The functionality described on this site is available in Early Access only. It appears only in a preview environment and not in production. The content on this site is subject to change based on modifications made by product development and/or feedback provided by Relativity customers. Once we deploy Early Access functionality to RelativityOne production, this site will no longer display content until the next Early Access release is available in a preview environment.

RelativityOne Sandbox

RelativityOne Sandbox refers to reusable RelativityOne environments that allow you to test SQL scripts, event handlers, API based applications, custom pages, and custom agents for both the current and Early Access (EA) release of Relativity.

Note: Sandbox is a service that you must subscribe to. Please contact your Account Manager for more details.

Both sandbox instances (e.g., current and EA) will be upgraded month-to-month. Your users will have a unified login between their production instance and their Sandbox instance and be able to switch between instances easily.

See Early Access Sandbox on the Early Access Platform site for more information.