Patent viewer

Use the Patent Viewer to review patent text, figures, and drawings. To open a patent in the viewer, click a row in the patent list. Use the concept and section relevancy scores as a guide to reviewing the most pertinent documents to your search.

Patent Viewer

This page contains the following information:

Saving the patent to the Saved list

To save a patent to the Saved list, click the Save Patent button.

Save Patent Button

To unsave a patent and remove it from the Saved list, click the Unsave Patent button.

Unsave Patent

Tree menu

Click the Tree icon to show or hide a menu of the patent contents. Click any menu item to jump directly to the line in the patent.

Expand Tree View


Click the Figure icon to open a section displaying all the figures, images, and drawings contained in the patent. Within the Figure section, click the Popout Figures icon to open a separate window for viewing figures. You can zoom in or out, and rotate images.

View Figure Details

You can scroll through figures, then click a figure to display it in the viewer.

View Figure Details

Saving the patent as a PDF

To open the patent in it's original PDF format, click the PDF icon. The patent opens in a new window. From here, you scroll through the pages or download the file to your computer.

Save as PDF

Saving and annotating content from the Patent Viewer

You can save content as a snippet directly from the viewer. Use the following steps to save a new snippet, add notes, and link the snippet to concepts and section:

  1. From the Patent Viewer, click and drag your mouse over the text you want to save as a snippet.
    When you release the mouse, a modal window opens.

  2. Enter your notes into the field below the Notes tab.

    Entering Snippet Notes

  3. Click the Concepts tab to link the snippet with a concept or section. Check or uncheck the boxes next to a concept or section to link or unlink the selected text.
    Associating Concepts

  4. Click Save to save the text as a snippet. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the text to your computer's clipboard. The content is then available to paste into other applications outside of Relativity Patents.
    Save Snippets

    Note: Snippets added manually do not have relevancy scores. The background color defaults to yellow if you do not link the snippet to a concept or section.
    Snippet with no relevancy score