The Patent workflow begins by searching a global patent dataset using a target patent number. During this process, you create a concept by selecting a section from the target patent to use as a base for conceptual searching. Relativity returns a list of similar patents. A column displays relevancy scores for each patent result. From here, you can add additional concepts, run keyword searches, and apply filters to further narrow your patent list.

Note: You must have a Relativity Patents workspace with the appropriate group and user permissions to perform global searches. Contact the Relativity Patents support team for questions or requests.

To perform a global search:

  1. From your Relativity Patents workspace, navigate to the Global Search tab.
  2. Global Search Tab

    Global patent searches begin by entering a target patent number. The target patent acts as a starting point for the search and is often the patent asserted in a case. You can choose to show or hide the target patent in your search results. Be sure to have a target patent number before continuing.

  3. Click the + Add Section button.
    The Add Section modal window opens.
  4. Enter an existing patent number in the Patent Number text box.
  5. Enter Target Patent Number

    After entering a patent number, Relativity searches the patent, and then populates the Select Section drop-down menu with the sections it identified.

  6. Select a section from the Select Section drop-down menu.
    1. If the selected section has elements defined, a new drop-down menu appears with the prompt, Select Element. Here, you can select an element to narrow the search scope further. The Name and Concept Text fields populate automatically.
    2. Enter Target Patent Number

  7. Choose whether to hide or show the target patent in the search results. Clearing the Target patent checkbox shows the target patent in the search results, while keeping the box checked hides the patent from the results.

  8. Target Patent Checkbox

  9. (Optional) Click the Highlight Color icon to change the background color of highlighted text.

    Select Highlight Color

  10. Click Save.
  11. Relativity searches the global dataset and returns relevant patents to the List view. The List view also displays a column of relevancy scores for each patent, based on the target patent. Use Relativity Patents tools to review and highlight content, view drawings, and create snippets for quick access and claim charts. To run Keyword searches against the patent list, see Keyword searches. To apply filters to global search results, see Filtering patents.

    Global Search Results