push these documents to another workspace for review.


Search Setup

Integration Points

Workspace Setup


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