Filtering patents

Use filtering to narrow your search results. Once you have added a concept, you can add, edit, or remove filters.

To apply a filter:

  1. Select Add Filter from the drop-down menu in the Search panel.

    Add Filtered Search

  2. Select a filter from the list of filter options. Expand one of the filter sections below for details on how to apply a specific filter.
  3. Select Field to Apply Filter

    • Filing Date, Priority Date, Publication Date—filter by dates using before, after, and on operators.
    • Country—the originating country of the patent.
    • Status—the current status of the patent application.
    • Assignee—the entity that has the rights to the patent.
    • Agent—a person who assists inventors and attorneys with preparing and filing patent applications.
    • Applicant—the legal owner of a patent application or patent.
    • Inventor—a person or entity who contributes to the claims of an invention; the person or entity conceiving the invention.
  4. Add additional filters using the steps above.
    Relativity separates filters with the AND operator by default. Click AND to change it to the OR operator. Click OR to change it back to AND.
  5. Swap Operators On Filters

  6. Click Apply Filter.
    The List view results update according to your filter settings.

    Apply Filter