Known issues

The following list provides descriptions of known issues in Relativity Early Access as of 11/9/2020. For a list of RelativityOne enhancements and resolved issues, please visit the .

For a list of Relativity Early Access enhancements and resolved issues, see the Relativity Early Access release notes.

For a list of Relativity Early Access enhancements and resolved issues, see the Relativity Early Access release notes.

Note: Relativity uses a number of third-party technologies to ingest, store, search for, and manipulate data. Relativity does not possess a comprehensive list of all issues ever reported in the third-party technologies, and cannot provide fixes when these application-specific issues arise. Relativity will, however, work to alert the third-party vendor if issues are uncovered.

Date added Defect # Feature Description Resolved?
Date added Defect # Feature Description Resolved?
1/31/2020 REL-233019 Discovery When processing HTML body type emails that include both VML and non-VML formatting, only VML formatting will be respected. This results in any inline images in the non-VML formatting to be extracted as children even if the profile option to not extract inline images option is selected. Additionally, the "Hidden Attachment" metadata will not be properly set. No
1/31/2020 REL-389665 Production Sets

Produced Images with header and footer applied will be blank for the two following image properties:

Tall Skinny Image

Image Width in Pixels < (8.5*dpi)/3

Image Height in Pixels > (11*dpi)/3


Short Wide Image Image Width in Pixels > (8.5*dpi)/3

Image Height in Pixels < (11*dpi)/3

1/28/2020 REL-378655 Hold Admin When viewing a Communication, clicking the Custodian Open Items report does not display the list of open items. Yes
1/22/2020 REL-390597 Assisted Review There is an edge case in active learning in which workspace runs out of artifacts ids. To come across the defect, an agent or service bus must be in error, a deadletter failed to retry, or an index population failed. In addition there must be skipped documents removed from the index. Yes
1/17/2020 REL-394469 Reviewer Interface If multiple similarly named relational fields exist, a generic error may be thrown in the Review Interface. This occurs when two or more relational fields contain at least one space and have the same string of characters directly before the first space. No
1/16/2020 REL-393524 Reviewer Interface When viewing PowerPoint documents with hidden slides, the Show/Hide Hidden Items button on the toolbar does not toggle the hidden content. This can be worked around by clicking the orange toaster notification in the lower-right of the viewer. No
1/16/2020 REL-393534 Reviewer Interface If the Review Interface is open in multiple browser windows/tabs/pop-ups, users will be unable to navigate between documents in all but the most recently opened window/tab/pop-up. No
1/13/2020 REL-387720 Searching When modifying the Order or Active field on a Keyword Search index, an error will appear informing you to contact your administrator requiring you to navigate back to the Relativity home page. Yes
1/2/2020 REL-389646 Mass Operations When attempting to delete an Active Learning project but an error occurs, the error message will sometimes be displayed as "Error: Running" instead of a more descriptive error message. No
1/2/2020 REL-389646 Audit When exporting approximately 400,000 or more audit records from the Audit tab, the export progress window can result in a 502 error. No
1/2/2020 REL-389650 Audit When exporting any amount of audit records from the Audit tab, the mass operation pop-up window will appear as normal. Once executed, the progress window will display normally, but once the window closes no other action will occur without any error message available. No
12/18/2019 REL-317309 Service Bus The Conversion Complete Agent does not respect the logging level designated and can result in a large number of logged messages. Yes
12/18/2019 REL-329346 Reviewer Interface When adjusting zoom in the Viewer using CTRL + mouse wheel, sometimes the zoom value in the toolbar does not update as expected. Yes
12/18/2019 REL-331864 Entity In workspaces with greater than 200 entities, the document numbering prefix assigned to any given entity will fail to automatically overwrite the document numbering prefix on the data source when the entity is linked. The prefix can still be manually changed via the UI. No
12/17/2019 REL-387896 Reviewer Interface When navigating across multiple documents in the Viewer, the zoom level does not persist between documents. No
12/12/2019 REL-273874 Reviewer Interface When the UseDistributedAuthenticationTokenToggle toggle is True, Relativity Document Compare can fail after selecting the comparison document. No
12/6/2019 REL-372964 Reviewer Interface When launching the Stand-alone Viewer for a document not in the current review queue, such as when opening a document from the Related Items Pane, the Image Viewer mode can sometimes fail to initialize. Yes
12/2/2019 REL-369004 Hold Admin There is a defect in Chrome browsers version 75 and higher that will not allow printing of Legal Holds reports from Chrome.. As a workaround, you can save the report to a PDF and then print the PDF. You can also choose to use another browser when printing as this is an issue with the Chrome browser only. No
11/21/2019 REL-379786 Imaging An error may occur when importing a native imaging profile with custom application field codes to a workspace. No
11/20/2019 REL-318942 Case Dynamics When using the Case Dynamics Mass Export to CSV operation with a long text field which has two commas in the name, the CSV file will be incorrectly generated. The workaround for this issue is to use the Mass Export to XLS option. From there the XLS can be converted into a CSV, as needed. Alternatively, the commas from the field can be removed and you can use the CSV option for exporting. No
11/18/2019 REL-356643 Case Dynamics

When setting up conditions for the Timeline Builder using the Is Like and Is Not Like operators, no results are rendered.

11/14/2019 REL-352877 Case Dynamics Adding a custom file field to Case Dynamics views is not supported. You can use the attachment tab, which is provided on the Case Dynamics layouts, to upload supporting documents. No
11/12/2019 REL-375184 Relativity Desktop Client

When using the RDC with the utility server, you may see the following error message with Aspera transfer mode:

'Relativity.DataExchange.Transfer.MetadataTransferException: The metadata transfer job failed because the maximum time limit of 10 minute(s) was reached waiting for all metadata load files to transfer.'

Please try changing TapiAsperaDatagramSize to 1350 to address this.

10/31/2019 REL-371846 Processing Administration On Surface Laptops the popup fails to appear when you click on the button to change the worker state on the Web Monitoring screen. I have tested this on multiple browsers and on multiple environments but it only seems to happen on the surface laptops that too on its screen. When you connect that to the monitor, it doesn't seem to behave the same way. I have tried with different sizes via chrome developer mode but no luck. We might want to stash this as a known issue and keep an eye on it. No
10/24/2019 REL-185494 Discovery When Discovering CAB archives, any documents located inside nested folders of the archive will not be discovered. The workaround is to manually expand the CAB archive using 7zip prior to processing.  
10/1/2019 REL-361763 Reviewer Interface In Chrome 77 when using a Single Sign On (SSO) provider, the Review Interface may fail to load and display a blank page. This can be worked around by rolling back Chrome to version 76 or below, launching Chrome with web security disabled, using a different web browser, or accessing Relativity without using SSO. Yes
9/25/2019 REL-350909 Case Dynamics When you are on the last document in the item list and you open the Case Dynamics Coding Pane, you will see a Save and Next button where the Save and Back button should be. Clicking on the Save and Next button will result in a spinner since there is no other document to pull up in the list. To save your Case Dynamics coding decisions, the workaround is to click the Save button on the Case Dynamics Coding Pane. Then if you want to return to the Document item list view, you can click on the Save and Back button on the standard Relativity layout or click on the Return to document list link at the top left hand corner of the Viewer. No
9/25/2019 REL-355132 Case Dynamics When undergoing Active Learning document review and the Save and Next button on the Case Dynamics Coding Pane is clicked, the next document in the Active Learning queue is not served up. No
9/23/2019 REL-357550 List Page Security groups with permissions only to the Advanced and Saved Search browser will land on the browser with a default document view to all non-secured documents instead of an empty saved search screen. This issue has been resolved in 10.1.3 and up. Yes
9/17/2019 REL-357442 Processing Sets When a Processing Data Source is re-published, the Last Publish Time Submitted field will no longer be populated. No
9/4/2019 REL-324825 Relativity Scripts & Utilities Case Metrics validates permissions at a group level, not at the user level. For this reason, even though the user is an admin, they areonly going to be able to access the user data of the groups they belong to. Yes
9/4/2019 HYDRO-4966 Reviewer Interface When Markup Visibility is set to Hidden in the Review Interface, changing the selected Markup Set will re-enable the redaction and highlight tools which can allow users to draw redactions while hidden. No
9/4/2019 REL-354724 Unified Experience

For customers who are using Workspace Portal, the version packaged in the 10.2 version of Relativity/RelativityOne can break existing integration with prior versions if the context user for the Workspace Portal OAuth client does not have the following email address:  

Mitigation requires the following steps:

  • Navigate to the OAuth client used for Workspace Portal in the satellite instances and identify the configured user.
  • Navigate to the Users tab and search for the user identified in Step
    • 1. If the configured user is an active user in the system or not a specific user for the Workspace Portal app (including Relativity Admins or a Relativity Service Accounts), then a new user must be created and added to the group
    • 2. For more instructions, see here.
    • 3. Edit the user and replace its email with the required by Workspace Portal:

Resolution steps are also in this KnowledgeBase article.

9/3/2019 REL-324918 Relativity Scripts & Utilities In the Overturn Report: when running a report with a Save Search condition, no results will appear. But when removing the Search, the user is able to get results. Yes
9/3/2019 REL-320642 Imaging Canceling an imaging job from Worker Manager Queue may cause duplicate image errors. You will have to manually delete images from documents that have the duplicate image error. Yes
8/28/2019 REL-307564 Audit When querying the All Audits view in the instance level Audit tab, an exception is thrown if you do not have access to a particular workspace. A workaround is to create a new View to or create a filter to exclude the workspace(s) you do not have access to. Yes
8/28/2019 REL-339956 Relativity Scripts & Utilities For large case Text Migrations, you may encounter a timeout during the initial setup preparing a Field for Text Migration. Increasing the timeout limit on DataGridMigrationLongRunningQueryTimeout to 7200 will allow the job to proceed. Yes
8/28/2019 REL-345713 Audit When viewing the History tab, the History tab will not display records and result in an error. Yes
8/28/2019 REL-353038 Searching When copying a dtSearch index with the Create Accent Sensitive set to 'Yes', the setting will be set to 'No' on the newly created dtSearch index. After copying the dtSearch index, click Edit and update the Create Accent Sensitive to ensure the setting is correctly applied before index build. No
8/27/2019 REL-350196 Admin Operations A user not part of a system admin group will not be able to see the message of the day. The fix for this defect will be in Relativity 10.2. Please reach out to Support if you need the fix any sooner. Yes
8/26/2019 REL-352363 Case Dynamics When the Case Dynamics - Coding Pane permission is removed for a group and Preview is used to review the permissions setup, the Case Dynamics link will still appear on the coding layout. When you log in as the user, the links is correctly removed. No
8/22/2019 REL-322344 Extensibility Points On the Object Manager API, when a .NET update method is called by passing a MassUpdatePerObjectsRequest object containing objects with Artifact IDs not ordered numerically, the service assigns values to the wrong objects. This same issue occurs when making a RESTful update call with the massRequestPerObject object. Yes
8/20/2019 REL-348746 Conceptual Analytics    
8/19/2019 REL-344837 Imaging Comments in Office 2010 Word documents are cut-off when imaged using a native profile. This does not affect Office 2016 Word documents. No
8/14/2019 REL-205051 Errors

In certain cases the status of document error instance in set to In-Progress, but should be Ready to Retry.


  • Run a Discover and Publish job, which will generate 3 errors for the same file ID.
  • Resolve the publish problem and Re-Publish the set.


  • The publish error is resolved and is marked as Retried - Expected.
  • The document error is marked as In-progress when Republish started, but never got flipped to Ready-to-Retry when the job completed. - Not Expected, should be marked as Ready to Retry, since there are two more errors with the same status.
8/9/2019 REL-347379 Transcripts In a workspace restored using ARM, previously existing exhibit links will log out the user when clicking on the exhibit link in the Transcripts Viewer. However, the exhibit links in the Transcripts layout will open the documents successfully. Additionally, newly created exhibit links will open successfully when clicking in the Transcripts Viewer as well as the Transcripts layout. No
8/6/2019 REL-323389 Case Dynamics When the Case Dynamics coding pane is made small and numerous documents are coded, the pagination arrows can shift to the right slightly. Resizing the pane restores the buttons to their original position. No
8/1/2019 REL-282474 Discovery When discovering Bloomberg XML files, there is a chance of performance degradation and incorrectly extracted content. No
7/31/2019 REL-221861 Relativity Desktop Client

Overlay imports will fail displaying an error of:

Error: Bulk load data conversion error (truncation) for row X, column X (DocumentIdentifier).

To address, alter the identifier field length.

7/29/2019 REL-343629 Relativity Desktop Client When exporting with the default settings, each zero byte file contained within the export generates an error message stating "Empty file. ... 0 document(s) exported." No
7/27/2019 REL-343579 Billing Using the MaxBilling application can result in performance impacts to RelativityOne due to one of its agents locking the audit table, which is critical. Yes
7/25/2019 HYDRO-4087 Reviewer Interface The Image Viewer or Production Viewer can fail to fully load if a user undocks the Viewer, opens another document through a link in the Related Items Pane, and re-docks the Viewer. This can be worked around by refreshing the browser window. No
7/25/2019 REL-319139 Custodian Portal The Questionnaire Responses Export (report) will contain no data for workspaces that were previously ARMed. Yes
7/25/2019 REL-327820 Hold Admin Changing a custodian's assigned role to a role that has the Place On Preservation Hold system tag enabled may cause the Legal Hold application to become unresponsive. Refreshing the page will bring the application back and the change will have been applied successfully. Yes
7/25/2019 REL-337048 Searching When indexing a document greater than 2 GBs, your index build will fail with the following error: "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow." Yes
7/25/2019 REL-161185 Audit Users applying a sort on the Object Artifact ID in the Audit tab will receive an error. Yes
7/25/2019 REL-339773 All Products Object Manager API read operations of Long Text fields greater than the max length of 100,000 characters will be truncated. When saved, any value that's greater than the truncated 100,000 characters will not be audited. Yes
7/24/2019 REL-342931 Reviewer Interface In rare scenarios, the Viewer can intermittently fail to load when undocked and navigating between documents using both links in the Related Items Pane and links in the document list embedded in the Review Interface. No
7/24/2019 REL-337220 Case Dynamics When editing Case Dynamics objects from inline list views, in cases where the existing number of characters in a long text field are greater than 1000 characters, the exceeding characters could inadvertently be truncated when the editing the object. Yes
7/23/2019 REL-272306 Errors If a Document Error is Ignored, an error will be logged under the Errors tab in Home mode. However, the Document Error will still be properly ignored. No
7/15/2019 REL-339926 Reviewer Interface In the legacy Transcript viewer, the word index and tag list will not render for the first transcript viewed. This can be worked around by navigating to another document then back to the transcript. No
7/11/2019 REL-338573 Persistent Highlight Sets In Firefox, when rapidly switching between different Viewer modes the persistent highlight pane can fail to load. No
7/11/2019 REL-338569 Reviewer Interface In Chrome, when rapidly switching between different Viewer modes the document can fail to display. This can be worked around by resizing any component of the Review Interface or refreshing the page.  No
7/11/2019 HYDRO-4143 Reviewer Interface In Safari, the coding pane can appear blank after rapidly navigating backwards in the Review Interface multiple times.  No
7/8/2019 REL-329766 Audit The Artifact ID field cannot be queried on in the List View. As a workaround, use the Object Artifact ID as it contains the same data. Yes
7/8/2019 REL-165051  

When exporting images from workspace to workspace using the options of:

* Append

* Copy Images Yes

* copy files to repository No

Then running a production set with the migrated documents the images lose their extension. The fix is provided in Relativity v.10.0 .

7/11/2019 REL-336403 Relativity Desktop Client Any export that uses the "production precedence" feature in which any selected production includes natives will cause the RDC to abort with a "Read failed" error. Yes
7/11/2019 REL-323153 Production Sets When you upgrade a Production from 9.6 to any later version, the Produced Date field will be nulled. No
7/1/2019 REL-28798 Publish If one or more errors occur on a container during discovery, some or all of the files in that container may remain undiscovered. If all discovery errors are not resolved prior to publish, unexpected deduplication results can occur due to the discovery of additional duplicate files during the retry/republish of these errors. In addition, Relativity may display a negative value for the unpublished file count. No
6/26/2019 HYDRO-3742 Reviewer Interface If a user selects a markup, then clicks a toolbar button, then clicks on the selected markup, then attempts to delete it using the 'Delete' keyboard key, the deletion will not occur. This can be worked around by de-selecting and re-selecting the markup or attempting to delete using the right-click context menu.  No
6/26/2019 HYDRO-3358 Reviewer Interface After submitting an image-on-the-fly job and quickly navigating to another document, the page count and zoom levels will not update immediately. The proper information will be populated when an event takes place, such as scrolling to another page or adjusting the zoom level.  No
6/26/2019 HYDRO-2711 Reviewer Interface When viewing a document image larger than 10,000 pages long, the conversion streaming status pill will not update to indicate conversion is complete. This can be worked around by exiting and re-entering the Viewer to refresh the conversion status.  No
6/26/2019 HYDRO-2636 Reviewer Interface Changes to markup visibility in the undocked or standalone viewers does not reflect in the primary viewer once redocked.  No
6/26/2019 HYDRO-2494 Reviewer Interface In Safari, when scrolling through a multi-page document image with a zoom level other than 100%, the top and bottom toolbars can sometimes display as solid black. This can be worked around by changing the zoom level or refreshing the browser page.  No
6/26/2019 HYDRO-1568 Reviewer Interface In the Image and Production Viewers, separators in the right-click context menu may not appear at browser zoom levels above 100%.  No
6/26/2019 HYDRO-3751 Reviewer Interface In Firefox in the Image Viewer, pressing the Backspace key without a markup selected results in a 'Back' navigation in the browser. No
6/26/2019 HYDRO-3752 Reviewer Interface In Internet Explorer, if the Delete Markup modal is opened then canceled, the markup will need to be de-selected and re-selected in order to attempt to delete it again using the Delete keyboard key. No
6/26/2019 REL-321230 Keyboard Shortcuts When navigating to another document using keyboard shortcuts after modifying a text field, a warning indicating unsaved changes exists does not get thrown. This does not occur if other field types have also been modified. No
6/26/2019 REL-324689 Reviewer Interface Navigating to the end of a review queue in the undocked viewer and redocking can sometimes result in the window hanging or temporarily freezing. This can be worked around by refreshing the browser window. No
6/26/2019 REL-329750 Reviewer Interface In Firefox, when switching layouts with unsaved changes a warning indicating unsaved changes exists does not get thrown. No
6/19/2019 REL-311356 Transcripts In the Annotations Digest report, filtering the list of items to include (the associated object lists) in the report does not respect items select. Instead, all items are included in the report. No
6/19/2019 REL-314038 Case Dynamics System Admins and non-admin users with full Case Dynamic permissions (Delete & Add permissions for all the Case Dynamics objects), cannot delete an object from a Layout. Clicking on the Delete button on layouts throws an error and all associate objects are not unlinked. No
6/19/2019 REL-304183 Case Dynamics When the user does not have or has limited permission for the Entity object, the UI for the Case Dynamics Coding Pane and Inline Edit lists shows spinners and inconsistent loading behavior. Clients are advised to give users full permissions to the Entity object so that they can have a smooth user experience throughout the Case Dynamics application. No
6/18/2019 REL-330210 Assisted Review In Active Learning, running more than one update ranks operation at the same time in the same workspace can lead to SQL locks. To avoid this, it's recommended to only run Update Ranks on one Active Learning project in the same workspace at a time. No
6/13/2019 REL-327382 Imaging SQL deadlock errors may occur when the Set Native Time Zone Offset with DST agent is running. v6.0.1.6 No
5/31/2019 REL-306465 Transfer API An import error when using the RDC has been seen stating "Error: SQL Statement Failed Error: Cannot bulk load. The file (file name) does not exist." To address this as a workaround set TapiForceBcpHttpClient to False. No
5/30/2019 REL-156962 RDO Framework Using the undo button immediately after a paste operation or addition of a merge field will delete the contents in the editor. Yes
5/28/2019 REL-324556 Reviewer Interface After submitting an image-on-the-fly job and quickly switching Viewer modes or undocking and redocking the Viewer, the toolbar in the Image Viewer may render behind other elements and not be visible. This can be worked around by resizing the Viewer, or refreshing the page. No
5/27/2019 REL-318958 Hold Admin When creating a Preservation Case if you enter just a Start Date or just a End Date for your date filter criteria, Legal Hold will hang. Yes
5/22/2019 REL-319112 Reviewer Interface The Document Identifier in the top-left of the Viewer will incorrectly display the file icon of the previous document for documents without associated native files. No
5/17/2019 REL-321081 Assisted Review If documents are deleted from the active learning project, the prioritized review progress chart may not display. The workaround is to populate the index. No
5/10/2019 REL-314054 Assisted Review Pending document count for an Elusion Test can be incorrect if the time of the last model build erroneously appears to be before the examples were sent to the engine. This can occur if the workspace is moved or restored via ARM, or if the analytics server is restarted, during the Elusion Test. No
5/7/2019 REL-318761 Reviewer Interface When frame-flipping is enabled in the Viewer, media files may still continue to play in the background after navigating to the next document if there is not another document to preload on the back frame. No
5/2/2019 REL-317701 Reviewer Interface When navigating a modal using the tab key in the Image Viewer or Production Viewer in Internet Explorer, the focus is sometimes lost to other background elements on the page. No
5/1/2019 REL-304946 Structured Analytics In rare scenarios, two or more identical emails with different Authors (normalized 'From' values) or Date Sent values are incorrectly marked as duplicate spares. A hotfix is available in certain versions of Relativity. For more information, see this article on the Relativity Community. Yes
5/1/2019 REL-301141 Relativity Desktop Client The .kwi and .kwe file settings may not deserialize correctly when using files created from earlier Relativity Desktop Client releases. The workaround is to recreate the settings file. No
5/1/2019 REL-301212 Relativity Desktop Client Some imported documents do not appear in the Document list when the workspace/folder artifact identifiers match. The workaround is to view in the Document list through a Saved Search. No
5/1/2019 REL-315889 Relativity Desktop Client The latest VC++ runtime is a pre-req for Relativity Desktop Client and needs to be downloaded and installed in order to prevent any errors. Yes
5/1/2019 REL-315286 Relativity Desktop Client When importing production images, the Begin Bates value is set to NA. No
5/1/2019 REL-308428 Relativity Desktop Client When exporting with Aspera mode, a job will fail when a document doesn't exist on the server. The workaround is to set "UseOldExport" to true and the job will run in Web mode. Additional items include total number of documents exported not matching the expected count and the Relativity Desktop Client waiting when a batch succeeds but one or more files failed to transfer. Yes
4/30/2019 REL-316000 ARM ARM Archive Location length cannot exceed 260 characters. No
4/18/2019 REL-310832 Production Sets A production job may fail during Branding when a document contains a redaction created in pre 9.4 version of Relativity. Yes
4/18/2019 REL-307531 Mass Operations The Mass Operation "Send to Case Map" will not work if the case map view contains a single/multi-choice field and if the value is not set for a document. Yes
4/16/2019 REL-304948 Imaging You cannot use Native imaging on MPX files with Microsoft Project 2013 or later. The latest Microsoft Project that can open it is 2010. You will need to have this installed on the worker or it will not image. You can also use Basic Imaging as a workaround. No
4/16/2019 REL-310964 ARM Archiving a workspace without structured analytics, but with "Include structured analytics" selected fails. No
4/16/2019 REL-304224 ARM Analytics move jobs between different Analytics servers may fail due to not being able to delete analytics indexes. No
4/15/2019 REL-296258 Processing Administration Failure to receive processing data" message showing on Working Monitoring page for worker threads. This gave the impression that there was an actual failure in processing, when it was really because Lockbox was enabled. The messaged needed to be changed to accurately reflect that. No
4/8/2019 REL-299528 Relativity Scripts & Utilities When performing a migration of a document larger than 1 GB, an error occurs due to a SQL timeout and cannot migrate the document. A known workaround is to either delete the document from the workspace or overlay the document using the RDC to allow the migration to continue. Yes
4/8/2019 REL-310368 Reviewer Interface Conversion may fail due to being unable to successfully parse an accessible path if the Windows temp location on an agent server contains a space character. No
4/2/2019 REL-307639 Mass Operations Initiating a mass operation from the Saved Search list page with an index search applied may result in a higher than expected number of records affected when the underlying saved search is configured to include families. No
4/1/2019 REL-308166 Searching Audits generated for changes to the Alphabet Text field of a dtSearch index will currently be created with empty Old and New value fields. No
3/27/2019 REL-115803 Imaging MHT / HTML files with a static background and scrollable content such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will not image correctly. No
3/19/2019 REL-261537 ARM After archiving a workspace some data may be archived twice, in the Invariant folder and in the NonRepository folder of the ARM archive. This issue is fixed in Foxglove. Yes
3/12/2019 REL-117798 Imaging VB Macros embedded in Office documents are not executed during imaging and the resulting images are not guaranteed to look exactly like the native. No
3/6/2019 REL-280915 Markup Sets Special characters are not displayed correctly in the Markup Set drop-down of the Markup Navigator in the Viewer. No
3/4/2019 REL-282446 Audit When adding unsupported Fields to the List View in the Audit application, you will see an error because the fields cannot query the unsupported fields. As a workaround, ensure the following fields are not included in your View settings: Edit, Name, Security, System Created By, System Created On, System Last Modified By, System Last Modified On. Yes
3/4/2019 REL-236894 List Page The pivot widget will display inaccurate results when pivoting on a choice field that has choices with the same exact name. To workaround this, the duplicate choice names will need to be edited to be unique for an accurate pivot. It is worth noting that choosing to Group By with the choice field will yield accurate results. No
3/4/2019 REL-293132 Processing Sets Log files containing EML-like content are incorrectly identified as EML files. Yes
2/20/2019 REL-296563 Workspace You cannot assign a Workspace Admin group to a case during case creation. The Workspace Admin Group can still be assigned post creation via the workspace details page. Yes
2/18/2019 REL-287767 Assisted Review If a categorization set associated with a classification index fails during the synchronization process, it may require database cleanup to proceed. This depends on the state of the data and nature of the failure. Yes
2/15/2019 REL-295366 Reviewer Interface When attempting to view a document with a file size larger than the value configured for MaximumNativeSizeForViewerInBytes and with the native file missing from the fileshare, the Viewer will display a loading spinner without displaying an error indicating that the file size limit has been exceeded or that the file is missing. No
2/4/2019 REL-192964 Errors Document Error reflective fields do not populate on the Document list view.  
2/1/2019 REL-281087 Reviewer Interface When multiple Persistent Highlight Sets contain the same term but different source types (terms vs field) only the term in the PHS with the lowest order value is considered for rendering. In certain scenarios this can result in the term incorrectly not being highlighted. Yes
1/31/2019 REL-248673 Reviewer Interface The Conversion Complete agent will log multiple information events each check in even when the logging level is set to log critical errors only. Yes
1/31/2019 REL-283353 Audit When selecting a different Resource Pool, Audit agents cannot update to the new Resource Group selected. As a workaround, you need to delete and recreate or disable and enable the Audit agent to correctly update to the selected Resource Pool. Yes
1/28/2019 REL-267134 Custodian Portal Custodians are sometimes given a prompt for a username and password while filling out a questionnaire. This results in the custodian losing all of the answers they provided prior to the prompt. Yes
1/28/2019 REL-221325 Custodian Portal Newly created Question Categories are not shown in Category list. Yes
1/28/2019 REL-272290 Hold Admin Hold notices that contain unicode characters in the subject line do not get emailed to custodians. Yes
1/28/2019 REL-264797 Case Dynamics Tabs with Is Visible set to No are visible when the Tab Strip is displayed while in the Viewer. No
1/28/2019 REL-284132 Reviewer Interface Page navigation buttons for document images are not visible when the Tab Strip is displayed while in the Viewer. No
1/17/2019 REL-282185 RDO Framework When viewing user type fields on a layout, any user that has been disabled or removed from all groups assigned to the workspace will show up as a blank value in the layout. Yes
1/17/2019 REL-279671 List Page Changing to different document browser while saved search is loading causes display of empty Document list. The issue is reproducible on very slow network connection. No
1/17/2019 REL-280270 List Page Opened documents are captured twice into the Recents list. No
1/11/2019 REL-272860 Imaging A user will not be able to select the field name option on the pop-up picker for the Mass Operations Saves as PDF. Yes
1/10/2019 REL-236647 ARM During workspace restore, when DataGrid import stage runs for more than 24 hours, it will be retried causing the the same stage to be executed twice. The workaround is to change DefaultJobTimeout ARM instance setting to accommodate for additional time needed for this stage to finish and restart ARM agent afterwards. It will be fixed with version 10.0. Yes
1/9/2019 REL-276350 Reviewer Interface When frame flipping is enabled, HTML enabled fields on a coding layout can fire unexpectedly on the previous document. This can be prevented by disabling frame flipping through the kCura.EDDS.Web.UseCodingPaneFrameFlippingToggle toggle or by a Preload Event Handler. No
1/8/2019 REL-279319 Imaging When installing Microsoft Office 2013 using the "Click to Run" option, missing images may occur when imaging using the native profile. Instead, install Microsoft Office 2013 using the MSI Installer option. As a workaround, Basic imaging will work as expected. No
1/2/2019 REL-281895 Quick Create Sets Object Security Permissions still references Quick-Create Set(s) as Processing Assistant. Yes
12/21/2018 REL-172077 Errors If you replace a file that has been discovered or discovered and published through Relativity Processing, and subsequently re-discover the original file, the replacement will be overwritten by the original. This occurs whether you replaced the file via the Document Errors console page or via the replace button on the Document Viewer.  
12/20/2018 REL-263692 Reviewer Interface In rare scenarios the redaction toolbar buttons in the Viewer can be available to users without permissions to create redactions. This allows the user to draw redactions but does not allow those redactions to be saved or persist. Yes
12/20/2018 REL-266307 Reviewer Interface When switching between multiple markup sets in the Viewer, redactions will not properly clear if the user does not have permission to create redactions and the second markup set selected does not have any redactions. Yes
12/20/2018 REL-176988 Search Term Reports When viewing the Search Term Report, long search terms produced overlapping text making it difficult to view term results. Yes
12/17/2018 REL-274690 Processing Administration The first time you open the Worker Monitoring tab, the "Scale to Maximum Workers" button may take up to 1 minute to be displayed. Refreshing the page will currently make the button appear more quickly. Yes
12/12/2018 REL-267794 Hold Admin If the Portal Link merge field is included in the body of an Escalation message, the result will be that blanks are presented in the received email in place of the Portal Link. The reason for this is that we do not want the Portal Link to be forwarded to the escalation recipient (custodian's manager). No
12/12/2018 REL-199268 Processing Sets If an EML file contains no content except a WINMAIL.DAT file and the Email/content-type metadata property contains "application/ms-tnef", processing misses the attachment with no error message. No
12/11/2018 REL-198561 Infrastructure The message column of the agents tab displays incomplete information. The message does not display any information about which processing set is in progress. No
12/11/2018 REL-189870 Infrastructure The error returned when processing encounters a corrupt file within an ALZ archive is incorrect. Currently the error reads, "Error occurred when attempting to open the ZIP file. Failed." when it should read, "Error occurred when attempting to extract a file from the ALZIP archive." No
12/11/2018 REL-189833 Infrastructure The error returned when processing encounters an encrypted ALZ file is incorrect. The error currently reads, "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt". Users who see this error on an ALZ file should check to see if the file is password protected. If it is, it will need to be manually decrypted. No
12/11/2018 REL-189831 Infrastructure Password protected ALZ files can't be decrypted even with the proper password entered into the password bank. Processing users will need to decrypt these files manually. No
12/11/2018 REL-179199 Processing Sets In some instances, EML files with Japanese text may not have their text extracted properly; the Japanese characters may be replaced with non-readable characters. Native imaging will also render these emails with the non-readable characters. These EML files can still be properly imaged using Basic Imaging, viewed using the viewer, or opened natively. No
12/10/2018 REL-277638 List Page Clicking on any folder in Document folder browser ends up in Document List error if Folder Name field is secured in a given Workspace. Yes
12/10/2018 REL-276991 List Page Clicking on any folder in Document folder browser in the New UI ends up in Document List error if Folder Name field is secured in a given Workspace. Yes
12/7/2018 REL-268850 Import API Note that in the current release of Bluestem 2, any document or object import using the RDC, RIP sync jobs, or Import API where multi-object artifact types contain duplicate records will not throw an error as expected and will link to the associated object. This will be addressed in the next release of RelativityOne in Bluestem 3. Yes
12/7/2018 REL-270591 Reviewer Interface Documents with an Unknown Native Type submit for pre-conversion multiple times instead of logging a single incompatible document alert. Yes
12/7/2018 REL-245659 List Page When a search hit from the document list also exists in an STR the highlight color settings are not respected.  
12/7/2018 REL-214689 ADS When clicking the Show Application Breakdown link on an application, an error stating "Relativity visualization script files could not be loaded." is displayed instead of the expected HTML file with associated item information. Yes
12/7/2018 REL-244652 Reviewer Interface After navigating between pages of an Associative List or Child List, or changing the page size of an Associative List or Child List in the Viewer, information for the next queued document may display in the Associative List or Child List. Yes
12/5/2018 REL-276630 Queue Management If a Data Grid Migration Worker agent is on an agent server that is assigned to more than one Resource Pool, it will ignore one of the Resource Pools causing the Data Grid Text Migration job to fail on one or more workspaces.  
12/4/2018 REL-273688 List Page Item List loading gets noticeably slower in the New UI on Internet Explorer when given Object Type has 1000+ fields, regardless of how many of them are included into the view. Other Item List features impacted by large count of fields are: switching to saved search browser, opening Saved Search or View edit form, selecting condition in the condition panel. The impact to performance is much lower on other Internet browsers. Internet Explorer also tends to fail Item List page rendering after number of loads in the New UI. Performance issues largely depend on a known Microsoft Internet Explorer defect #10186458. Yes
11/30/2018 REL-259530 Search Term Reports Search Term Reports can be created and run on an inactive dtSearch index. Yes
11/30/2018 REL-234236 OCR A long hyphen in a file share path will cause an OCR job to fail. Yes
11/30/2018 REL-232087 Reviewer Interface When viewing the Document List while in the Reviewer Interface, HTML enabled fields display as plain text. Yes
12/10/2018 REL-266384 Production Sets SQL timeouts may occur when a large Production Set is deleted during active review hours. Yes
11/26/2018 REL-267772 ARM A fix and a workflow for the potentially affected application installs while restoring ARM'd workspaces are now available. Please visit the Relativity Community site for information. Yes
11/8/2018 REL-270419 Structured Analytics   No
11/23/2018 REL-264703 List Page Operator "is logged in user" is not available in History object type View conditions for User Name field. Also only textual operators are allowed in a condition for User Name field. No
11/23/2018 REL-264836 Searching Filtering in a nested saved search selection popup might get unresponsive when the action is repeated in different workspaces within same user session. Page should be reloaded using Ctrl+F5 to workaround the issue. No
11/22/2018 REL-243394 RDO Framework Drop-down field values cannot be selected using keyboard only in a Batch Set form when drop-down contains no type-ahead filter. Yes
11/21/2018 REL-271670 List Page Fixed length text field values that contain leading white spaces cannot be filtered in ingrid filter when filter type is list. Yes
11/21/2018 REL-267183 List Page Is some cases view loading via Favorites/Recents list results in a display of previously loaded view instead of one that is captured in a Recent link caption. Yes
11/21/2018 REL-246630 Summary Reports Execution of Summary Reports times out after 5 minutes. Yes
11/21/2018 REL-213349 List Page Dashboard object permissions are ignored when Relativity is used i a user group preview mode. Yes
11/20/2018 REL-261787 RPC When attempting to create a searchable PDF from any document with a mix of extracted text and OCR text, the resultant PDF that is supposed to be searchable will not include the text derived from the OCR. Yes
11/20/2018 REL-270091 Assisted Review When Full Population in a Classification index occurs while a Prioritized or Coverage Review is in progress it is possible for reviewers to run out of documents to review until Population completes. No
11/20/2018 REL-270096 Assisted Review If you perform a Full Population and then Update Ranks right after an Active Learning Project is complete (meaning an Elusion Test results are accepted/rejected) you will not receive any ranks. The CSR-rank fields will be empty. No
11/19/2018 REL-271989 Agents The Case Statistics Manager can run pass the off-hours window before starting its collection of billing data. This can trigger the Lockout Alert and after 7 days, trigger a lockout. The off-hours window can be extending to allow for the manager to comple Yes
11/16/2018 REL-266381 Markup Sets   Yes
11/16/2018 REL-269786 Audit When exporting audit data from the History tab, the selected rows from the History tab returns a empty file in Excel. Yes
11/13/2018 REL-272220 Imaging A security patch by Microsoft Office will no longer show EPS files for Office 2010, 2013, 2016, and all future versions. There is a registry change that can allow insertion of EPS images which will get converted to WMF/EMF, but existing documents with EPS files will still not work. This issue is not dependent on Relativity version, it depends on Microsoft Office path version. For more information, please visit Microsoft Support.  
11/13/2018 REL-266859 Errors The Document Error Notes field is not open to association and therefore cannot be added to views on other objects (including Documents). No
11/13/2018 REL-271291 Relativity Desktop Client Exporting a production to PDF that is over 9 pages with no 0 padding results in incorrect sorting in the PDF. If zero padding is used then it is sorted correctly. Yes
11/9/2018 REL-270225 Resource Servers In rare circumstances web server CPU usage can increase while converting document images with an extremely large number of pages. Yes
11/7/2018 REL-120269 Processing Sets If the time zone on a Processing Data Source does not match the time zone on the Worker server, a job level error may occur during Publish. The workaround to this issue is to change the Worker's time zone to match the Processing Data Source, usually UTC for both. No
11/6/2018 REL-243824 RPC When attempting to create a searchable PDF from any document with a mix of extracted text and OCR text, the resultant PDF that is supposed to be searchable will not include the text derived from the OCR. Yes
11/5/2018 REL-268388 Reviewer Interface When the HideDownloadNativeFileRadioButton instance setting is True the Prevent Native Download value is not respected and native file download can still occur when clicking the file icon. Yes
11/2/2018 REL-240268 Processing Sets When an empty container or an empty folder is submitted for Inventory, the set will be placed into an Agent Error state. No
11/2/2018 REL-266587 Production Sets Exporting a production through the Relativity Desktop Client will fail when more than one Multi-Object field is associated with the Production Information Object. Yes
10/26/2018 REL-223656 Processing Sets Natives do not account for the time zone of an email's Sent Date when MHT is chosen as the email output method. No
10/26/2018 REL-222682 Processing Sets Extracted Text does not account for the time zone of an email's Sent Date when MHT is chosen as the email output method. Yes
10/25/2018 REL-258459 ARM When performing an ARM Archive job on a workspace with a Lucene Search index, high memory consumption from the Archive of the index can cause the job to fail. Yes
10/24/2018 REL-250369 Imaging The Print/Save As PDF mass action will fail when used inside of a workspace containing a thousand or more productions. Yes
10/24/2018 REL-253312

Hold Admin

Legal Hold does not delete an associated project reminder when a Project is deleted. Yes
10/24/2018 REL-237760 Infrastructure Legal Hold pulls over all existing projects when creating a new workspace from a template. Yes
10/24/2018 REL-259356 List Page The (Saved Search) condition cannot be modified in existing saved searches. The workaround to this issue is to remove (Saved Search) condition and re-add it. Yes
10/23/2018 REL-249915 Audit Audits migrating to Elasticsearch can fail migration due to differences in the XML formatting between new audits migrating and records that already exist in your Elasticsearch cluster. Yes
10/23/2018 REL-266035 Active Learning Copying a classification categorization set causes jobs on the original categorization set to fail with the message "An analytics index can be associated to only one categorization set in SVM." Yes
10/23/2018 REL-254702 Searching Running a Saved Search on a dtSearch index that was re-built within 10 minutes of the original dtSearch index will result in an error being thrown for your Saved Search. A workaround for this scenario is to wait 10 minutes for the cache to clear and your Saved Search will return the correct results. Yes
10/23/2018 REL-266194 Infrastructure When Processing Excel files, some negative numbers, fractions, scientific numbers, currency, date times, and phone numbers can be incorrect if formatted in certain ways. No
10/22/2018 REL-255988 RDO Framework Object Types with File Fields cannot be deleted. Yes
10/19/2018 REL-254811 OCR Running OCR sets on Windows Server 2016 may crash at times. Yes
10/16/2018 REL-261314 Infrastructure Date fields are not sorting properly on the Processing Administrations tabs in Internet Explorer. Other browsers can be used as a work around. No
10/15/2018 REL-262375 Infrastructure The Change Priority prompt on the Processing Administration and the Worker Manager Queue pages contains inaccurate verbiage. No
10/15/2018 REL-263532 Processing Sets The DocumentArtifactID field is not populated on the Document Errors object. Yes
10/11/2018 REL-262545 Relativity Desktop Client Exporting a production with the RDC in version results in blank values for the Production::ProductionSet field in the load file. As a workaround, you can populate the set name in a different field and then export that field in the production dat. Yes
10/11/2018 REL-210807 Integration Points Currently, when exporting a production with document level bates numbers and more than 10 pages, the opticon file sorts the image files incorrectly. Yes
10/10/2018 REL-243397 Searching A workaround to this issue is to use the following two conditions, in parenthesis and connected by an OR, in place of the ‘greater than or equal to’ operator: ([field] is greater than [value] OR [field] is [value]). Yes
10/4/2018 REL-261279 Integration Points Note that this version of Relativity Integration Points - - is not FIPS compliant and currently uses SHA1Managed algorithm. Yes
10/3/2018 REL-257902 Summary Reports Summary report might produce incorrect results when it is grouped by User field, and workspace contains users imported using ARM.  
10/3/2018 REL-255420 List Page Navigation out of Documents tab while saved search is loading causes subsequent Documents tab loads to fail. You must re-login to get Documents tab working. Yes
10/1/2018 REL-246322 Searching The precision of datetime data is not 100% accurate for dates before the year 1924 in the item list filtering. The earlier the date the bigger the deviation can be observed. In case of date fields (as opposed to datetime), filter conditions will result in 1 day difference for filter values that are displayed vs. applied. No
10/5/2018 REL-259561      
  REL-114390 Document Browsers This issue occurs when you drag and drop folders under different parent folders. If you don't wait for the move to complete and continue moving other folders, errors may occur and the folder move may be incomplete. Yes
1/16/2017 REL-120310 Productions Production fails and goes to an error status it, when it is running and a workspace is upgrading. Yes
1/18/2017 REL-120740 Structured Analytics In a DataGrid enabled workspace, Structured Analytics sets and Conceptual Analytics indexes treat documents that have failed to properly import extracted text into DataGrid as empty during the analysis and building of an index. Yes
3/15/2017 REL-129776 Searching In the classic UI framework, when a user creates a saved search in a view that has sort set, an error occurs. Yes
5/4/2015 REL-28482 Reviewer Interface Text redactions with no text cause production errors. Yes
3/16/2015 REL-26832 Imaging When you run a large imaging job while using a storage system with folder limitations, that imaging job has the potential to fail due to folder creation errors generated for every document that the system tried to image. In addition, the folders are orphaned if you cancel the imaging job or if it fails, which then requires manual deletion. Yes
7/26/2018 REL-243169 Production Sets Unicode is not supported in the Custom Production Placeholder. Yes
7/17/2018 REL-240224 Mass Operations Export to File will fail on Processing Errors when the ArtifactID is in the view. Yes
5/23/2018 REL-226642 Extensibility Points Using the Untyped Layer with StrictMode false, Relativity Services API will give you a cast error in the following cases: No
4/18/2018 REL-217851 Reviewer Interface The Date Last Modified field is showing on the email header in the ActiveX viewer. This does not show in the HTML viewer. No
3/30/2018 REL-211802 Structured Analytics Email Threading may error out or hang in rare instances where email headers are malformed due to either missing components or damaged extracted text. Yes
3/30/2018 REL-211900 RDO Framework History object view cannot be saved when condition for User Name field is defined. Yes
3/7/2018 REL-205859 List Page Fields with isVisible flag set to false cannot be used in View conditions for static Object Types (e.g. Review Batches). Yes
2/26/2018 REL-203317 Lists Item List display is corrupted when it contains HTML enabled long text field, and the value in that field is truncated in the middle of HTML tag. Yes
1/29/2018 REL-196799 Reviewer Interface In the ActiveX viewer only, thumbnails are not functioning and show caution icons, as well as logging an error in the Errors tab. No
1/29/2018 REL-194719 Reviewer Interface Sometimes, Copy from Previous shows as copying one document behind the document that it should be copying coding values from. No
1/12/2018 REL-192823 Relativity Scripts & Utilities Reviewer Statistics can incorrectly display user activity time when running the script in a workspace with the Audit application installed. Yes
4/21/2014 REL-19295 Production Sets Secured Production Restrictions are hidden from non-system admin from the Workspace details tab. No
1/15/2018 REL-193127 Integration Points RIP job status is not updating for cases when first job fails with the status "Error - job failed" and user retries errors with the option "Retry Errors". Despite job continues and finishes successfully. Yes
1/16/2018 REL-193400 Mass Operations A user must have the Edit Mass Operation Permission to use Save as PDF from the Related Items Pane No
12/19/2017 REL-189028 List Page There is an issue where Saved Search sorting settings are not respected when an unsaved Saved Search is executed. The issue is not applicable when the Search is executed in combination with Save (Save and Search or Save As and Search). Yes
12/12/2017 REL-187637 Structured Analytics The blue line denoting boundaries of item groups in Documents List Threading View is not displayed when the list displays more than 100 items per page. Data itself is loaded correctly. Applicable to the New UI only. Yes
11/28/2017 REL-184504 Integration Points RIP unable to overlay images when Document ControlNumber does not contains "_" e.g. DocumentNameDocumentNumber_INDEX_GUID. Yes
11/16/2018 REL-182349 Relativity Desktop Client The RDC doesn't recognize the "DefaultDocumentLimit" instance setting, which means it can import documents above the set limit. No
11/28/2017 REL-184075 List Page User Status related permissions (Tab Visibility: Workspace Admin - User Status; Other Settings: Admin Operations - View User Status) are not respected in the New UI. Non System Administrators having User Status permissions cannot open User Status tab. Yes
11/14/2017 REL-181586 Mass Operations Save as PDF removes non-alphanumeric characters from the resulting PDF file name. No
11/10/2017 REL-180872 Mass Operations Save as PDF cutting off top of some documents Yes
9/22/2017 REL-168599 Keyboard Shortcuts When navigating within the Image viewer-mode, there is an issue with the Alt + Page Up and Alt + Page Down keyboard shortcuts where the next document is skipped. Yes
10/9/2017 REL-171985 Integration Points RIP may have issues when restored from ARMed workspace due to missing credentials to FTP or Federated instance. When trying to run an integration point with that missing credential, an error is displayed: "Failed to submit integration job. Unable to run the transfer job. Please check Error tab for more details". An error is also added to the Error tab: "Integration point secret store configuration is missing. Please try to edit integration point configuration and re-enter credentials. Yes
8/14/2017 REL-159681 Mass Operations Export to file sort may be incorrect if the rank column is present. No
8/14/2017 REL-159773 Mass Operations If a saved search has an analytics index condition and the rank field is returned, this column may be blank when exporting to file. To resolve, add the condition to the filter panel. No
7/28/2017 REL-156298 Mass Operations Navigating away from the list page after Save as PDF request has started may cause the status indicator to fail. No
6/20/2017 REL-148497 Production Sets Users are unable to edit custom text placeholders in Safari. No
4/6/2017 REL-134011 Infrastructure Running an uninstallation of the Invariant Handler component results in falsely reporting success on the log file and does not delete the lock.write.install file from the worker network fileshare and the handlers folder is removed from the fileshare. No
9/27/2018 REL-259121 Active Learning When all documents in Elusion Test have been reviewed, the button is labeled "Complete Review" where it should say "View Results". Clicking the Complete Review button will bring up Elusion Test modal. No
9/25/2018 REL-195849 Imaging If a user sets the maximum pages imaged per file value to 5 (for example), and image a 10-page document, the document will error out with a message. Yes
9/25/2018 REL-254667 Active Learning If the Active Learning project is in a completed state (i.e., it has an accepted elusion test) and you are on the Review Statistics tab, clicking the link to re-open the project won't open the accept/complete modal. You need to click the link from Project Yes
9/25/2018 REL-258117 List Page Top 10 choices are displayed in the item list multi-choice column. Remaining choices (if any) are replaced with ellipsis. Filtering is not affected by this issue. Yes
9/17/2018 REL-250870 Installation A workspace upgrade will fail if an apostrophe is in the Production name. The workaround for this issue is to rename the Production and the Save Search view criteria that has the apostrophe in the name. Yes
9/14/2018 REL-167598 Integration Points The load file provider in Relativity Integration Points currently only supports the Document object. Any attempt to load into a different object (ex: Custodian or Entity) will result in an invalid column error upon import due to the identifier field limitation. As a workaround, the RDC can be used in such situations. No
9/12/2018 REL-232429 Extensibility Points Note that using integrated authentication with the ImportAPI will result in an authentication error. As a workaround utilizing a username/password. Yes
9/12/2018 REL-245060 Reviewer Interface When the user clicks cancel on the coding panel, but then clicks edit to continue to make coding decisions on the same document, makes a coding decision, and then clicks "Save and Next," the subsequent coding panel displays the "Copy from Previous" button. No
9/12/2018 REL-201297 Relativity Desktop Client When the user does an update-import / overlay of documents via the RDC, and no document field of type long-text is updated/overlaid, and the details field of the audit that results from such an import is greater than 4000 characters, the value in the details field will get truncated past the 4000 character mark. Yes
9/12/2018 REL-254344 List Page Item list remains at the same scroll level instead of scrolling to the top after page navigation actions. Yes
9/12/2018 REL-248866 List Page View conditions are not applied when the view is loaded for the very first time. The easiest workaround is to refresh the page. Yes
9/12/2018 REL-251445 Searching If the following steps are taken on the document list page: Select a view with conditions that filters the universe of documents in your workspace. Refresh the page (via F5), or navigate away and come back to the documents tab. Select the All (#) option for mass operations and select edit. You will notice that the edit pop-up window will indicate that the mass operation will occur on the entire document universe instead of the expected subset (#) of documents.
In addition, if the following steps are taken on the document list page: Select a view with conditions that filters the universe of documents in your workspace. Refresh the page (via F5), or navigate away and come back to the documents tab. Change the number of documents per page (e.g. 25 per page changed to 100 per page). You will notice that the view conditions will be discarded and you will be viewing more documents than expected.
Note that to avoid this behavior you will need to execute the mass operation action as soon as you select the filtered view or choose not to change the number of documents per page to retain the view conditions.
8/10/2018 REL-246574 Active Learning If a suppressed duplicate document is coded outside the project, it will be double counted as a positive coded/negative coded document and a suppressed duplicate. This will affect the histogram suppressed duplicate count and the documents remaining count Yes
9/11/2018 REL-254465 Extensibility Points Note that the following version of the RDC - - is not FIPS compliant and currently uses SHA1Managed hashing. Yes
9/10/2018 REL-253075 Production Sets   No
9/7/2018 REL-250507 Active Learning

When many documents are reviewed concurrently, multiple Prioritized Review to Document Choice Fields could be created. Work around to fix issue:

1. Clear the <project>:: Prioritized Review fields values.

2. Delete all choices for the <project>:: Prioritized Review Field

3. Code one document inside the prioritized review DRQ.

9/7/2018 REL-254011 Admin Operations Environment Level user login and workspace script does not output users who access workspaces which are ARM'd into the environment. No
9/7/2018 REL-253576 Active Learning In Active Learning, if the Elusion Test is paused and started again, the 'Start Date' column will display a new Start Date. The Start Date will be the date and time when Elusion Test was restarted instead of the original Start Date. Yes
9/7/2018 REL-195921 List Page Navigation within document browsers (folders, saved searches, fields, clusters trees) is not stored in recent links list and it cannot be favorited. Direct links to specific tree nodes are not supported. Yes
9/6/2018 REL-252956 Assisted Review (RAR) "Assisted Review upgraded" Assisted Review Audits are not created on Sample Based Assisted Review projects when workspaces with Assisted Review installed are upgraded. When these workspaces are upgraded an error is created in the errors tab per workspace. Yes
8/28/2018 REL-117470 RDO Framework Deleting a production set may fail if the production information object type has item level security applied. Yes
8/28/2018 REL-250005 Active Learning When upgrading an Active Learning project from Relativity 9.5 to the Relativity June update the upgrade will fail with: "The given key was not present in the dictionary". Please visit the Relativity Community site for workaround steps to resolve. Yes
8/28/2018 REL-248353 Active Learning When upgrading an Active Learning Project with a paused Prioritized Review Queue from Relativity 9.5 to 9.6 the project will display all documents as manually coded until the Prioritized Review is started again. Yes
6/21/2018 REL-35026 Processing The Worker Status tab is inaccessible when one worker gets into a bad state even though the rest of the workers are active and running jobs. As a workaround, remote into each worker to determine the problem worker and to fix it. The tab will then be available. Yes
6/21/2018 REL-35258 New UI Framework The Pivot On Results Returned field is not initialized properly in the Pivot Settings modal. Yes
6/21/2018 REL-28816 Processing Sets Unable to locate processing errors for specific documents. Yes
6/21/2018 REL-28482 Reviewer Interface Text redactions with no text cause production errors. Yes
4/20/2018 REL-218439 List Page The clear folder selection possibility is missing in the Saved Search Select Folder modal in the new UI. No
6/21/2018 REL-179870 Reviewer Interface When using Save as PDF from the viewer or Mass Save as PDF on images which are just slightly larger than a standard page size, a small amount of content on the right margin of the image may not make it into the PDF. Yes
8/29/2018 REL-178359 Production Sets Deleting a production set may fail if the production information object has item level security applied. No
6/21/2018 REL-175468 Reviewer Interface Even though TreatHtmlAndXmlAsText is set to true, the Viewer was displaying HTML for .eml document. This is now fixed. Yes
6/21/2018 REL-170222 Reviewer Interface For some PDF documents with embedded images, text on the document was overlapping and distorted. This is now fixed. Yes
6/21/2018 REL-145964 Structured Analytics In Email Threading, the last email in a branch is now always marked as inclusive. Yes
6/21/2018 REL-134922 List Page The session timeout warning dialog is not suppressed if the user performs actions within one Tab in the New UI. User needs to change tab at least once per session timeout in order to keep the session alive. Yes
6/21/2018 REL-124434 Processing Sets dtSearch duplicates header data in each row when extracting text from CSV files. Yes
6/21/2018 REL-121721 Reviewer Interface An issue where some PDF pages were inaccurately converted as blank pages in the Viewer is now resolved. Yes
6/21/2018 REL-121366 Integration Points In some cases, the Auto Map button in Relativity Integration Points may incorrectly map fields for the Relativity provider. You can fix any fields that appear to be incorrectly mapped by manually removing and re-mapping the fields. Yes
  REL-114390 Document Browsers This issue occurs when you drag and drop folders under different parent folders. If you don't wait for the move to complete and continue moving other folders, errors may occur and the folder move may be incomplete.  
6/20/2018 REL-114562 Analytics In Relativity 9.2, the Analytics index gets stuck at 99% at the enabling queries step. However, the index is actually enabled when this happens. Restarting the service on the Analytics server resolves the issue. Yes
12/8/2016 REL-103228 Analytics A Relativity 9.4 defect resulted in an Analytics Server not automatically becoming activated. Yes
6/21/2018 REL-114785 RPC In the Relativity Processing Console, if a newly created data store has the same name as a deleted data store, previous jobs associated with the deleted data store can be viewed through the new data store. No
6/21/2018 REL-116883 Reviewer Interface Sometimes, MSG files will show less metadata in the HTML5 viewer than the native file. For example, the To field and Recurrence information could be missing. Yes
6/21/2018 REL-116966 Audit The Audit Details page doesn't specify the conversion type when the action name is Conversion Complete. No
6/21/2018 REL-117234 Production Sets Long free text headers or footers may overlap Yes
5/18/2018 REL-210106 Reviewer Interface Highlights can be seen through redactions on Transcripts. No
8/24/2018 REL-26649 Imaging When an Imaging job is canceled it may still take up resources on the worker servers. Yes
8/16/2018 REL-244618 Errors   No
8/21/2018 REL-246647 Relativity Desktop Client When the date/time in a load file is in the following formats: 2014-11-28T17:45:39.744+08:00 06:44:02+00:00 The date field will be imported and displayed in the workspace according to the local time zone of the workstation that the load file is being imported from. All other supported date/time formats will maintain the date/time as it is in the load file.  No
8/10/2018 REL-245399 Persistent Highlight Sets Complex Searches with DT & Regular Expressions return document hits, but the terms are not showing & highlighting on document. No
8/23/2018 REL-249870 Reviewer Interface   Yes
8/13/2018 REL-246073 Metrics ASP.NET does not play nice with ambient context patterns (ExecutionContext/CallContext/AsyncLocal/etc).  
8/20/2018 REL-244129 Reviewer Interface The Conversion Complete Agent is disabled after tenant provisioning because Conversion Service topics don't exist until the Configure Conversion job is run. No
3/3/2016 REL-34423 Document Browsers Vertical scrolling of a tree control without using the mouse wheel (by dragging cursor) is difficult as the scroll bar is actionable in a narrow space in the New UI Framework. Yes
11/23/2015 REL-32696 Document Browsers Saved Search condition editing results in error when a Chrome browser is used in Classic UI and the condition targets more than 175 Batches. Other browsers, like Internet Explorer, have no such issue and could be used as workaround to this situation. No
5/4/2015 REL-28482 Reviewer Interface Producing documents with text redactions that don't contains text causes the production to fail. Yes
11/26/2014 REL-24927 Admin Operations When users are added or removed from groups that belong to a large number of workspaces, those workspaces are locked until the transaction completes. Yes
3/21/2018 REL-209436 Navigation When successfully installing an application in the Application Library, the Quick Navigation box will disappear. Navigating through any tab in Relativity will resolve the issue and the Quick Navigation box will reappear. No
9/27/2017 REL-169512 Infrastructure Relativity workers can fail during Processing if OCR is used due to a lock on the Nuance.EXE. There are several NuanceLS.exe processes that run on the machine, and ending these processes allows the worker to come back online. Yes
3/7/2017 REL-150955 Processing When discovering a processing set with multiple data sources that point to the same problematic file, this should typically result in an accurate number of document-level errors, however there is logic within Invariant code that will ignore throwing the accurate number of errors. Therefore, when resolving all errors associated with this processing set, the user is still left with missing metadata and text for the files associated with the missing errors. You will have published documents with missing metadata and extracted text with no indication that they are missing data. Yes
3/4/2017 REL-132852 Relativity Desktop Client If you have a field on the Document object named 'Order', you will receive an error in the Relativity Desktop Client when attempting to import an image load file. Yes
2/28/2017 REL-127351 Productions The document viewer may take a long time to load particular documents, and it sometimes doesn't load them at all. The criteria for the these documents depend on the system resources available. In general, this issue may occur when a document is associated with a very large production. Yes
11/30/2016 REL-115705 Processing When documents that have been processed using Relativity are exported and the File Name source field is mapped, the file name includes the full file path instead of just the file name. Yes
  DAQ569 Imaging Basic and Native Imaging errors occur when imaging some dBase III files.  
12/23/2015 DAV172 Processing-Discovery If the following EML headers are missing an @ character, the metadata associated with those fields will not be detected. This issue only applies to multi-part EML files. Affected EML Headers include: To, From, CC, Return-Path, Sender, Reply-To, Resent-To/CC/BCC, Resent-From, and BCC. Yes
2/8/2016 DAV852 Viewer Cannot Save As PDF a Native that is password protected, even if the password is in the bank. No
2/10/2016 DAV926 UI Framework When loading a view in the new UI, if the user does not have access to a field that is included in the view, the item list will not load and they will receive a permission error. Yes
  DAW017 UI Framework FIL is not loaded in CHROME when Forti Client 5.4 is running.  
  DAW417 Viewer Certain fast navigation and/or high-latency issues may occasionally result in a bad page state in the viewer window. An error message is displayed, which prevents integrity or other saving issues from occurring. As per the error message, clicking on the link to refresh the page will successfully display the desired document.  
3/4/2016 DAW480 Data Grid If you have a set of documents without text set to store text in Data Grid, overlaying data into another field on those documents causes the text to map incorrectly in Data Grid. If you then try to overlay text into the documents, Data Grid uses the text of one document as text for all of the documents. No
  DAW627 Viewer If a term within a persistent highlight set contains a special character (*) at the end of the term, the special character receives no highlight.  
2/21/2018 REL-126189 Relativity Scripts & Utilities The Populate Parent ID and Child ID script doesn't currently use the reflective Bates fields. You must copy the Bates values to the legacy fields. No
8/15/2016 DAM338 Processing Processing with inline images disabled will still process the inline images in certain situations.PowerPoint versions before 2007 and Word, Excel, and Power PowerPoint versions in versions after 2007 are affected. No
8/15/2016 DAN398 Processing The file size summary report is incorrectly showing 0GB data processed in certain situations. No
6/21/2018 DAN808 Viewer - HTML Oracle viewer adding black boxes on document. No
9/13/2016 DAN883 Preview Security When previewing security as a group that doesn't have permission to print production images, the print production image option is available when mass printing. No
  DAO213 Viewer - ActiveX Removing large amounts of redactions are not being removed from the redaction table. No
  DAO474 DBMT When a case is migrated using DBMT and not all users are explicitly mapped in the new environment, the "View User's Personal Items" functionality will sometimes show an artifact id instead of the user's name. No
3/6/2015 DAO477 Imaging When an Imaging job is cancelled it may still take up resources on the worker servers. The architecture caused a communication loss between Relativity and Invariant, which resulted in stability issues. Yes
3/20/2015 DAO873 Productions In some scenarios when using the "Use Same Numbers" option running a production, the progress indicator is not updated until the production is completed. Yes
3/24/2015 DAO965 Upgrade When search term report names are over 75 characters, it can prevent the viewer upgrade from completing successfully. Yes
3/26/2015 DAP107 Save as PDF Save as PDF can fail for some file types in a Relativity environment with both conversion only workers and native imaging workers. Yes
2/4/2015 DAP344 Persistent Highlight Sets The Persistent Highlighting pane collapses after viewing image native file. No
4/14/2015 DAP845 Mass Operations When mass editing a multi-choice in 9.1 I start with typical filled box, but once I change it, only selected and deselected are options.  Yes
4/20/2015 DAQ006 Imaging When applying a new Processing license, the additionally licensed Worker servers will not stay licensed for Processing until the jobs in the queue are finished. Yes
4/22/2015 DAQ091 Productions When viewing imported production images, the blue Loading circle displays briefly then the window just displays the empty viewer frame (mode buttons, zoom, layout, etc) with no document inside. Yes
4/24/2015 DAQ198 Viewer - HTML When loading very large images (for instance excel files with more than 1000 pages), in some instances the browser hangs displaying the previous image and is unresponsive until the image is loaded. No
4/27/2015 DAQ220 Quick Search Adding a condition within a list of documents on the folder name field using an "Is" condition will throw an exception. Note that this does not occur in Saved Searches. No
4/28/2015 DAQ262 Preview Security When previewing security as a group that doesn't have access to the dictionary in dtSearch, dictionary access is incorrectly available. No
4/29/2015 DAQ317 OCR Profiles In Internet Explorer when "English US" is not set as the default language you cannot save OCR or Image Profiles. Yes
5/4/2015 DAQ413 Redactions Text redactions with no text break productions. Yes
5/4/2015 DAQ423 Viewer - HTML Some Bloomberg Messaging MSG files will cause overlapping text when the number of recipients is very large. No
5/8/2015 DAQ546 Analytics When the File Icon column (to open the standalone viewer) or the Security column are included in a Document view, these columns are not displayed on the Document item list in Cluster Visualization. Yes
5/11/2015 DAQ561 Save as PDF Save as PDF can fail for files with special characters in their name, specifically #. Yes
5/11/2015 DAQ568 Imaging Native Imaging errors occur when imaging multiple ICS files at the same time. Yes
  DAQ569 Imaging Basic and Native Imaging errors occur when imaging some dBase III files.  
5/11/2015 DAQ609 Processing Very large CAD files converted to PDF have problem with imaging and the loading into the HTML5 Viewer. Yes
5/20/2015 DAQ669 DBMT When using DBMT to migrate a case from 8.2 to a 9.2 multi-tenancy environment, an exception is thrown in some situations. No
5/20/2015 DAQ740 Viewer - ActiveX Thumbnail Viewer often doesn’t generate thumbnails for multi-page documents correctly in certain situations. No
5/27/2015 DAQ751 Processing During extraction, password protected duplicates only throw one error per group instead of one for each duplicate. Yes
5/28/2015 DAQ775 Relativity Desktop Client Publishing from the RDC fails when extracted text is stored in Data Grid. Yes
1/1/2015 DAQ800 Viewer - ActiveX Viewer flashes several times for many of the documents in ActiveX viewer. No
1/3/2015 DAQ814 Imaging Imaging may fail in certain scenarios when using field codes mapped to some system fields. Yes
1/3/2015 DAQ828 Viewer - ActiveX and HTML Persistent highlights may not show up on PDF files. Related defects: DAM855, DAN971, DAO354, DAQ676. No
  DAQ882 Viewer - ActiveX The arrows in the Related Items pane do not select the next document.  
1/18/2015 DAR099 Viewer - HTML PDF documents render as garbage text. Note: This is an Oracle issue. No
1/1/2015 DAR264 Viewer - HTML Save as PDF disregards the Time Zone settings made in the layout. Yes
7/21/2015 DAR568 Viewer - HTML PDF documents may appear with asterisks over the text in the document. Yes
8/21/2015 DAR840 Viewer - HTML When opening documents with a large number of images, scrolling to the end of the document causes the viewer to lockup. Other issues include blurry images and missing redactions.  
8/25/2015 DAS198 Viewer - HTML When using Chrome, downloading a native file with a comma in the file name won't download. This action works fine in IE with both the ActiveX and HTML viewer. Yes
1/16/2016 DAV371 Processing - Text extraction When discovering Excel files that contain text boxes, Relativity processing doesn't extract text from Smart Art. Yes
1/16/2016 DAV372 Processing - Text extraction When discovering Excel files that contain text boxes, if there is a carriage return in the text inside a text box, then Relativity processing concatenates that text on a single line. Yes
1/16/2016 DAV375 Processing - Text extraction When discovering Excel files that contain text boxes, Relativity processing doesn't extract auto-generated numbers from text boxes. Yes
1/16/2016 DAV377 Processing - Text extraction When discovering Word and Excel files, Relativity processing doesn't extract chart titles or legend text. Yes
1/16/2016 DAV378 Processing - Text extraction When discovering Word files that contain text boxes, Relativity processing extracts the text from linked text boxes twice, which leads to duplicate text being displayed in Relativity. Yes
3/10/2016 DAW627 Viewer If a term within a persistent highlight set contains a special character (*) at the end of the term, the special character receives no highlight. Yes
10/31/2014 DAM338 Processing Processing with inline images disabled will still process the inline images in certain situations. Power Point versions before 2007 and Word, Excel, and Power PowerPoint versions in versions after 2007 are affected. No
8/13/2018 REL-244885 Processing Sets In rare cases, corrupt email data may cause a Relativity Processing Job Error during the control number generation phase of Publish: "Error occurred when attempting to connect to Relativity." As a workaround, you can unmap the domain fields (e.g., "Email/DomainParsedBCC", "Email/DomainParsedCC", etc.) before retrying the error. Yes
8/10/2018 REL-245224 List Page Dashboard and widgets cannot be exported when dashboard contains widgets based on Pivot Profile.


8/8/2018 REL-208845 Imaging You will not be able to edit the Native Default Imaging Profile


8/8/2018 REL-245202 Searching Saved search displays documents and families after refresh if +Family is set in the Documents browser, even when saved search was not created to pull back families. Yes
8/8/2018 REL-233977 Batching The batch data source dropdown in the Batch Set form can display up to 10,000 saved searches. Yes
8/6/2018 REL-239660 List Page Long words do not break into multiple lines in the Item List cells. You need to widen column to get full content visible. Yes
8/2/2018 REL-239180 Persistent Highlight Sets   No
8/2/2018 REL-243469 Reviewer Interface When first loading either the Standalone or the Undocked Viewer, the persistent highlight tree does not load and the highlights in the document do not render. Upon subsequent navigations, the Standalone and Undocked Viewer fails to load. Yes
8/2/2018 REL-243480 Reviewer Interface   No
7/26/2018 REL-242786 Assisted Review (RAR) Assisted Review Projects incorrectly require the Assisted Review Manager agent to reside on an Agent Server in the Workspace's Resource Pool. No
7/25/2018 REL-239809 List Page Condition card with many sub-conditions is created when you filter on multiple date data points in line chart. The issue is applicable only when chart data is grouped in weekly or bi-weekly ranges. Yes
7/18/2018 REL-230100 Search Ad-hoc searches may return different results than Saved Searches on relative date fields (e.g. Last 7 Days) when you are not in the same timezone as your Relativity instance. Yes
7/17/2018 REL-239971 Mass Operations Save as PDF documents are left in the cache unless the email download link is clicked. No
7/17/2018 REL-238244 Active Learning If active learning fails to place prioritized review documents sent over from CAAT into the DRQ due to a deadlock, these documents could not be served up again in the review queue. The deadlock is logged to the Relativity error logs. Yes
7/17/2018 REL-226087 Mass Operations A user cannot perform a mass operation "export to file" when the Client column is part of the Users view.


7/13/2018 REL-194658 Production Sets Selecting TIFF for the placeholder image format in a production set results in a TIFF with DPI of 96. The JPEG option results in 300 DPI which matches the DPI value of the source TIFF used to create the placeholder. Yes
7/13/2018 REL-237105 Active Learning When conducting an elusion test during an active learning project, some statistics will be incorrect if the project has the "suppress duplicate documents" setting enabled. In this scenario, the elusion rate and eluded document count statistics are understated. The margin of error may also be understated, especially for small projects. A fix and a workflow to identify potentially affected documents are now available. Please visit the Relativity Community site for information . Yes
7/11/2018 REL-220530 Relativity Desktop Client When importing with the Relativity Desktop client a warning message will display for overlay identifier fields that are not contained in a full text catalog. This message can be ignored. Yes
7/10/2018 REL-236404 Active Learning Any mass process that exceeds 10 minutes will trigger an error message on the UI only, back-end process continues unaffected. No
7/7/2018 REL-237918 Active Learning When the active learning project group is removed from the workspace, reviewers can still be added but clicking the Start Review button results in an error toast and no documents being available for review. Re-adding the group to the workspace doesn't resolve, please contact support to resolve the issue or create a new project. No
6/28/2018 REL-235825 Active Learning The data on the Manually-Selected statistics list page in an Active Learning Project is not ordered by Date Submitted. Yes
6/25/2018 REL-207970 Search Term Reports When selecting 'Include Relational Group' to build a Search Term Report, relational groups with more than 20 characters can cause the Search Term Report display to overlap over the count of results. Yes
6/25/2018 REL-227581 Audit Sampling is not supported functionality with the Audit application. While the icon is available, applying sampling does not return any results. Yes
6/18/2018 REL-232855 Integration Points Yes
6/14/2018 REL-164689 Processing Sets When processing emails with image attachments using the "When extracting children, do not extract: Email inline images" option selected, Relativity was incorrectly reading the email properties to determine if an image was inline or attached. This can affect the number of children processed and published into Relativity. Yes
6/8/2018 REL-230538 RDO Framework Relativity Dynamic Object Types cannot be deleted. Yes
6/8/2018 REL-228775 Persistent Highlight Sets When navigating between highlights, the active highlight text gets highlighted in a light purple color instead of blue. Yes
6/6/2018 REL-225777 Reviewer Interface When viewing a Control Set document within a Sample-Based Learning project the viewer will generate an error if the document is in the Document List view. You must return to the Document List and choose a view that contains all the documents in the Workspace to view the document without the error. Yes
6/1/2018 REL-163305 Field Mapping When processing Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents saved in post-2007 format (e.g., .docx, .xlsx, etc.), extended/application-specific metadata is not extracted. This type of metadata includes fields such as "HiddenSlides," "Company," and "Notes," as well as others. Yes
5/31/2018 REL-227138 Conceptual Analytics When performing keyword expansion from the document viewer, selecting too much text will result in an error. No
5/30/2018 REL-225711 Processing Sets When dtSearch is selected as the text extraction method for DRM-protected Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files, extracted text will contain an error message rather than the actual extracted text. This applies only to files saved in pre-2007 format (e.g., .doc, .xls, etc.). No
5/24/2018 REL-218125 Reviewer Interface   Yes
5/24/2018 REL-200462 Security When using Preview Security, if you exit preview mode while in the Document Viewer Relativity will throw an error. You must return to the Document List before you exit in order to exit without an error being thrown.


5/22/2018 REL-225998 Reviewer Interface Applying Item Level Security at the folder level then the document inside that folder will disable the ability to utilize the "Replace Document Native" and "Upload Images" feature. Yes
5/21/2018 REL-224239 Reviewer Interface When converting images in Relativity, the converted images may be associated with incorrect documents. The behavior may result in a missing page, an extra page from a different conversion request, a page replaced by a page from a different conversion request, or a portion of a page replaced by another portion of a different conversion request. The native mode of the viewer is not affected.This issue only occurs when multiple image conversion requests are processed simultaneously created by the same conversion agent, and this scenario is extremely rare. Yes
5/17/2018 REL-220433 Resource Pools Copying a Resource Pool multiples times does not consistently create the resource pool-specific topics in Service Bus Explorer. This causes documents in the copied resource pool to not complete conversion, resulting in a spinner when trying to view the document. Yes
5/16/2018 REL-222050 Extensibility Points When a customer is running Relativity with Windows Server 2016 and IIS10, some browsers (Firefox and Safari as of now) will try to use HTTP2. This causes errors with switching workspaces and filtering. The workaround is to disable HTTP2 on the Windows 2016 Servers Yes
5/15/2018 REL-223553 Production Sets The saved search created when a production set is run is not deleted when the production set is deleted. No
5/10/2018 REL-209241 Production Sets When a Production Delete job fails there is no way to retry the job. The job remains in the production set queue in an error status. No
5/10/2018 REL-223163 Infrastructure Textbox filtering on the Worker monitoring and Processing history tabs are currently limited and users will be unable to use the textbox filter search examples found here. No
5/8/2018 REL-221722 Review Populate Parent and Child ID script requires the default All Productions view to exist. No
5/7/2018 REL-206591 Reviewer Interface Messages that get stuck in the Conversion Complete agent can cause a delay in viewing files that have not been converted yet. Yes
5/7/2018 REL-219369 Mass Operations System administrator is unable to delete search folders with private searches inside. A user will need to view another user's personal items to complete the deletion. No
5/3/2018 REL-221521 Production Sets When using a dynamic custom placeholders with tokens, the user may receive a branding error message: Branding job did not complete, please check errors tab for any Branding Manager errors. This will error a small random amount of images for a given production. The production will be in a state where it cannot be easily rerun. Yes
5/2/2018 REL-221230 Conceptual Analytics It could be the case that when retrying failed Active Learning jobs, extraneous SVM Categorization Set can be submitted to the cat. set job queue (EDDS.EDDSDBO.[AnalyticsCategorizationSetQueue] RunType = 0). This can cause other cat. sets to become starved for agents. The fix is to clear out all but one extraneous sync jobs for the cat. set in question. Yes
5/2/2018 REL-221161 Active Learning When an Active Learning Update Ranks job fails mid batch, it could be the case that Retry will fail with a foreign key exception. The resolution for this is to clear the failed job from the queue (EDDS.EDDSDBO.AnalyticsCategorizationSetQueue RunType=3) and submit a new update ranks job through the Active Learning front end. Yes
5/1/2018 REL-219231 Active Learning The remaining documents count on a elusion test review will display the incorrect number of documents remaining if reviewers are currently reviewing documents. It counts documents in the 'Reviewing' status incorrectly . However the green button to view elusion test results will still perform correctly and only be shown when there are truly are no documents remaining for review. Yes
4/30/2018 REL-210594 Infrastructure If an Invariant Worker or Invariant Queue Manager machine name is greater than 15 characters, Relativity Processing or Imaging will not work. No
4/26/2018 REL-219807 Reviewer Interface In Firefox version 56+, the Copy from Previous function is greyed out. When you code a document using the layout where Copy from Previous is enabled and click Save and Next, the next document will show the Copy from Previous button greyed out Yes
4/19/2018 REL-201698 Audit When installing the Audit application, a post installation error is thrown due to a missing Admin Workspace choice with the Audit Manager agent. Yes
4/19/2018 REL-214572 Reviewer Interface There are issues regarding degraded performance of the viewer when persistent highlighting sets are enabled. This includes locking up the browser for the MHT, MSG, and XLSX file types. This is more likely to occur when a large amount of terms are in the set. Yes
4/18/2018 REL-122507 Processing Sets When processing read receipt emails with HTML bodies, Workers with Office 2010 will become inactive. This is not an issue with Office 2013. No
4/18/2018 REL-217602 Integration Points During RIP job processing state "items transferred" count displayed on the job status page may fluctuate and show a number that do not match actual records transferred. Same when the job finishes with statuses other than "Complete" i.e. "Stopped", "Error - job failed" RIP may present the wrong calculation of the "items transferred". Yes
4/18/2018 REL-197364 Conceptual Analytics Unlike conceptual index, there is no warning when populating a classification index with an empty searchable set. If a classification index is populated with an empty searchable set, it will report as active with 0 documents. No
4/17/2018 REL-212635 Integration Points RIP is failing when Resource Pool is changed for the workspace. RIP has no proper folder structure under that new location to import/export documents (it is created with RIP installation only). Workaround: Go to that new fileshare location and create necessary folder structure \Data Transfer\Export and \Data Transfer\Import. Yes
4/17/2018 REL-215676 Active Learning When viewing the elusion test results for an Active Learning project, if the document ranks were recently updated, the user will not have the option to update ranks when clicking the Complete Project button, even if the responsive cutoff of the elusion test differs from the existing ranks. Workaround: Manually update the document ranks after completing the project. Yes
4/12/2018 REL-112126 Processing Sets Relativity Processing may run into memory issues during Inventory and Discovery due to EnCase files that contain a significant number of files. As a workaround, the files will have to be extracted and processed individually. Yes
4/12/2018 REL-213564 Integration Points RIP workspace to workspace export job may fail on cross-referencing process in case of large number of documents in the source workspace. This bug impacts all versions before May-9.6 release Yes
4/12/2018 REL-214717 Integration Points RIP workspace to workspace export job may fail on cross-referencing process in case of large number of documents in the source workspace. This bug impacts all versions before May-9.6 release Yes
4/12/2018 REL-213799 Integration Points In RIP exporting to a Load File with renaming of the column names in the Load File does not have an effect. To correct that issue there is a need to enable a following code toggle: kCura.IntegrationPoints.Core.Toggles. UseOldExportVolumeManagerToggle That change has no effect on other functionalities. Please contact support for details. Yes
4/11/2018 REL-181133 Relativity Desktop Client RDC has issue with importing to the Custom Object with Append option. The workaround is to use the Append/Overlay option instead. Yes
4/9/2018 REL-211930 Persistent Highlight Sets The viewer does not support highlighting of number formatted cells in spreadsheets. Yes
4/4/2018 REL-209501 Search When performing an Lucene search on a Data Grid enabled long-text field, search terms using more than one space in between terms result in an error, "The query has errored." As a workaround, please remove the space in between terms or perform your Lucene search as an Index Search. No
4/2/2018 REL-208151 Security Groups with the edit security permission must also have edit permissions on Group at the EDDS Level to secure fields or objects. No
3/16/18 MOBI-3555 Infrastructure In Relativity Mobile, the user may experience a false error stating that the current document failed to convert after the document appears in the document viewer. Selecting the 'Try Again' button in the error banner should result in the document appearing. If after retrying, the error remains, it is a valid error and the admin should be notified. Yes
3/16/2018 REL-206325 Active Learning If a manually selected document is coded, subsequently the coding decision is removed from the document, the Document Rank Distribution counts the manually selected document as ‘Skipped’. This is a defect, these documents should be ‘Not Reviewed’ documents. Yes
3/1/2018 REL-203163 Active Learning Resetting AutoBuild to true upon cancelling an Elusion Test can fail. Yes
2/27/2018 REL-200813 Audit The Data Grid Audit Manager agent does not support usernames containing Unicode characters. Relativity users containing Unicode characters will cause the agent to fail each time the agent checks in to produce choice fields in the Audit application. Yes
2/27/2018 REL-194929 Mass Operations Tally Sum Average operation will time out on over 3 million documents. Yes
2/23/2018 REL-187213 Reviewer Interface In newer versions of .NET it may be required to add SchUseStrongCrypto registry keys where the ActiveX viewer is installed, and only TLS 1.2 traffic is allowed to the Relativity web server, in order for the ActiveX viewer to function. TLS 1.2 security settings have been added back as .NET 4.6.2 does not account for this. Yes
2/23/2018 REL-142868 Mass Operations Mass Save As PDF with OutsideIn version 2018.1 will no longer remove text from certain PDF natives. Yes
2/23/2018 REL-183182 Mass Operations Single and Mass Save as PDF for MSG files may fail with certain embedded fonts. Yes
2/23/2018 REL-193590 Reviewer Interface Documents could end up stalled in the conversion queue because item list preconversion jobs are not checking the MaximumNativeSizeForViewerInBytes instance setting before submitting jobs. Additionally, Unknown File Types could fail to convert and then triggermultiple retry jobs. Yes
2/23/2018 REL-199683 Reviewer Interface Sometimes, when you first start a new login, access a case, and access a document, you will get retry conversion messages. After retry, the document viewer works fine for the duration of the session. Yes
2/22/2018 REL-202974 Reviewer Interface Sometimes, conversion-related audits are displayed under the wrong username for documents in the HTML5 viewer that are not cached. Yes
2/21/2018 REL-201519 Relativity Desktop Client Error retrieved from server (e.g. when unable to append because document identifier already exists) are not displayed on the Summary tab - but they should be. Errors are shown on the Error tab - this is ok. Message box with question about exporting errors is displayed - this is also ok. No
2/20/2018 REL-197481 Relativity Scripts & Utilities The Reviewer Statistics script does not support SQL Server versions earlier than 2016. This is due to an unsupported 'IF EXISTS DELETE' statement. Please ensure your workspace is on SQL Server 2016 or use Reviewer Statistics v11 as an alternative solution. Yes
2/20/2018 REL-197051 Audit When the 'Downtime threshold (minutes)' option in the Reviewer Statistics script is left blank, an error is thrown when running the script in a workspace with Audit installed. As a workaround, please specify the 'Downtime threshold (minutes). When left blank, the default is 15 minutes. Yes
2/20/2018 REL-199457 Active Learning Elusion test review statistics # of Eluded Documents does not display the coded positive and coded negative counts for the individual elusion test. Yes
2/19/2018 REL-196566 Pivot When filter is applied from a Pivot, filter cards are not automatically removed from Filter Panel when Pivot Widget is removed from a dashboard. Workaround is to remove filter cards manually. Yes
2/14/2018 REL-193575 Reviewer Interface When you search in a document, you will find the first hit and the last hit, but not any in between. Yes
2/14/2018 REL-192744 Reviewer Interface When you view PowerPoint files in the HTML5 viewer, if speaker notes are hidden, the HTML viewer becomes unresponsive. Yes
2/13/2018 REL-200589 Active Learning Active Learning Projects statistics do not update when coded documents are removed from the search used by the project's Analytics Index. Yes
2/13/2018 REL-200587 Active Learning Documents that have been coded by reviewers and then deleted from Active Learning projects are marked as skipped documents in the Project Statistics. Yes
2/9/2018 REL-200169 Active Learning In instances with many active learning projects sharing an agent server, active learning projects could experience lags with review queue access becoming enabled and reporting updating. Yes
2/8/2018 REL-162970 Yes
2/7/2018 REL-174103 Review Running a Search Term Report with the 'Report Only' option can incorrectly return a status of 'Completed with Errors' while no actual errors are thrown. As a workaround, select the 'Report and Tag' option to see the correct status return for your Search Term Report. Yes
2/7/2018 REL-197313 Infrastructure When attempting to process Office files created in older versions of Office, a potential error can occur due to File Blocker on the processing worker of Office programs. As a workaround, you can disable File Blocker in the Office Trust Center for all Office applications. Refer this Microsoft Support Page for more information. Yes
2/7/2018 REL-32488 Processing Sets When processing attachments or children that are a large number of levels deep, a publish error can occur if the Control Number exceeds the length set on the field depending on the numbering options set on the Processing Profile. No
2/6/2018 REL-32947 Processing Sets When processing spreadsheets using native text extraction, percentages as decimals will be rounded to the nearest whole number in the extracted text. As a workaround, use dtSearch for Excel Text Extraction. No
2/6/2018 REL-32815 Processing Sets When processing spreadsheets using native text extraction, content of cells that contain line breaks will be concatenated within the extracted text. As a result, search results may not be returned as expected. As a workaround, use dtSearch for Excel Text Extraction. No
2/3/2018 REL-198383 Active Learning Active Learning project layout may require a browser cache clear to function correctly after upgrading. Yes
2/1/2018 REL-196827 Active Learning The Prioritized Review Progress Chart is incorrectly not displayed if the Prioritized Review has been stopped. Yes
1/31/2018 REL-191108 Audit When uninstalling the Audit application from a workspace, an exception is thrown due to a dependency on the Audit object type. This exception causes the uninstall to fail. Yes
1/31/2018 REL-197336 Active Learning

Given an existing Active Learning project where documents have been coded, if that project is deleted and the underlying classification index is used for a subsequent Active Learning project which uses a different Review Field, then upon loading the new project:

1) The histogram will show information that reflects the Review Field of the original project.

2) The elusion test will be available to start even though reviewers will not be able to review any elusion test documents .

These issues are resolved as soon as enough documents are coded on the new Review Field for the Analytics Engine to rebuild the underlying model (at least 5 positive and negative examples).

1/31/2018 REL-188289 Infrastructure The DryRun validation will not work when going from a version below to a version after The validation will not work and certain folders and files in processing databases may be deleted. No
1/26/2018 REL-194174 Reviewer Interface A rare event occurs where duplicate images (more than one image per page), are displayed in the HTML5 viewer. Annotations can be drawn on either the page viewed by the reviewer or on the duplicate depending on whether the reviewer was using the HTML5 viewer or the ActiveX viewer. Yes
1/26/2018 REL-196338 Reviewer Interface The viewer search box does not allow you to find the next term after finding it once. It will find the first instance in which it appears, but when you select the right arrow again, it will not change to the next instance of that term even though it exists. This only happens in the viewer, the extracted text viewer works fine. You can go backwards using the left facing arrow, it is only the right facing arrow that does not work. Yes
1/26/2018 REL-194221 Active Learning Active Learning releases prior to 2018 Feb-R1 may fail to show project notifications when the underlying Categorization Set sync job is in error or missing. Yes
1/26/2018 REL-196308 Integration Points Issue with simultaneous run of jobs across different workspaces. Whenever someone runs Export to Load File and then, while being on the same user, on another workspace run another Export to Load File, one of them will not start. User will receive "Failed to submit integration job. Unable to run the transfer job. Please check Error tab for more details" error message and job will not start. No
1/25/2018 REL-177522 Processing Sets Smart Art within MSGs will not be extracted as child documents using Relativity Processing. No
1/25/2018 REL-177419 Audit Audit Timestamp view filter ignores hours and minutes which includes more results than the filter intended to apply. Yes
1/25/2018 REL-190860 Audit Applying a Workspace Name filter with another filter will return varying results if the filter is applied before or after another condition. Results should be the same regardless of the order of the filters applied with this field. Yes
1/25/2018 REL-194218 ARM Using ARM Archive on a workspace with the DataGridEndPoint instance setting not set causes the job to fail regardless if there is a Lucene Search index available in the workspace. A workaround is to set the DataGridEndPoint to the same instance setting as the AuditDataGridEndPoint and retry the ARM Archive job. Yes
1/25/2018 REL-178371 Audit The Audit Manager agent regularly updated all choices for filtering in the Audit application, which impacted performance for searching audit records. Yes
1/25/2018 REL-194364 Relativity Desktop Client When using the RDC with multiple instances (with various WebServiceURL) and updating the RDC to 9.6, but still with the WebAPI link set to Relativity with 9.5 version the RDC will not continue nor allow to change WebServiceURL. Workaround is to update WebServiceURL entry in Windows registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\kCura\Relativity No
1/25/2018 REL-194994 Audit Applying a View Condition with the Last 7 Days filter results in the time stamp widget and list with one extra day of data. Yes
1/24/2018 REL-195836 Active Learning

When the following occurs:

1) A document is skipped in an Elusion Test review

2) The Elusion Test review is canceled or rejected

3) The document is subsequently coded as a part of another review in the same project, such as another Elusion Test.

The Project Statistics on the Active Learning will still count that document as one of the skipped documents in the project.

1/23/2018 REL-194204 Conceptual Analytics To secure an analytics index from being used in searches. You must permission the index via the Search Indexes tab. The permissions applied via the Analytics Index tab will not apply. The default Search Index view does not show Analytics Indexes. A workaround is to create a new view so Analytics Indexes are visible. Then item-level permissions can be applied. Yes
1/22/2018 REL-194676 Reviewer Interface Rarely, when you view in the HTML5 Image Viewer for the first time, or when the user draws a redaction on an image in the Image Viewer that never had a redaction before, a 0x0 redaction is created. You can reach out to Support for a script that will identify any documents/image pages affected by this rare problem. Yes
1/22/2018 REL-184021 Reviewer Interface In the legacy transcript viewer, when you draw a redaction, it could appear on the next document in the review queue. If you delete this redaction, it will be removed from the previous document as well. Yes
1/18/2018 REL-194567 Structured Analytics Existing Structured Analytics Sets will fail during analysis after upgrade due to a silent failure in a post-install event handler on the Analytics application. Yes
1/17/2018 REL-194160 RDO Framework

After you activate the User & Group Operations feature, Relativity continues to use the legacy functionality to delete users and groups rather than the new optimized distributed job process. As a workaround, you can use the following steps to delete users or groups when you many workspaces in your Relativity instance:

To delete a group, remove the group from all the workspaces and then delete the group.

To delete a user, remove the user from all the groups it is in and then delete the user.

1/16/2018 REL-193577 Reviewer Interface An error occurs when attempting to view a document in the HTML5 viewer if the [AuditRecord] table is partitioned across several tables. Contact Client Services to resolve the problem. Yes
1/11/2018 REL-190274 Reviewer Interface We discovered an issue where OnPrem clients were receiving GetViewerContentKeyAsync errors after upgrading to the December 2017 release. The recommended workaround is to change the Instance Setting NumberOfRelatedDocumentsToPreconvert to 0. Yes
1/10/2018 REL-142699 RDO Framework If the name of the system field, Extracted Text, is edited, Relativity Processing will not publish Extracted Text into Relativity for documents. No
12/21/2017 REL-18179 Search Term Reports Applying a Search Term Report as a condition on a search will allow the individual terms to be used as a condition for that search. When the Available in Field Tree option is set to 'No', terms used for all Search Term Reports will be displayed. This can be problematic when selecting the conditions for workspaces with multiple Search Term Reports with many terms applied. As a workaround, update the Filter Type to 'Popup' and select the STR for the Popup Picker View option. To find this option, navigate to the Fields tab in your workspace and Edit the STR in the List Properties section. Selecting the Popup Picker filter will resolve the issue when trying to select a specific term associated with the STR. No
12/21/2017 REL-141836 Audit When clicking on the search condition applied in the List Condition section of Relativity, Filter Card modals will not show the search condition that is already applied. To keep the same condition and add/remove new conditions, apply the same filters as before and make any changes to reflect the new search condition. No
12/21/2017 REL-187111 Relativity Desktop Client When user tries to stop RDC then this error can appear with the following message: "Error accessing the bcp share. Please contact your system administrator with the following details: Error accessing BCP Path, could be caused by network connectivity issues: A serious error has occurred attempting to transfer files over HTTP." Yes
12/18/2017 REL-186923 Assisted Review (RAR) When Assisted Review jobs are running on multiple agents, race conditions between the jobs may occur causing errors. Yes
12/18/2017 REL-187785 Active Learning Categorization Sets are sporadically not deleted when Active Learning Projects are deleted. Yes
12/18/2017 REL-184302 Conceptual Analytics A categorization set associated with an Active Learning project can be deleted without a dependency warning which will leave the project in an usable state. Yes
12/18/2017 REL-184140 Conceptual Analytics A Classification Index associated with an Active Learning project can be deleted which will leave the project in a not usable state. Yes
12/18/2017 REL-180798 Conceptual Analytics When filtering the Project Reviewers field on the Document object, reviewers from other Active Learning projects will appear in the filtering options. No
12/18/2017 REL-188615 Active Learning A lot of Active Learning activity in an instance can result in SVM categorization set agent timeouts trying to obtain a lock on the categorization set. The errors will result in Active Learning project notification errors. The error can be resolved from the notification area on the Active Learning project. To help alleviate the errors the Active Learning Manager agent's interval can be set to 60 seconds. Yes
12/15/2017 REL-188561 Conceptual Analytics If there are any workspaces being upgraded in an environment that have index jobs, Conceptual and Classification index population will fail in already upgraded workspaces. The error message indicates that the workspace is not finished upgrading. The index status is Population Failed. Yes
12/15/2017 REL-188696 Conceptual Analytics When Relativity updates ranks in a Classification-backed index, the document's categorization could be linked to both positive and negative categories if that categorization changed as part of the update process. This is because the Categories field, which is always a multi-object field, is not being properly cleared out. The CSR field is not affected by this issue because in a categorization set backed by a Classification index it is always a single object field. Yes
12/15/2017 REL-188491 Reviewer Interface Some text documents render Chinese characters as illegible in the viewer, even though they appear correctly in the Extracted Text viewer. Yes
12/15/2017 REL-185456 Reviewer Interface If you access any document with the show/hide document list currently showing the coded field in the view and you click Save and Next, the field showing in the document list does not reflect the coding value that was applied until you refresh the page (F5). No
12/13/2017 REL-185574 Audit The Audit application looks for a specific index naming pattern to read to the UI (i,e, audit_audit_eddsXXXXXX). Any index with special naming will run into an error being thrown from the UI with the Audit application. Yes
12/13/2017 REL-186510 Relativity Scripts & Utilities Related to the change in where the File Share choice has been converted to a File Share Resource Server object, Relativity does not cleanup and remove FileLocation as a ChoiceType preventing ARM from restoring workspaces. Yes
12/13/2017 REL-184570 Active Learning In some situations, a document coded in an Active Learning project will temporarily show as Skipped in summary stats. After 1-2 minutes, it will update to the correct coding designation. Yes
12/8/2017 REL-154572 Reviewer Interface Sometimes, the viewer is only showing parts of a PDF as the rest is covered with black boxes. Yes
12/6/2017 REL-185724 Conceptual Analytics SvmIndex search fails when an itemId contains apostrophe, like: {code}child-000044!/Bill's template.doc.txt{code} Yes
12/1/2017 REL-183141 Reviewer Interface When navigating document to document in the viewer, persistent highlights are sporadically failing to load. Yes
12/1/2017 REL-158963 Integration Points Ad blocker prevents the RIP job summary page from loading. The solution is to turn off the ad blocker for that page. Yes
11/22/2017 REL-141966 Reviewer Interface An issue rendering rich text formatting in the Viewer is now resolved. Yes
11/22/2017 REL-154186 Reviewer Interface An issue rendering blueprint documents is now resolved in the HTML5 viewer. Yes
11/22/2017 REL-166329 Reviewer Interface An issue where some Word documents were displaying yellow blocks when hidden text was present in the Viewer is now resolved. Yes
11/22/2017 REL-169035 Reviewer Interface An issue where bullet points were being rendered incorrectly in the HTML5 viewer is now resolved. Yes
11/22/2017 REL-169248 Reviewer Interface Some file encodings were not supported by the Viewer default HTML character encoding, this default was changed to UTF-8 to address this. Yes
11/22/2017 REL-169308 Reviewer Interface Viewer mode for some scanned OCR PDF documents with handwriting was showing the wrong information. Yes
11/22/2017 REL-183287 Structured Analytics Existing textual near duplicate values will not be overwritten or removed for emails when performing a run where both Email Threading and Textual Near Duplicate operations are selected with the "update all documents" and "do not repopulate text" settings are selected. Yes
11/22/2017 REL-144362 Audit The widgets and list view in the Audit application displays audit records in UTC time instead of local time in the Timestamp field. Yes
11/21/2017 REL-147381 Audit Users opening the Full Details in the Audit application will see the scroll bar scrolled to the bottom rather than starting at the top of the window. Yes
11/21/2017 REL-29767 Search Term Reports Users exporting their Search Term Report to PDF containing Chinese characters may encounter display issues with the terms provided for the report. A known workaround is to export the report as RTF rather than PDF. No
11/16/2017 REL-181485 Infrastructure .NET has a MAX_PATH restriction of 260 characters. Yes
11/14/2017 REL-169512 Infrastructure NuanceLS.exe process is getting stuck and locking worker threads. Yes
11/7/2017 REL-161188 Keyboard Shortcuts When using the ActiveX viewer in IE, you are unable to see the keyboard shortcut icon, and any keyboard shortcuts that have been created do not work. Yes
11/3/2017 REL-160279 Resource Servers When creating a workspace, and selecting a default file repository, part of the name of the file repository is truncated, so you may not know which file repository is which. Yes
11/3/2017 REL-173557 Processing Sets When processing Binary formatted Excel and Word files (e.g. .XLS or .DOC), inline images will not be extracted as children when the Processing Profile option, Extract Children, is set to Yes. No
11/3/2017 REL-171633 Field Mapping When processing XML formatted Office documents from Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Visio (e.g. .XLSX, .DOCX, .PPTX, .VSDX), extended metadata is not detected. No
11/2/2017 REL-177026 Infrastructure When doing a new install of Invariant on a server with SQL Server 2012, the install will fail due to unsupported syntax. As a workaround, install Relativity version | Invariant version before upgrading to a Relativity version 9.5.309.48 | Invariant version 4.5.306.12 or higher. Yes
11/1/2017 REL-173422 Imaging When imaging an MHT, MHTM, or MHTML file that has been imported, the resulting images will be formatted differently than the native. Yes
10/31/2017 REL-19130 Processing Sets Relativity may experience timeout errors when processing excel files with macros. No
10/31/2017 REL-147879 RDO Framework The ability to edit or delete choices using the manage option when working on IE was not executing any action. We are now supporting IE compatibility and users can now edit and/or delete choices. Yes
10/30/2017 REL-152203 Productions Production Sets with commas or exclamation points in the name return zero results when running the search. The workaround is to exclude these characters when creating the Production Set. Users can also resolve Production Sets that already include these characters with the following steps: updating the Production Name in the EDDSDBO.Production, EDDSDBO.ProductionInformation tables for the affected workspace, and editing the search condition to the updated Production Name without the comma or exclamation point. No
10/26/2017 REL-175439 Audit Name field is not supported. No
10/26/2017 REL-168921 Audit Users who recently installed the Audit application to a workspace may encounter errors in the Audit UI and the Document History panel if the audits have yet been migrated into Data Grid. Yes
10/26/2017 REL-168437 Audit In the Audit application, the fixed length text filter for the operators: IS, IS NOT, IS LIKE, IS NOT LIKE throw a "400 BAD REQUEST" error when applied. Yes
10/26/2017 REL-169357 Search AOAG (Always On Availability Groups) in a distributed SQL environment does not allow you to query tables that have an XML field in them. Yes
10/26/2017 REL-171558 Processing Sets When processing Microsoft Word or Excel documents saved in the pre-2007 format (e.g., .doc or .xls file extensions), or any Microsoft Publisher (e.g. .pub extension) documents, and those documents contain both embedded files and embedded files pasted as links, the linked files and any embedded files after the first link will not be extracted. This only occurs when the option to extract children is enabled. For a full list of Office documents and extraction behavior, please refer to Microsoft Office child extraction. For more information, see Supported file types for processing. Yes
10/26/2017 REL-174009 Productions When a production is staged, the system will not allow a non-admin user to delete a Production Data Source. No
10/26/2017 REL-174686 Structured Analytics Running a Retry Errors on a Structured Analytics Set that had failed during Export, prior to an upgrade could result in a state where the job is unable to progress. This can be remedied by forcefully deleting the CAAT Ingestion connectors for correlating staging area through the CAAT Rest API. No
10/26/2017 REL-167130 Assisted Review (RAR) When Assisted Review Worker agents are created on different agent servers in the same resource pool, it is possible to hit a race condition where the same job is handled by both agents. This causes odd situations for a project where certain things might get processed multiple times and lead to an unusable project. No
10/26/2017 REL-169362 Structured Analytics Structured Analytics Sets will attempt to send emails from a non-existent email address based upon the domain from the email from instance setting. This may cause issues with emails not being sent from Structured Analytics. Yes
10/18/2017 REL-168892 Reviewer Interface Sometimes, when clicking the email link to document button, the tab closes instead of opening your email program to send the link. Clearing your cache & browsing data should resolve the issue. Yes
10/18/2017 REL-108278 Reviewer Interface In the HTML5 viewer, some PDFs start to fill up the cache location with 1KB PNG files until it hits 5 minutes, and then times out without loading the document. Yes
10/18/2017 REL-32618 Reviewer Interface Some PDF documents display garbled text when viewed in the HTML5 viewer. Yes
10/18/2017 REL-122410 Reviewer Interface Some PDF documents are not showing the header and footer in the viewer. It shows in the Image tab after imaging, but not in the viewer itself. Yes
10/18/2017 REL-135947 Reviewer Interface Some PDF documents cannot be converted in the HTML5 viewer. Yes
10/18/2017 REL-154054 Reviewer Interface Some PDF files encounter a timeout or cache error when opening them in the HTML5 viewer. Yes
10/18/2017 REL-26089 Reviewer Interface Some PDF files with tiny embedded images will cause the HTML5 viewer to freeze and/or distort the image. Yes
10/18/2017 REL-28676 Reviewer Interface Sometimes, PDF CAD drawings cause the HTML5 viewer to freeze. Yes
10/18/2017 REL-153853 Security Users are unable to run workspace level scripts even though they have the correct permissions on the workspace. In order to ensure users are able to run their workspace level scripts, the users must be added to a group that has at least view 'Relativity Script' permission on the instance level. Yes
10/18/2017 REL-109848 Relativity Desktop Client If you have a field on the Document object named 'Status', you will receive an error in the Relativity Desktop Client when attempting to import an image load file. Yes
10/17/2017 REL-160572 Conceptual Analytics Currently, when an Index call to the Index Kepler API fails, the index will display a loading spinner and not provide the user an actionable error indication. Yes
10/17/2017 REL-153853 Security Admins can now disable view/run functionality for their relativity users. There is a known defect with this functionality where the permission is conflicting with running scripts within the workspace. In order to ensure users are able to run their workspace level scripts, the users must be added to a group that has at least view 'Relativity Script' permission on the instance level. No
10/10/2017 REL-161142 Reviewer Interface The ActiveX Viewer Installation Kit looks for Visual C++ 2013, and then installs VC2015 if it doesn't find VC2013, even if VC2015 is already installed. Yes
10/10/2017 REL-165269 Reviewer Interface It has been reported that the CPU usage can spike up to 100% on the conversion agent server. Yes
10/10/2017 REL-167102 Audit In the New UI, the History View is currently being sorted by Artifact ID when it is configured to sort list by ID field. Yes
10/10/2017 REL-167549 New UI Framework Currently, it isn't possible to save views under the History tab that contain details or request origination conditions. Yes
10/10/2017 REL-171762 Item List If Processing Set contains errors, Console link Errors direct the user to the Processing Errors tab, but the page does not load. Yes
10/9/2017 REL-170204 Structured Analytics Upon upgrade, all existing Structured Analytics Sets that do not have an Email Threading Prefix assigned are automatically assigned a prefix of F. This could cause issues with thread groups colliding if those sets reference the same relational fields or Copy To Legacy is run on multiple of those sets. Yes
10/9/2017 REL-160892 Conceptual Analytics Removing an index search filter card when the rank field in the item list is currently sorted causes a query error. Yes
10/9/2017 REL-162335 New UI Framework When folder creation is interrupted by clicking on it, the folder data is not loaded in the item list. Yes
10/9/2017 REL-167913 New UI Framework The Index Search condition is currently available for all dynamic Object Types. It leads to filter execution errors if the given Object Type does not have a full text index field. The Index Search condition should be available only for Documents, and hidden for other Object Types. Yes
10/9/2017 REL-167915 New UI Framework History list loading ends up in error for History List views containing no Details column in the New UI. Yes
10/9/2017 REL-168264 New UI Framework Rapid repetitive Index search form submission results in multiple Index Search condition cards in filter panel. Multiple cards have no impact to search results. Redundant Index Search cards will disappear on next page refresh. Yes
10/4/2017 REL-169776 Relativity Scripts & Utilities When running a mass Move to folder path operation (Document Utilities) on a large set of documents (90K+), you may hit a timeout after 30 Seconds. Yes
10/5/2017 REL-170226 Integration Points On RIP Summary page fields Total of Documents and Total of Images count isn't calculated and shows Error occurred. This error happens only when Production Set is used as a collection of documents to be pushed to other workspaces. Yes
10/5/2017 REL-169535 Integration Points Existing Destination Production Sets are not displayed during new Integration Point creation. Yes
9/27/2017 REL-167391 Reviewer Interface When switching markup sets in the standalone viewer in Unsynced mode, redactions on the document displayed in the main viewer also appear on the document displayed in the standalone viewer. Yes
9/27/2017 REL-168628 Reviewer Interface When navigating document to document in the viewer, highlights are sporadically failing to load. Yes
9/27/2017 REL-167332 Reviewer Interface Sometimes, persistent highlighting does not highlight in the email header. It will be shown that there are hits, but they will not highlight. This occurs when using STR Report and Tag. Yes
10/4/2017 REL-145378 Relativity Desktop Client Attempting to export images as PDF or multi-page TIFs throws System.OutOfMemoryException: Out of memory exception and the Newtonsoft.Json.dll will be missing from the C:\Program Files\kCura Corporation\Relativity\EDDS.Distributed\bin directory. Yes
10/4/2017 REL-150795 Support Tools Procuro errors during primary SQL upgrade can occur during a WHERE clause returning multiple rows in the DeleteExtractedTextSizeScript.sql script. Yes
9/22/2017 REL-167341 New UI Framework Index Search form is available in non-Document object lists. Yes
9/22/2017 REL-165317 New UI Framework The paging control in the item list displays "1 / 0" or "1 (of 0)" when the page size is modified for an empty list and the page is reloaded. Yes
9/22/2017 REL-163895 New UI Framework Dashboard Overwrite Inherited Security setting is set to Off when any user saves a given dashboard. Actual modification of the dashboard isn't required for that. Yes
9/22/2017 REL-161794 Reviewer Interface Some documents display HTML code which is present in the HTML5 viewer. Yes
9/22/2017 REL-36630 Reviewer Interface For some email messages, the viewer is displaying incorrectly rendered Unicode characters. It displays correctly in native mode. Yes
9/22/2017 REL-153598 New UI Framework In the Production, Branding and OCR Queues, the Submitted By column filter doesn't refresh past the initial page load, making the filtering suggestions get out of sync if you don't refresh the page. Also, the Item List filtering isn't applied if it is executed with no modifications in the New UI Framework. It results in a situation where you cannot retrieve updated data in the list unless the page is reloaded. Yes
9/20/2017 REL-100897 Reviewer Interface For some MSG files, there is missing metadata (To) in the HTML5 viewer. Yes
9/20/2017 REL-153906 New UI Framework Query hints are not applied to a Saved Search if the search is run without a save in the New UI Framework. If Save and Search action is executed, query hints are applied. Yes
9/20/2017 REL-160131 New UI Framework Queue pages (Branding, Production, OCR, Workspace Upgrade) are stored with static name "Search Index - Admin" in sections of Favorites and Recents in the new UI. The issue is applicable to naming only, as links themselves are correct and navigate the user to her favorite or recently visited page. Yes
9/20/2017 REL-162318 Structured Analytics In the New UI Framework, the Document Viewer isn't fully loaded when you navigate to it from Overturned Documents and the Tab strip is multiplied on every return from Document Viewer back to Overturned Documents List. Yes
9/20/2017 REL-162489 Queue Management In the New UI, the Workspace Upgrade Queue displays an empty application upgrade progress bar if the upgrade fails at the very beginning of the upgrade process. Yes
9/20/2017 REL-163027 New UI Framework Underscore symbol ('_') is treated as wildcard for missing character in a Saved Search filter input box in the New UI Framework instead of being treated as any other simple character. Yes
9/20/2017 REL-165965 New UI Framework Saved Search "Include Subfolders" option is not selected by default in the Scope modal when existing Saved Search is modified. Yes
9/20/2017 REL-116883 Reviewer Interface Sometimes, MSG files will show less metadata in the HTML5 viewer than the native file. For example, the To field and Recurrence information could be missing. Yes
9/20/2017 REL-30346 Reviewer Interface With some Excel files, you will get a conversion error in the viewer. Once you process the files and publish them, the error occurs. The native file in the processing source location opens fine and it images correctly, but the viewer doesn't display the document. Yes
9/20/2017 REL-165423 Productions If the toggle (Relativity.Productions.Domain.Toggles.ProduceOnlyExtractedTextToggle) is on, a production run can stall out and consume memory on the agent server. Yes
9/20/2017 REL-131822 Reviewer Interface Sometimes, PDFs in the viewer and in image viewer will show gray pages. Yes
9/19/2017 REL-160528 New UI Framework In the New UI Framework, related items are applied after the filter results if the filter panel contains at least one nested search with relational items. Yes
9/19/2017 REL-160623 New UI Framework The view selection droplist isn't closed when the initially loaded View is changed, and then selected back again. For example,. if View1 is loaded by default, then is changed to View2, and then changed back to View1, the View selection droplist still remains opened as a result and View2 is displayed as actively selected View. The View itself is loaded correctly after every change, but the presentation in the droplist is misleading. This issue is applicable in the New UI Framework and on Internet Explorer browser only. Yes
9/19/2017 REL-136301 Mass Operations Sometimes, after submitting a Save as PDF job, you will get a loading spinner that continues indefinitely. If you close out and submit the job again, it will complete after a few moments. Yes
9/18/2017 REL-151575 Reviewer Interface Sometimes, on searchable PDFs, when searching a term by typing in the text box, the term is not found. This also means that it doesn't get highlighted. Yes
9/15/2017 REL-150735 Integration Points When importing data with the RDC, if multiple parent choices have identically named child choices, child choices can be created under the wrong parent choice. Yes
9/13/2017 REL-165560 Mass Operations When saving to PDF as searchable, the file size sometimes will increase compared to the original file size. It is possible that PDF size increases can be minimized by imaging them as TIFFs instead of JPEGs Yes
9/12/2017 REL-120876 Reviewer Interface There is a long-standing memory leak in both the HTML5 and ActiveX viewers. Navigating from document to document will continually increase memory usage of the client machine's browser. This happens more frequently in Internet Explorer than in Chrome. If you notice performance degradation, closing the browser and re-opening it will release memory. Yes
9/11/2017 REL-33643 Reviewer Interface When you try to load DWG files in the HTML5 viewer in Internet Explorer, the viewer stalls and doesn't load the files. Yes
9/6/2017 REL-163712 New UI Framework The page loading may freeze in the new UI framework when the RUMEnable instance setting is set to false. Yes
9/6/2017 REL-153819 Extensibility Points The Overwrite Inherited Security setting for dashboards is reset when editing a dashboard. Yes
9/6/2017 REL-162734 Reviewer Interface The MaximumNativeSizeForViewerInBytes value isn't respected when documents are sent through the conversion engine via cache ahead. Yes
9/6/2017 REL-157940 Reviewer Interface When a user first logs in after an upgrade, the second document that is navigated to in the review queue may display a spinner over the viewer content for a long time. This issue may also occur after clearing the cache. Yes
9/5/2017 REL-148691 Pivot In the new UI framework, the Pivot filter doesn't provide results when a condition contains an exclamation mark. In contrast to the classic UI framework, the new UI framework uses the IS condition when the pivot filter is applied. As a workaround, change the condition from IS to IS LIKE when the search term must contain exclamation marks. Yes
8/28/2017 REL-36774 New UI Framework

The RDO Field will not display as a hyperlink for certain field types in the list of objects in the New UI framework when the field is set as Linked = Yes in Field settings. The following field types cannot be linked in the list:

  • Single choice
  • Decimal
  • Currency
  • User
  • Date
  • Yes/No
8/28/17 REL-156539 New UI Framework

Different results are returned by a Saved Search when the search is executed using the Save and Search action vs. just the Search action and the following conditions are in place:

*Given Saved Search contains nested Saved Search, AND

*Nested Saved Search includes +Family items.

When Save and Search action is invoked, the system returns items that match conditions of the main search. When the Search action is invoked, the system returns items that match conditions of the main search plus all Family items. This behavior is applicable to the New UI Framework only.

8/28/2017 REL-157126 Audit Audit users may see time based charts displaying a complexity warning and preventing their data to display. The workaround is to edit the widgets and set the time to group by Month instead of Day. Yes
8/28/2017 REL-126395 Reviewer Interface MSG files with HTML won't display in the HTML viewer, but will display correctly in the ActiveX viewer. Yes
8/28/2017 REL-150633 Processing Sets When publishing Processing Sets in a different order than when the Processing Sets were Discovered, deduplication won't be respected. Yes
8/23/2017 REL-161671 Favorites & Quick-Nav When accessing a workspace with the Favorites and Recent History drop-down, you will see an issue with the case name appearing when entering the workspace. This issue only occurs when the Audit application is installed. A workaround is to leave the workspace and access it again from the Instance level or selecting it from the Quick Navigation menu. Yes
8/22/2017 REL-115744 Mass Operations Some PDFs generated from Save as PDF are getting cut off. Yes
8/21/2017 REL-157940 Reviewer Interface When you first open a document from the document list, you may run into an issue where there is an endless spinner over the viewer content. This is sporadic and will not happen every time. No
8/21/2017 REL-158826 Reviewer Interface You are unable to create a redaction on a JPEG image that has been imported through the RDC. It will appear that the redaction has been drawn, but it will soon disappear from the image. Yes
8/18/2017 REL-160531 Pivot In every pivot chart type, dates in exported .xlsx files are displayed in US format, even when the UK format is selected. No
8/18/2017 REL-160513 Pivot When the UK format is selected in browser, the pivot line chart displays dates in US mm/dd/yyyy format. Yes
8/17/2017 REL-160484 List Page With locales which uses comma as a decimal separator error message is not correct when entered number is in the wrong format. No
8/16/2017 REL-159402 Reviewer Interface The Keyboard Shortcuts Legend and Enable/Disable Keyboard Shortcuts icons are not visible in the ActiveX viewer. As a workaround, you can switch to the HTML5 viewer. No
8/16/2017 REL-158737 Reviewer Interface When you get added to a group that doesn't have local access permission on the document object, attempting to view a document in viewer or image mode results in a 403 Forbidden error. Yes
8/11/2017 REL-158727 Reviewer Interface Placeholder images appear stretched out in the production viewer. Yes
8/7/2017 MOBI-2898 Mobile

When the Object Manager API invokes event handlers (PreSave, PostSave and PreLoad), it sets the ActiveLayout object to null and the Application.ApplicationURL to an empty value. Due to this, event handlers that access these properties may fail causing the Object Manager invocation to fail as well. This issue affects any application using event handlers that reference these properties. At this time, the Relativity Mobile Application is the only one known to use Object Manager, thus, coding on the Relativity Mobile Application will fail where such event handlers exist. This affects Relativity versions from the April 2017 release on.


1. Remove event handlers that access the identified parameters from the instance.

2. Remove applications that utilize such event handlers.

3. Do not use the coding feature in the Relativity Mobile application.

4. Refactor event handlers to not access the identified parameters.

8/11/2017 REL-144698 Processing Sets The processing agent error modal that formally displayed a StackTrace was removed. You are now asked to visit the errors tab to see the StackTrace. No
7/26/2017 REL-150955 Processing When discovering a processing set with multiple data sources that point to the same problematic file, this should typically result in an accurate number of document-level errors, however there is logic within Invariant code that will ignore throwing the accurate number of errors. Therefore, when resolving all errors associated with this processing set, the user is still left with missing metadata and text for the files associated with the missing errors. You will have published documents with missing metadata and extracted text with no indication that they are missing data. Yes
7/31/2017 REL-20057 Searching When you perform a keyword search filter in the classic UI framework, the error message, "Invalid search query - Index and length must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: length" may appear. You can click the clear button or use the new UI framework to resolve the issue. No
7/31/2017 REL-142139 Data Export You can't export widgets and dashboards via XLSX. The identified workaround is exporting via PNG file. No
7/27/2017 REL-155019 Data Import If you're importing into Data Grid using Unicode characters, you may experience their extracted text cut-off due to delimiter issues when importing the file. Yes
7/25/2017 REL-148744 Audit Certain audits previously couldn't migrate due to an incorrect casting. In this case, the specific audit record would never migrate even after retries. Yes
7/21/2017 REL-148353 Metrics If the EDDS.metrics table has more metrics in it than the default count, the metrics will only transmit once and never delete. Yes
7/21/2017 REL-153609 Audit You can't use the is not operator when applying filters in the Audit dashboard. Yes
7/20/2017 REL-143083 Fact Manager After you add 2 lists of the same object type, delete them on the layout, and then try to add them back to the layout again, those lists are not available to add back in. Yes
7/20/2017 REL-145726 Document Browsers In the Classic UI, non-system administrators are not able to Save as Search from the document browser. A recommended workaround is either to switch to the new UI or create a Saved Search from the Saved Search Browser while in Classic Mode. No
7/17/2017 REL-153601 Favorites & Quick-Nav When you are looking in the recent history view in the quick navigation drop-down, you may experience formatting issues around the login method links. Yes
7/17/2017 REL-153062 Searching When performing searches on transform sets, you may run into issues with the pop-up window performing the search. This is due to limitations with Chrome handling 10,000 characters in the URL. A workaround available is to perform the same search with Internet Explorer. No
7/17/2017 REL-152549 Conceptual Analytics Upgrading a pre-8.1 workspace with an Analytics Index may fail if EnableSmartTrain is NULL on the ContentAnalystIndex table. The workaround is to set thevalue to 0. Yes
7/17/2017 REL-151103 Sampling Statistical sampling does not give a warning when sampling from a population less than the SamplingStatisticalPopulationResultsLimit instance setting. No
7/14/2017 REL-102199 Imaging The issue occurs due to a memory leak in the Invariant.OLE.Handler code which causes the call stack to run out of memory. The error manifests itself as an out of space error in the front end, which is misleading. The work around is to retry imaging until it succeeds. Yes
7/14/2017 REL-148535 New UI Framework The mass operation selector incorrectly displays that one item is checked in the New UI Framework when the following conditions are met: the given page contains the pivot widget and the given pivot widget has table display type and the data in given widget is grouped by the field of whole number type. Actual check-boxes are not checked in the item list of the given page. If a mass operation is attempted, it results in error message. Yes
7/13/2017 REL-132112 Infrastructure If the RELATIVITYSQLINSTANCE parameter is not set in the Worker Response File upon installation, process or imaging jobs will no longer work due to EDDSLogging relying on this parameter. No
7/11/2017 REL-150644 Metrics Relativity versions April 9.5 and earlier that still require the Telemetry Host Agent have an issue that causes the usage metrics to remain in queue and not deliver. An available workaround is to delete the Telemetry Host Agent and add the agent back. This should reset the service and allow the metrics to continue sending. Yes
7/11/17 REL-141936 Data Export When you export data using ARM, the log file created reports that 0 files are successfully exported. This log file does not reflect the actual status of the job and can be inaccurate. No
7/10/2017 REL-150953 Field Mapping If publish errors aren't resolved in sequential order, such as if a publish error is resolved on a duplicate document prior to being resolved on the master document, then the DeDuped Path metadata values will be impacted. All Paths and DeDuped Paths fields on the master document will not contain the paths of the duplicate documents. No
7/7/2017 REL-151216 New UI Framework When the is after operator is used while forming a View condition on a date and time type field, the time defaults to 11:59 PM after saving a View. Yes
7/6/2017 MOBI-2803 Document Browsers The Relativity Icon, workspace name and folder detail controls do not function. Yes
7/6/2017 MOBI-2792 Searching Searching within a document shows results for the first 2 pages only. Yes
7/5/2017 REL-128799 Imaging Any email file with HTML formatting that contains conditional comments or emails that contain an outdated, non-supported syntax for bullet points may render differently between the viewer, extracted text, and images. No
7/5/2017 REL-149959 Hold Admin IE for fonts isn't supported. This is due to the non-standard way IE handles certain HTML tags that are used by the HTML Editor. No
7/5/2017 MOBI-2764 Binders The Collation Workspace Template is not compatible with the Binders Web application. This causes Binders User creation to fail. Workaround: Use a different template to build a workspace where the Binders application will be installed. No
7/5/2017 REL-128833 Audit An exception is thrown if you try to use the month of operator in the Audit application. This query option is not supported at this time. No
6/29/2017 REL-148309 OCR Agent servers are failing due to a lock on the Nuance exe from the OCR agent. There are several NuanceLS.exe processes that run on the machine and ending these processes allows the agent manager to come back online. Yes
6/29/2017 REL-149076 Relativity Desktop Client When imaging a TIF document and adding an inverse redaction, the resulting branded image has LZW compression applied rather than Group IV. This image cannot be imported back into Relativity without external conversion tools. Yes
6/27/2017 REL-148670 Conceptual Analytics If you attempt to delete a cluster that has document fields referenced elsewhere, such as a batch set, the visual display of the fields on the cluster child list are incorrectly removed. All other cluster functionality is unaffected. No
6/27/2017 REL-148374 Conceptual Analytics When exporting the beta Dial visualization as a PNG, the entire Dial visualization will be exported regardless of any specific cluster selections. No
6/28/2017 REL-148608 Conceptual Analytics If a cluster set only has one cluster, it doesn't display in the beta Dial visualization. No
6/26/2017 REL-149029 Integration Points An Integration Points job fails when exporting any Data Grid-enabled text fields, which are usually extracted text, to another workspace. If you encounter this issue, contact Client Service for a workaround. No
6/28/2017 REL-148739 Audit When you query on execution time using the |= operator, the filter condition isn't respected on that field. Yes
6/28/2017 REL-147718 Admin Operations The See All Choices link isn't displaying on version Yes
6/23/2017 REL-145636 Infrastructure On a Data Grid enabled workspace, the Data Grid Manager agent logs errors when Elasticsearch isn't configured. Yes
6/23/2017 REL-142593 Audit The Audit Manager agent errors, causing duplicate conditions to appear, when applying conditions to your filters on widgets and views in your audit dashboards. Yes
6/22/2017 REL-141894 Audit You can't import or export Pivot profiles in the Data Grid audit applications. An error will appear notifying the user. No
6/22/2017 REL-144365 New UI Framework Any mass operation of a given object type creates an error in the new UI framework. The error occurs if the action is attempted by a user without permission to read the artifact ID field of that object type. Yes
6/22/2017 REL-148592 Mass Operations If you try to Mass Save as PDF and you do not have View permissions to the Production object (all Productions), you will still see Productions in the Production Order menu but the dialog errors out before you save. Yes
6/22/2017 REL-143550 New UI Framework When a user navigates from one workspace to another using Relativity favorite links, the browser title is not updated with the correct workspace name. The browser displays the name of a previously visited workspace. Yes
6/20/2017 REL-148419 Disclaimers .NET 4.7 is not supported at this time. Deploying it may cause issues in your Relativity environment. Yes
6/20/2017 REL-112218 Relativity Desktop Client When overlaying new production images with the Relativity Desktop Client, old production images are not deleted. The new images are appended as new pages to the end of the document. No
6/20/2017 REL-124780 Searching If a condition value starts with a bracket, the saved search contains condition will result in an error. Yes
6/20/2017 REL-148009 New UI Framework When adding a pivot to a dashboard, if you deselect the private profile in the pivot modal, the Group By limit settings do not disappear. No
6/19/2017 REL-143552 Document Browsers In the new UI, the saved search deletion progress page freezes on a repeated delete action. The first delete action is always completed successfully. The following attempts result in a frozen deletion progress page. Yes
6/16/2017 REL-143057 New UI Framework When the Override Edit Link URL rule is created in the new UI framework, the %artifactid%, %artifactedit%, and %artifactview% variables aren’t filled in with the proper values. This issue causes faulty Edit link behavior in the list of objects when the Override Edit Link URL rule is enabled with these variables. Yes
6/16/2017 REL-146028 Installation The saved search integrity recovery script, which was provided in context of defect REL - 120872, fails for workspaces that have more than 100 levels of nested search folders. The Workspace becomes inaccessible as a result of this failure. Yes
6/14/2017 REL-100593 Reviewer Interface Exceptionally large images (>~100M pixels) sometimes generate an OutOfMemoryException when viewed at low zoom settings. This error isn’t consistent but increases in frequency with the increasing size of the image. If an image fails to load, zoom in and reload the page. Alternatively, you can try using the HTML5 viewer. Increasing the RAM on the workstation won’t resolve this issue. Yes
6/12/2017 REL-146077 Structured Analytics After an upgrade, the relational views for Email Thread Group, Duplicate Spare Group, and Textual Near Duplicate Group only display Control Number and Edit. To display the old fields, you need unlock the application and update the views. Yes
6/12/2017 REL-142462 New UI Framework Saved searches might be lost when saved search folders and searches are moved simultaneously. Most typical scenario that causes data loss occurs when you initiate the move of a large search folder and attempt to move the same items before the previous operation has finished. Relativity prevents such behavior in a context of the same page. However, if you navigate to another tab and return to the search browser, the concurrent actions aren’t prevented. The items lost in this scenario aren’t recoverable. No
6/12/2017 REL-145199 New UI Framework When you open a saved search from an emailed link, navigate to the Folder browser, open a document, and click on Return to document list, you are directed back to the initial saved search instead of to the Folder browser. Yes
6/12/2017 REL-145132 Relativity Desktop Client When attempting to load a .kwx file used in previous versions of Relativity, you receive an error message. If you downgrade the RDC to version, the error doesn’t occur. Yes
6/12/2017 REL-118461 Assisted Review (RAR) You get an estimated overturn range if your searchable set only contains uncategorized documents. No
6/7/2017 REL-145147 Relativity Desktop Client Windows authentication doesn't work correctly with the Relativity Desktop Client. Yes
6/7/2017 REL-141566 Conceptual Analytics When you view nearby clusters in cluster visualization, if the chosen cluster set was created before cluster visualization existed, a long running process executes before the nearby clusters are displayed. The modal that indicates that this action is happening doesn’t currently display, but the cluster is being prepared in the background and you can view the nearby clusters later. No
6/2/2017 MOBI-2634 Mobile You can't save objects with Data Grid enabled fields in the mobile application. At this time, the only workaround for this issue is removing Data Grid enabled fields from the Document object. No
6/3/2017 REL-144058 Conceptual Analytics If a job exists in the EDDS.eddsdbo.AnalyticsIndexProgress or EDDS.eddsdbo.ContentAnalystIndexJob queues that references a workspace that has been soft-deleted, the agent fails until you manually remove the job from the queue via SQL. A soft delete means that the Case Manager agent hasn’t yet run to clean up the workspace and delete the entries from the queue. Yes
5/31/2017 REL-139271 New UI Framework In the new UI framework, a filter applied in a Pivot widget slightly differs from a Pivot filter available in the classic UI framework. The new UI framework utilizes filter panel functionality. If data in a Pivot is based on search conditions that include relational fields, the filter applied in the Pivot first filters documents that are directly responsive to filter, and then adds relational documents. In the classic UI framework, it filters out relational documents that don't meet the filter criteria. In other words, the new UI framework filters and then applies relations, while the classic UI framework applies relations and then filters documents. No
6/3/2017 REL-143958 Integration Points When you export documents to other workspace with the Read From Folder Tree option, no reference is created so that the Relativity Source Workspace and Relativity Source Job fields aren't updated. Yes
6/3/2017 REL-142999 Data Import By default, Lucene search is off with the new file system for Data Grid Text data. The Text Migration application doesn't currently let you migrate your text data from SQL to Data Grid with Lucene search. Yes
6/3/2017 REL-143321 Audit When you sort on an execution time prior to performing an export, the returned file doesn't respect the sort when opening the file. As a workaround, you can use the sort functionality available in the Excel file or CSV. No
5/30/2017 REL-143571 Integration Points When the Integration Point name is longer than 50 characters and option Create Saved Search is enabled by setting it to Yes, the executed job fails. This issue affects only the export provider to Relativity. Yes
5/30/2017 REL-133584 Integration Points You can't move documents when you select the Overlay option. Yes
5/26/2017 REL-120883 New UI Framework In some cases, when a user moves saved searches and search folders without waiting for the first action to complete, the saved searches and search folders disappear from the Saved Search Browser. This actual issue was applicable to the new UI framework, and it was fixed with the delivery of a different defect in the March release. With the fix of this defect, the searches and folders that were affected are recovered and placed in a folder in the saved search tree. Relativity scripts are available to address saved search loss caused by concurrent user actions. To obtain these scripts, contact Client Services. Yes
6/3/2017 REL-142157 Admin Operations The back icon causes random behavior on the arrows to the right of the window. These arrows are used to move choices. Yes
5/26/2017 REL-104907 Infrastructure When you upload an event handler that tries to access a Data Grid enabled field, an exception is raised. No
5/26/2017 REL-135649 Audit The Data Grid Audit Migrator incorrectly reported agent status when splitting sub-batches of audits. Yes
5/26/2017 REL-135690 Search When you add conditions on an index search or the Extracted Text field using a Lucene search, and then compare the returned results from each search, they are inconsistent. Yes
5/26/2017 REL-141524 Reviewer Interface When you are in viewer mode for HTML documents, the document viewer doesn't open Excel files in a zipped file. You see a gray out window instead. To resolve this issue, switch to the ActiveX viewer, which can open the document. No
6/3/2017 REL-142373 Reviewer Interface When you use the ActiveX viewer to display documents and click the Show/Hide Thumbnails button on the viewer toolbar, large documents don't load all thumbnail images. The HTML document viewer works as expected. Yes
5/26/2017 REL-129284 Integration Points In a layout, Data Grid long text fields display an ellipsis after the preview text, even when the text is shorter than the preview length. Yes
6/3/2017 REL-143143 Integration Points In Integration Points, a created saved search contains the wrong conditions and doesn't return documents that were pushed more than once to the same destination workspace. Yes
6/3/2017 REL-142906 Integration Points When you edit an integration point, the create saved search option isn't retained. Yes
5/26/2017 REL-141138 Productions Occasional branding errors may occur, especially with very large productions. The errors include the following exception: "kCura.Data.RowDataGateway.ReadFailedException: Read Failed." You can successfully rerun the errored production batches. Yes
5/26/2017 REL-139691 New UI Framework Long words without spaces overflow the dashboard associated with the locked applications modal. No
5/26/2017 REL-140149 New UI Framework In the new UI framework, multiple object fields aren't currently available in view conditions. Yes
5/26/2017 REL-140609 New UI Framework In the new UI framework, you can't sort search results by other fields, when an index search condition is initially run with the Sort by Rank option. Yes
5/26/2017 REL-140750 New UI Framework Filtering doesn't work correctly with multi-select fields that have an AND operator and the All function. It returns all values as if using the OR operator. No
5/26/2017 REL-140721 Structured Analytics Running multiple concurrent Structured Analytics sets on the same workspace occasionally causes a set to fail during the import process. No
5/23/2017 REL-142340 Relativity Scripts & Utilities When using the Collect Folder Path Data application on larger data sets, you may encounter a timeout error. No
5/23/2017 REL-142345 Reviewer Interface In some cases, you may experience Conversion Agent connectivity issues. If you restart the kCura Agent Manager service on each server, the agents pick up jobs that are queued. No
5/19/2017 REL-136377 New UI Framework Pivot returns incorrect results when you filter on conditions that are linked to related documents. Pivot and the document list return different results. Yes
6/3/2017 REL-140220 Mass Operations An error occurs when you execute a mass Save as PDF operation with produced images, and the Save as Single PDF since the job never finishes. The Save as Individual PDFs In A Zip functions correctly. No
5/17/2017 REL-128743 Reviewer Interface When you use the viewer with documents that have a large amount of text, the performance for navigating the hit highlight search box is slow. As a workaround, use the ActiveX viewer. Yes
5/16/2017 REL-140766 Reviewer Interface When you produce a document with small (~30 pixels) text redactions, the text isn't visible on the production image. No
5/16/2017 REL-98777 Reviewer Interface You may experience issues converting RTF files in the viewer. Yes
5/9/2017 REL-139510 Reviewer Interface You may experience errors in the viewer due to the cache location file being used by another process. When you retry loading a document, the error doesn't occur. Yes
5/8/2017 REL-138099 Structured Analytics If a document view includes the Email Threading Display column, a document list view won’t load in certain cases. Instead, the loading spinner displays indefinitely. This issue may occur when the email metadata values are too large, such as in the case of email subjects or email recipients. Yes
5/8/2017 REL-135886 RDO Framework An error occurs if you try to create a layout from the Layout tab by clicking the New Layout button. As a workaround, create layouts from the associated object's page. Yes
4/28/2017 MOBI-2561 Infrastructure The PreLoad Event Handler execution isn't implemented in the Object Manager Query API. No
4/24/2017 REL-28455 Reviewer Interface Black boxes appear on certain PDF documents in the viewer. Yes
4/28/2017 REL-136531 New UI Framework Text filters return an error when filtering on whitespace (" "). Yes
4/28/2017 REL-136784 New UI Framework If a document contains a Unicode character, the new UI can't filter for it. No
4/28/2017 REL-136824 New UI Framework The Rank field displays zero values when filters are applied on top of a saved search with an Analytics Index condition. Yes
4/28/2017 REL-137088 New UI Framework After a saved search is moved, another user may still have access to it from the original folder. This user can still take actions on the search. No
4/24/2017 REL-136644 Extensibility Points The dashboard data is intermittently getting updated with the wrong ID. It uses the ID of the new data as source. Yes
4/24/2017 REL-130498 Support Tools Data Grid document ingestion times report incorrect totals. Yes
4/24/2017 REL-131030 Audit The Audit Deleter agent logs warning errors during off-hours. It inserts unnecessary messages into the logging table. Yes
4/24/2017 REL-132634 Infrastructure Data Grid usage metrics are sent per hour rather than per day. This process can cause issues with the web server. Yes
4/24/2017 REL-132622 Metrics A Relativity lockout can occur when upgrading to a version with the auto installation and configuration. This issue is due to a timestamp not getting checked by the instance setting. Yes
4/24/2017 REL-128804 New UI Framework In IE 10, a saved search folder isn't moved to a collapsed destination folder when you drag and drop it. The initial result of the move appears to be successful, but when you refresh the page, the moved saved search folder remains in the same position as before the move. If you don't have permission to perform the move operation, the system displays an empty saved search tree instead of the expected error message. Yes
4/24/2017 REL-134842 New UI Framework When you search in the new UI framework, the asterisk (*) wildcard character is processed incorrectly if you use it with the LIKE operator. Yes
4/28/2017 REL-135975 OCR The OCR job fails when the beginning of a destination long text field name contains "1:". No
4/24/2017 REL-134241 Structured Analytics Setting the ImportBatchSize value over 2100 may cause unexpected errors when you run a textual near duplicate job. Yes
4/28/2017 REL-136783 Integration Points In the summary of an integration point, the size of the transferred files returns the message Error occurred when you copy documents with natives. However, there is 0 natives in the saved search. This same issue occurs when images are copied and there are no physical TIFFs files in the transfer. Yes
5/31/2017 REL-135005 Conceptual Analytics When index population fails and index is deactivated, the last error status of the failed population is lost. No
4/19/2017 REL-132416 New UI Framework The choice multi-list picker displays only the direct parent of each choice separated by slash. If a choice is nested for more than two levels, the indirect parents of a choice are hidden. Yes
4/19/2017 REL-127929 Structured Analytics During an incremental run, Textual Near Duplicate (TND) jobs may fail. This issue is caused by a long running query exception that occurs due to the timing out of an SQL search query. The jobs are in unrecoverable state. Yes
4/18/2017 REL-126889 New UI Framework After you use a saved search that includes relational items, or after you create a document view with a selection that includes relational items, the Sampling button is disabled but sampling remains active. Yes
4/18/2017 REL-130321 New UI Framework Quotation marks aren’t handled correctly when they are used with the Is like operator for search conditions, so the search doesn’t return the appropriate results. Yes
4/13/2017 REL-101206 Conceptual Analytics The default and all documents in workspace search options for Analytics Indexes don't work with Data Grid text. Yes
4/12/2017 REL-134805 Relativity Desktop Client When you use the RDC with the Export Native option selected, the export of a custom page RDO fails. Yes
4/12/2017 REL-126716 New UI Framework

When you perform Document Mass Operations in the Saved Search browser, the Mass Operations pop-up may pull an incorrect number of documents if the following conditions are present:

  • Saved Search conditions include all of the following: a) index search b) relational items expansion c) folder conditions.
  • Two or more filter conditions are applied on a Saved Search in the Filter Panel.

In this case, relational documents may be incorrectly included in Mass Operations when those relational items fall outside of the saved search folder scope and do not meet search panel criteria.

4/11/2017 REL-134653 Relativity Desktop Client When you choose the Append Original filename option for natives and images, the RDC exports files that have the control number as their filename. Yes
4/11/2017 REL-134651 Mass Operations When you run the Save as PDF option, the resulting document may intermittently be distorted so that it doesn’t look like the native or image version. No
4/10/2017 REL-133881 Integration Points When you configure an import from a load file for an integration point job through the Create Integration Point wizard, the Copy Images option shouldn’t be visible because it isn’t active or used on this wizard. Yes
4/6/2017 REL-30401 Searching The icon used for creating a saved search from a list doesn’t display for users who aren’t admins but have required permissions to create searches on list pages. When they access the list, they can’t create a saved search from it because the entire console doesn’t appear. Yes
3/29/2017 REL-131647 Integration Points Changing Append to Append/Overlay while editing an integration point has no effect. Yes
3/28/2017 REL-130845 Productions If a production job is in the queue and the workspace is subsequently deleted, the production job doesn’t get deleted. When the agent tries to process the job later, it can’t find the workspace, and disables itself. As a workaround, delete the job from the production queue via SQL. No
3/28/2017 REL-121475 Search If you use curly quotation marks in a long text field CONTAINS filter, Relativity searches for the quotation mark itself instead of grouping terms together. Yes
3/27/2017 REL-126536 New UI Framework The result set is vastly different if a user edits a saved search results field, adds conditions that includes whitespaces, or filters on a result set from the folder browser and includes whitespaces, and then chooses the option to Search rather than Save and Search. Yes
3/24/2017 REL-129535 New UI Framework When you create a new dashboard, and then add a widget, the links in the Control Number column don't open that document in the core reviewer interface. Yes
3/23/2017 REL-121035 Reviewer Interface Running the Document Unitization solution on JPG images results in child images with incorrect TIF file extensions. When produced and exported, the images are exported as TIFs. Yes
3/23/2017 REL-129543 New UI Framework When a user creates a saved search with the Entire Workspace option checked by default, the text below this option appears "Currently searching no folders." instead of "Currently searching entire workspace." When a user chooses Selected folders, and then selects the Entire Workspace option again, the text that appears below this option is corrected. Yes
3/21/2017 REL-129128 Admin Operations The Case Statistics Manager Agent caused timeout errors to occur on environments with large amounts of workspaces. The timeout errors were causing the CSM off-hour agent runs to fail. Yes
3/20/2017 REL-34308 Processing Profile Relativity Processing doesn't support Thai for OCR. This option is available on the Processing Profile but isn't actually supported. Yes
3/15/2017 REL-36365 Reviewer Interface If the Data Grid port or service is down, long text viewer displays blank page and doesn't provide any information. This issue occurs because the long text viewer pulls data from Data Grid. Yes
3/15/2017 REL-126547 Infrastructure Invariant stores may be skipped during upgrades due to race conditions between the Relativity Agents and DbUpdater processes, when they run in parallel. As a workaround, rerun DbUpdater when encountering this issue. Yes
3/14/2017 REL-125807 Imaging When you run native imaging on certain PDF files with form fields, the information in the form fields is intermittently excluded. Yes
3/14/2017 REL-129137 Productions The Production Manager and Branding Manager agents can cause excessive memory usage by the Agent Manager service. This issue causes errors in agent execution. Yes
3/13/2017 REL-127404 Reviewer Interface When you view an unsupported document file type in the document viewer, it displays an error message, but this message doesn't include next steps for working with this issue. This issue occurs in both the HTML viewer and the older ActiveX viewer. Yes
3/7/2017 REL-124491 Processing Sets Relativity Processing uses Microsoft Excel to extract all data from CSV and DBF files when you set the Excel Text Extraction Method to Native. Due to limitations of Excel outlined in Excel specifications and limits on the Microsoft website, a CSV or DBF file with these limitations may miss data in extracted text. For example, if a CSV file contains more than 1,048,576 rows, the extracted text of these files won’t contain text on row 1,048,577 and onward. These limitations also apply to native imaging. As a workaround for processing, you can set the Excel Text Extraction Method to dtSearch for CSV or DBF files. As a workaround for imaging, you can use basic imaging as the method to image CSV or DBF files. Yes
3/3/2017 REL-122300 New UI Framework A saved search returns an incorrect set of results, when relational items are included in it and additional filtering conditions which contradict the saved search criteria are applied via the filter browser or Pivot. For example, you have a saved search that pulls all documents with an extension of .doc, and then include relational items that don't have this extension. Those relational items shouldn't be counted in the number of documents, but they are counted. Yes
3/1/2017 REL-120498 New UI Framework The button for exiting the security preview window doesn't work correctly in new UI framework. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-125932 Productions When production runs don't have problems but the query timeout values need to be increased, you need to make this update by manually changing the config on every branding agent server. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-125927 Productions When you run a production with a large number of pages, the production may halt when applying bates numbers. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-125929 Productions When you try to cancel a production with Branding status from the UI, the cancel operation doesn't immediately take effect. The cancel operation only occurs after the current branding batch is complete, which can take several minutes. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-126187 Reviewer Interface When you view transcripts, it appears that information is cut off in Viewer mode. No
2/22/2017 REL-33279 Reviewer Interface Accented characters aren't displayed accurately in the viewer when saved with ANSI encoding. No
2/22/2017 REL-123863 New UI Framework The field called Extracted Text OR Full Text Field isn't currently supported in the new UI framework. If you create a saved search including that field in the classic UI framework, and then tries to edit that search from the new UI framework, you receive an error and can't edit the search. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-125508 Mass Operations In some cases, the pop-up window for Mass Save as PDF may fail to load due to a query timeout. If you experience this issue, contact Client Services. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-122509 New UI Framework In the new UI framework, the file field links aren't working. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-124182 New UI Framework You can't click on Save & Search for a saved search that has an apostrophe in the search term report name. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-121839 New UI Framework During the performance of multiple document mass edit operations, you receive a server error. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-126017 Performance Dashboard The upgrade of the Performance Dashboard from to a later version fails with an error due to a resource file conflict. To install the application successfully, remove all Performance Dashboard agents and resource files prior to installation. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-102224 New UI Framework In the new UI framework, IE appears to have a memory leak. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-121118 New UI Framework The editing of any field in a Pivot widget deletes the first filter card. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-121888 New UI Framework In the new UI framework, when you attempt to mass delete search term results, agents, Analytics indexes, and choices, an error is thrown instead of deleting the items successfully. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-121119 New UI Framework In the new UI framework, the item list can't handle fields with a single quotation and a backslash in their names. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-123214 New UI Framework In the new UI framework, when you try to delete the search term results, an error is thrown instead of deleting the item successfully. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-124999 New UI Framework When returning to a saved search, you don't return to last viewed document. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-117213 New UI Framework In the new UI framework, when creating a new folder, the user must click Enter to save the folder name. This issue has been resolved, so the user now can just click out of the field and the folder name is saved. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-125372 Structured Analytics When a completed repeated content set has a comma or double quotation mark in its name, it generates a broken View Repeated Content Filter Results link. This link is used to display the repeated content results. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-121032 Processing Sets If a Microsoft Office program isn't the default program on the worker, a pop-up window appears when processing or running a native imaging job on a file for the first time. This action prevents the processing or native imaging job from progressing. To address this issue, log in to the worker to close the pop-up window so the job can continue. Yes
2/16/2017 REL-122607 Assisted Review (RAR) In Relativity Assisted Review, when working with the Start Round or Finish Round pop-up window, any spawned horizontal scroll bars at the bottom of the window is partially cut off. No
2/22/2017 REL-123300 Conceptual Analytics If categorization fails on a large data set, retrying errors has an increasing chance of failing again. This failure is due to leftover data from the initial attempt that wasn't properly cleaned up. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-123942 Conceptual Analytics When you edit a Repeated Content Filter, there is an exposed Manage link on the page that allows the user to add choices to a filter of this type. This field is locked so the user can't actually add choices, and the link shouldn't be displayed. Yes
2/16/2017 REL-125246 Structured Analytics When an email thread job for a structured analytics set is running, email threading results may be incorrect if the values assigned to the document field designated for Parent Document Id set in the Analytics Profile contains trailing whitespace characters. These characters may be tabs and spaces. Yes
2/16/2017 REL-125368 Structured Analytics When the list page for the new UI framework is enabled, an error occurs when you navigate to the Repeated Content Filter results from the link in its view page. Yes
2/15/2017 REL-125114 Conceptual Analytics For CAAT 3.25.0, cluster visualization may display cached cluster results for a temporary duration. This issue occurs when visualizing a cluster that was used with the Replace Existing Cluster mode. No
1/25/2017 REL-120699 Sampling In the classic UI framework, if a sample is set on the item list and a user switches between browser nodes, the sample ribbon is cleared. However, the sample results are still applied until the user switches nodes again. No
1/25/2017 REL-120781 Conceptual Analytics The Last population error text clears, before committing to Retry Errors on an Analytics Index that populates with errors. No
1/25/2017 REL-120752 OCR You can't use OCR to write data to a Data Grid enabled field unless you perform the following workaround. To resolve this issue, add the following instance setting for each agent server that has an OCR Set Manager or an OCR Worker agent on the server:
  • Name : KeplerServicesUri
  • Section: Relativity.Core
  • Value : Enter the value from the KeplerServicesUriForAgents instance setting.
  • MachineName: Enter the agent server name.
1/25/2017 REL-121043 Integration Points When you create export job to a load file through Integration Points, the Saved Search drop-down menu on the second step returns public and private searches, but it should return only public searches. If you select a private search, an integration point won’t pass validation when you attempt to save it. Yes
1/20/2017 REL-120570 Imaging Wide HTML files may occasionally be truncated when imaged in Relativity. No
1/20/2017 REL-120908 New UI Framework Securing the lowest ranked search index blocks the execution of saved searches. Yes
1/25/2017 REL-119181 Structured Analytics Running a Textual Near Duplicate job with 50+ similar large documents can cause Java to run out of memory and restart. This action results in the set failing. Yes
1/19/2017 REL-120757 Environment Administration & Operations The File Deletion Manager's connection may timeout and cause the agent to disable itself when working on long running deletions. Yes
1/13/2017 REL-29168 Processing Sets When DENIST is set to No on the Processing Profile, the option isn't respected on processing error retry. No
1/13/2017 REL-33198 Errors A user can't retry Processing Errors when any Processing Profile has the option *DeNIST* = Yes, and the NIST table isn't populated. As a workaround, ensure the NIST table is populated. No
1/10/2017 REL-118028 Reviewer Interface The long text field selection in the Long Text viewer mode flips to the defaulted field on navigation via the relational pane. No
1/10/2017 REL-118269 Structured Analytics Misleading information appears in the Structured Analytics Set layout tooltip in the Repeated Content section. The ability to set Minimum product was removed from the layout. No
1/10/2017 REL-115013 Conceptual Analytics The Analytics Index field and choices are copied over to the new workspace, but the fields where those choices are tracked on the [ContentAnalystIndex] table are explicitly null on the copy. This situation leads to duplicate choices when these indexes are built in the new workspace. We will be addressing this issue in the work transitioning Analytics Indexes to RDOs in the near future. In the meantime, use the workarounds suggested here. Don't use analytics indexes copied from template workspaces. Instead, create new ones. Delete the extra choices. You may need to enable choice deletion on the Lock Choices for Analytics Index on Document object rule on Analytics Core application in a workspace. Yes
1/9/2017 REL-114367 Conceptual Analytics In cluster visualization, the cluster circle sizes can only be compared accurately at the highest depth cluster level, which is at the leaf cluster nodes. No
1/3/2017 REL-118485 Review In the new UI framework, if filters are applied when securing a document folder (that is after closing permission pop-up window), the document tab may display content from the previously visited tab instead of document list. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-118198 All Products Creating and updating fields doesn't respect the LongRunningQueryTimeout instance setting. Instead, the default timeout of 30 seconds is used or the connect timeout value in the connection string of the kCura.config section is used. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-36582 New UI Framework In the new UI framework, when the user secures the document folder by closing the permission pop-up window, the document tab may display content from the previously visited tab instead of document list. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-117765 Data Transfer The scheduler incorrectly validates midnight military time (12:00-12:59 AM). When the midnight time is provided in the 24 hour format (00:00 - 00:59), the next job is always scheduled at 12:00-12:59 PM and validation message doesn't appear. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-117405 Review In the new UI any field that contains a number is giving an error in the view, but in the classic UI field it is fine. A workaround is to add a letter to the name of the field. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-114655 Review The Set Extracted Text Size mass action choice wraps a single letter instead of a whole word. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-117915 Review Document viewer may be slow to load particular documents, or it may not load them at all. The loading time for the specific documents depends on the system resources available. In general, if a document is associated with a production that is very large, this issue may occur. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-110532 Analytics The Assisted Review project can be deleted with a mass action even when the user doesn't have delete permissions. This action doesn't delete the project, but the project is in a state that makes recovery problematic. No
12/21/2016 REL-112040 Analytics In some cases, an Assisted Review round displays error information even after the error has been resolved. No
12/21/2016 REL-109381 Analytics For an Analytics index, all the times appearing in the Build and Usage Information section and the Show Index Statistics pop-up window should display the local time zone of the user rather than the server's time zone. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-107627 Analytics The Initial Build Date field on an Analytics index shows the date of the most recent build rather then the date of the initial index build. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-117595 Analytics After the Documents to Categorize search is changed on a Categorization Set, subsequent runs to categorize new documents cause previous results to be cleared. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-117468 Analytics When an Analytics index is populated with the with automated build options selected, the section of the page that displays the progress bar may show an error. No
12/21/2016 REL-33612 Developer Platform Users sporadically can't save their layout changes after launching the standalone viewer more than once. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-33990 Review If you open the viewer in the normal docked state, make a few coding changes, undock the viewer to pop out, and then click Save, the updates aren't saved. Instead, the coding reverts back to original values. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-98785 Review In certain circumstances, documents that fail during branding due to File Not Found error indicate that the production was successful. However, the production didn't complete. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-116036 Processing Because the login window for the Relativity Processing Console is a web browser, the Delete key function is disabled. No
12/21/2016 REL-117173 Analytics During export, documents that contain extracted text greater than 30 MB result in a Set Level error, when included in a Structured Analytics Set job. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-36218 Review Sub-folders under Summary reports won't expand. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-116872 Data Transfer When an integration point is scheduled to run monthly, Next Scheduled Runtime is calculated incorrectly. For the day of week option (that is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday), the integration point is always scheduled for the last day of next month. As a workaround for the monthly frequency, use the weekly frequency with the Reoccur option set to every 4 weeks. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-114207 Review The coding panel is undocked and a user makes changes. The user redocks and then saves the changes in Chrome. The system indicates to the user the save occurred, but the changes won't saved. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-34707 Conceptual Analytics Dashboards with cluster visualization widgets created before Relativity 9.3.389.9 render the circle pack off center. This issue occurs if you load a dashboard in a browser window that has a different size than when the widget was saved. To resolve this issue, resave the affected dashboard. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-117081 Review The New Relativity Script button should be hidden when AllowAddOrEditScripts instance setting is false. The button's functionality is restricted based on this instance setting. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-117257 Processing When the Create and Map Field Catalog application is installed, the Author field is created with a character limit of 50. Any Author data exceeding this amount results in an error. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-34685 Processing Extracted text from Microsoft Project files format differently depending on whether Microsoft 2010 or Microsoft 2013 is installed on the worker. No
12/21/2016 REL-101611 Processing Relativity Processing excludes chart titles and axis labels in extracted text from Excel files created in Excel 2007 and above, which is then saved as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook. No
12/21/2016 REL-115378 Environment Administration & Operations The Billing Statistics - Application script won't run even with the proper inputs. As a temporary workaround, update the 'UsagePeriodYear' to 'UsagePeriodYearParam' and the 'UsagePeriodMonth' to 'UsagePeriodMonthParam'. Run the query in the SQL Server Management Studio. If you need additional help or a new temporary script, contact Client Services. Yes
12/21/2016 REL-115642 Processing If an email with an HTML body has header tags that aren't lowercase, the HTML may become malformed. This issue affects the extracted text and native image in unexpected ways. For example, an extra angled bracket (<) may be visible in the message body. Yes
11/30/2016 REL-115552 ECA and Investigation ECA Pushed to Review widget lists all types of Integration Points including Import and Export, such as LDAP, FTP, and Load File. As a workaround, users should ignore rows displaying the workspace name that is the same as ECA dashboard workspace. Yes
11/30/2016 REL-115137 ECA and Investigation The ECA Dashboard Promote drop-down menu lists all Integration Point jobs of an Export type, such as the destination workspace and load file. The wrong confirmation message appears when the Load File Integration Point is selected. Currently, the message incorrectly says: ”Promote to Review This job will be promoted to a destination workspace. Are you sure?" However, the correct message should say: "Promote to Review This job will be promoted to a load file. Are you sure?" Yes
11/30/2016 REL-29791 Review When a user attempts to cancel a document folder deletion, the deletion of the child documents under the folder won't be canceled. The documents under the folder are deleted. Yes
11/30/2016 REL-115060 Review In the new UI framework, a non-admin user is able to view results of a saved search with secured fielded conditions if accessed via the Structured Analytics Set or Search Terms Report tab. However, the user won't be able to see the field conditions, which are secured. Additionally, the search results displayed contains all documents in the workspace that the user has access to, rather than the actual results of the search. Documents, which are secured from the user via document-level or folder security, aren't displayed. Yes
11/30/2016 REL-28666 Infrastructure Invariant worker will crash when attempting to extract text or image an Excel file with a hidden sheet containing a pivot table with no filter. Yes
11/30/2016 REL-112381 Markup Sets In the HTML5 Viewer, an incorrect markup set is applied when redactions are drawn. When users change their markup sets in the review tool, and then open the production viewer for the first time in that session, they enter an bug state. While in the bug state, they may think that they are redacting one markup set, but they are actually redacting another. Closing the browser or changing the markup set resolves the issue. Yes
11/30/2016 REL-111984 Processing If two or more MBOX or DBX files with the same file name are processed in the same workspace, the metadata, extracted text, natives, and deduplication of their respective emails and attachments will be incorrect. Yes
11/30/2016 REL-111614 Analytics Users not mapped during ARM import will be unable to edit or create new Analytics indexes. As a workaround, use one of the default admin user accounts to access and build the index. Yes
11/30/2016 REL-111767 New UI Framework It's not possible to user the multi-list column filters with saved searches on RDO pages. This affects Search term reports, Persistent lists, Structured analytics sets, and Transform sets. You also are not able to filter columns by Analytics Index on the Assisted Review tab. Yes
11/30/2016 REL-34041 UI Framework If a saved search has an Index search condition within it and an additional condition is set and run from the search panel, the Rank column is empty. Yes
11/30/2016 REL-104908 Reviewer Interface The Conversion Agent sometimes sits at 100% CPU usage indefinitely until the kCura Agent Manager service is manually restarted. No
11/30/2016 REL-110950 Service Host KeplerServicesURI and KeplerServicesUriForAgents instance settings are pulling the value for EnforceHttps from the Relativity.core section of the Instance setting table. However, the EnforceHttps instance setting is located in the Relativity.Authentication section, which causes the value to default to 'Warn'. As a workaround, add a duplicate instance setting called EnforceHttps to the Relativity.Core section of Instance setting table, and update it with the required value. Yes
11/30/2016 REL-111362 Service Host If you upgraded to Relativity 9.4.346.43 from an earlier version of 9.4, you will see an incorrect description of the EnforceHttps instance setting. In the October update, we made EnforceHttps a tristate value instead of True/False. All existing EnforceHttps values will have the old description, while all new installations and upgrades from versions 9.3 and prior will have the correct description. For the correct description, see Instance Setting - EnforceHttps. Yes
11/15/2016 REL-110722 Data Grid The File Deletion Service displays an error when the service host starts. To resolve this, modify the Relativity.Core.RestUriForCAAT instance setting value to a valid FQDN. Avoid using localhost value. Example: Yes
11/15/2016 REL-110649 Processing When imaging password-protected Microsoft Office (2007 or higher) files in Relativity, the first file—with a correct password associated—will image correctly, but every subsequent password-protected file of that same file type, regardless if the password is correct or not, will obtain the images from the first password protected documented successfully imaged. This defect will occur during imaging regardless of how files are ingested into Relativity—imported through the RDC or processed in Relativity—and will persist across imaging sets within the same workspace. Yes
11/15/2016 REL-110219 Extensibility Points When running on older versions of IIS, SignalR may exhibit performance issues, including slow responses and connection failures as it falls back to other supported connection protocols. To resolve this issue, disable “Dynamic content compression” in the “Compression” section of IIS for Relativity.REST, or add the following entry “<urlCompression doDynamicCompression="false" />” within the “system.webServer” section of the Relativity.REST web.config file. This change will improve SignalR performance on older versions of IIS. Yes
11/15/2016 REL-108747 Imaging When an Excel file has hidden workbooks, Relativity Processing won't populate the metadata field called "Has Hidden Data." No
11/15/2016 REL-108036 Conceptual Analytics For population of Analytics Index, removal of default stop words is ignored. Yes
11/15/2016 REL-107726 UI Framework An empty condition is added to the search browser and the selected dates not filtered when date / time items are selected in a Pivot chart on your Dashboard. Yes
11/15/2016 REL-103627 UI Framework Adding a condition for the choice field with many choices performs slowly in the new UI. The add will succeed, but can take a long time depending on how many choices are selected. Yes
1/25/2017 REL-36878 New UI Framework Currently, the new UI framework doesn't support the Show Current Path icon. The user must leverage the Classic UI to retrieve this information. Yes
11/15/2016 REL-109621 Processing Pre-2007 read-only Word documents generate a Password Protected error. Yes
11/15/2016 REL-105148 UI Framework Australian time and date formats are not yet supported. U.S. formats are displayed instead. Yes
11/15/2016 REL-109544 Structured Analytics Structured Analytics Sets running Email Threading may timeout during the Export phase if the Group ID field of the associate Analytics Profile is set. This occurs during a process that prepares the email attachment metadata for ingestion into the CAAT engine. Yes
11/15/2016 REL-107449 UI Framework When using the search panel in the new UI framework, if you use saved searches that have search providers set as conditions (index conditions) the last search entered is set as an extra AND condition. This causes results to be limited to items in that saved search. This issue affects index saved searches that are linked with the AND and OR operators, but only affects the results of saved searches that are linked with the OR operator. Yes
11/15/2016 REL-110263 Structured Analytics Documents that the Analytics Engine considers empty during Textual Near Duplicate identification are not being placed in the same Textual Near Duplicate Group. Yes
11/15/2016 REL-102212 Security Non system admin users cannot view certain widgets on the ECA Home Dashboard. Yes
11/15/2016 REL-102636 Cluster browser When using the classic UI, an error is displayed when you click on the Cluster browser icon. As a workaround, use the new UI framework. Yes
2/22/2017 REL-111636 Imaging When a native imaging job is run on emails with RTF-encapsulated HTML, the embedded images won't be imaged. Basic imaging can be used as a workaround. Yes
8/15/2016 DAU672 UI Framework Multi-object and single object conditions in the new UI do not contain the following operators: - is like - is not like - is greater than - is less than Yes
8/15/2016 DAV296 UI Framework Conditions for the Folder Name field in the new UI are represented by a text field instead of a folder picker tree view. Yes
8/15/2016 DAV348 UI Framework When using Save as Search in the new UI, if the view being used contains conditions for the System Created By or System Last Modified By fields, the conditions within the modal will show an ArtifactID instead of the username. Yes
8/15/2016 DAW068 UI Framework When using a view with a selected Group Definition field in the new UI, vertical lines will not appear between columns if the Grid Style Toggle is on. Yes
8/15/2016 DAW195 UI Framework When overwriting security for a saved search in the new UI, the search will temporarily disappear from the browser. It will appear after reloading the page. No
8/15/2016 DAV297 UI Framework When running a Search (not Save & Search) with a condition set for Folder Name, the search will appear to be executing, but will never complete. Yes
8/15/2016 DAV261 Relativity Load Balancing Relativity user load balancing doesn't work for clients using TLS 1.2. Yes
8/15/2016 DAY734 Production Production application schema has RelativityImageCount > OpenToAssociations set to True. This setting should be set to False. Yes
8/15/2016 DAY460 Processing Invariant - Text Extraction When processing a Powerpoint file, the inline/hidden comments do not appear in extracted text. Yes
8/15/2016 DAY697 Processing Invariant - Publish (Export) Files processed in 9.3 have Sort Date/Time field populated with date and time. Same files processed in 9.4 have date, but the time is all midnight. Yes
8/15/2016 DAU095 Processing Relativity - Processing Set Unable to load processing sets and cannot add data sources in certain scenarios. Yes
8/15/2016 REL-36560 Relativity Event Handler Express The Action column on the Relativity Event Handler Express tab displays incorrectly in the New UI. As a workaround, you can switch to the Classic UI. No
8/15/2016 REL-30218 Reviewer Interface When using Chrome and trying to download a native, if that file name has a comma in it, the native file won't download. As a workaround, you can use Internet Explorer with both the ActiveX and HTML viewer. Yes
8/15/2016 REL-28292 Searching When searching on the Folder Name field using the 'IS' condition, an error will be displayed if any text is entered. Yes
8/15/2016 REL-101520 Security Tenant user fails to log in to Relativity with the following exception: "An unhandled exception occurred: Relativity.Core.Exception.Permission: You do not have permission to view this item (ArtifactID=1028159)." As a workaround, the Everyone group of the tenant must be assigned view permissions to the Federated Instance and Object Type objects. Yes