Communications in Relativity Legal Hold includes sending acknowledgements, notices, and questionnaires. For more information on questionnaires, see Questionnaires.

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Use communications primarily to inform individuals about their possible involvement in an anticipated legal hold, which requires their acknowledgment. You assign a communication type to a communication to distinguish between your communications when you send and report on emails. Legal Hold ships with the generic types: General Hold Notice, Alert Group, Release Notice, and Email Acknowledgement types.

If you want to schedule automatic reminders and escalations for communications, particularly when a custodian isn't responsive, you would schedule the automation from the communication details. If you need to send a release notice communication to an individual to notify them that they're no longer active on the hold, you'd create and send a release notice communication.

Communications are project-specific, meaning, you can't create a communication independent of a project. For more information, see Creating a communication.


Use questionnaires to track responses from individuals about the project or hold. This helps the project manager and general counsel best determine how to manage the project as it progresses and whether or not certain people are integral to the project.

You can't send a questionnaire on its own; you must attach a questionnaire to a communication and then send the communication. For more information, see Questionnaires.

Communication types

Relativity Legal Hold projects include multiple communications that are sent through Relativity to custodians. These communications range from a general legal hold notice to a release notice. These communications have different purposes such as notifying a custodian about being added to a legal hold, answering questions regarding the hold, and being released from the hold. The recipients of the communications can be legal hold custodians, data stewards, executives, or legal team members.

Communications can be scheduled for automatic reminders and escalations, particularly when a custodian isn't responsive, you would schedule the automation from the communication details. For more information, see Legal Hold reminders.

General notice

The general notice is sent to active custodians in the project and describes the background, claims, and the position of the entity involved in the legal matter. It also includes a secure link to the custodian portal.

In the portal, custodians can acknowledge their participation in a hold, answer questionnaires, view all active projects they're associated with, and easily address any other outstanding tasks. For more information, see Custodian portal.

Relativity includes different templates to choose from when creating this communication. You can include merge fields and instructions tailored to your organizations.

Note: When using a General Hold Notice communication, the [PORTALLINK] merge field is no longer required when the Acknowledgment Required field is No and there is no questionnaire.

Alert group

The alert group notice is sent to a pre-identified group of employees within an organization to notify that they are potentially involved in a legal hold. The alert groups may include human resources, legal, and IT or any group of individuals impacted by the custodian’s response to the question.

Their involvement, and the release of the alert communication, is based on custodians’ questionnaire responses. For example, if a response involves another individual or group in the alert group, the alert notice is sent. This communication is a custodian notification that includes a mention of future communications. For more information, see Sending an alert notice.

Email acknowledgement

The email acknowledgement lets a custodian acknowledge participation in the legal hold without having to visit the Custodian Portal. The acknowledgement via email includes an in-depth description of the legal hold and a link for the custodian to click to acknowledge that the legal hold has been received.

Release notice

The release notice is sent to a custodian when they are no longer needed in the legal hold. This is the final communication to a custodian and no further communications are sent from that legal hold project. The release notice states that the matter does not include any other pending legal holds that apply to the custodian, including any separate legal holds that may relate in any way to the same subject matter.