Multiple-search workspaces

The default landing page for Relativity Patents is My Projects. Create and edit search projects, view a list of your projects, and create custom views for filtering projects. After you create a new project, you are redirected to the project's workspace.

To return to the My Projects page, click the My Projects tab in the left column.

Patent Search Projects view

This page contains the following information:

Creating a new search project

To create a new search project:

  1. Click the New Patent Search Project button.
  2. New Patent Search Project button

  3. Enter a search Name (required), then use the other fields for entering information relevant to your organizational needs. For example, you can mark if the search is billable, enter client and matter information, or add notes. Relativity automatically updates the two system fields. Click Save.

    New Patent Search Project form

  4. You are redirected to the project's workspace. From the workspace, you can run searches, apply filters, and view relevancy scores for search results. For information on creating and running a new search, see Search. For information on the project workspace layout, see Navigating project workspaces.

Editing a search

To edit an existing search, click the search name or edit icon. You are directed to the List view and search page where you can edit the search by applying filters and concepts.

Edit icon to edit an existing search