The functionality described on this site is available in Early Access only. It appears only in a preview environment and not in production. The content on this site is subject to change based on modifications made by product development and/or feedback provided by Relativity customers. Once we deploy Early Access functionality to RelativityOne production, this site will no longer display content until the next Early Access release is available in a preview environment.

Relativity Early Access release notes

This page contains release notes for Relativity Early Access.

For a list of known issues in Relativity Early Access, see Known Issues.

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Date Release Description
Date Release Description
11/20/2019 Indigo Early Access Update The RelativityOne ECA Template workspace now includes template Field Categories.
11/20/2019 Indigo Early Access Update The RelativityOne Investigations Template workspace now includes template Field Categories.
11/20/2019 Indigo Early Access Update

New RelativityOne instances starting with RelativityOne Indigo have access to the RelativityOne Review Template workspace. The RelativityOne Review Template workspace simplifies the end-to-end process of document review by making visible only the recommended set of tabs, fields, views, and layouts.

For existing instances, please contact to have the workspace include ARM in your instance.

10/24/2019 Indigo Early Access After a new workspace is created, the Integration Point Profiles, created for promoting data between workspaces, existing in the template workspace are copied over to the newly created workspace. Only the Export type Integration Point Profiles with Source:Relativity and Destination: Relativity are enabled for copying at workspace creation. The Integration Point Profiles with Type: Import or Export with Destination:Loadfile aren’t be carried over.
10/24/2019 Indigo Early Access We are removing the Proof of Concept option for transferring documents between Relativity instances after receiving feedback from customers. Integration Points should continue to be used for transferring documents between workspaces within the same instance. Pushing documents between instances is on future roadmap for Integration Points.
10/24/2019 Indigo Early Access Search Terms Reports now support the Copy mass action. When a Search Terms Report is copied, all terms are copied, but not the results and document tags.
10/24/2019 Indigo Early Access When an overlay is applied to a document or a change occurs on a metadata field, you can now perform a dtSearch index Incremental Build rather than Full Build to update your dtSearch index.
10/24/2019 Indigo Early Access The Breakage Report feature for the Data Grid Text Migration application is now available as a Relativity script to assist with preparing for a workspace migration from Relativity Server instances to RelativityOne.