The functionality described on this site is available in Early Access only. It appears only in a preview environment and not in production. The content on this site is subject to change based on modifications made by product development and/or feedback provided by Relativity customers. Once we deploy Early Access functionality to RelativityOne production, this site will no longer display content until the next Early Access release is available in a preview environment.

Relativity metrics reference

Relativity uses telemetry to collect a variety of metrics. For more information, see Telemetry and metrics.

The following table lists this information:

  • Telemetry identifier - provides the unique name used to identify a metric collected by telemetry.
  • Metric description - briefly summarizes information about a specific metric.
  • Product or feature - lists a Relativity application or functionality associated with the metric.
  • Sample value - this column contains an example of the value and its type. For example, its type may be a string or an integer, while the value illustrates how it might appear.
  • Frequency - this column indicates how often the metric is logged.
  • Relativity Server version added - the build number of the Relativity Server version when the metric was added.
  • RelOne version added - the build number of the RelativityOne version when the metric was added.

Use the following link Metrics Collected by Relativity to view a table to find a specific Relativity metric. To filter the data in the table, select a value from a dropdown in the column header (Type and Product or Feature) or type in the Search field. To sort, click the column name.

Note: Information undocumented will be added in later releases.