This page provides information on all new or modified functionality in Aero UI, as released in each AA version. Aero UI is the next-generation user interface for RelativityOne. Aero UI makes it easy for any user to get into RelativityOne and get to work right away – all users can feel confident in the software, while preserving the power you need to conduct e-discovery. Aero UI is a collection of updates to the user experience including new features and functionality that improve how you interact with the software.

AA2 - May 16th, 2020

Styling Updates:

The following pages and components have been updated with Aero UI Styling, including a modern look and feel, updated colors, font sizes, font types, spacing, and more:

  • Search Terms Report
  • Item List updates
  • Conditions
  • OCR

We have also updated many forms pages in Aero to utilize single primary call to action buttons using the dark blue color to reduce visual noise.


You can now Save as PDF directly from the Aero Viewer, as well as from the Document list as a mass operation, using the new PDF application.

Note: this feature was released in a patch on 4/25

  • You can now mass edit directly from the Aero Viewer within the Related Items card.
  • Copy from Previous is now available.
  • Note: the icons will ship in a patch between AA2 and AA3.

  • Document coding layouts configured to show two columns of content now display as expected.

Performance Improvements

We’ve been working to improve performance across the platform; with this update, you’ll notice improved performance on the following:

  • Navigating list and form pages
  • Loading page content
  • Coding layout speeds


You can now scroll vertically to see all tabs in the overflow menu due to navigation improvements.

Search Term Reports

In addition to updated styling, we have introduced the ability to edit a term or terms without needing to delete and re-add the term and the color selections. Users can select the term or terms they would like to edit and use the new Edit option to make their changes.

After the update is entered, the user will simply need to Run Pending Terms to get updated STR hits.

We have also updated the Field Tree to include the number of hits for each term.

Additional Improvements

  • Enabling Developer Mode now displays a banner at the top of users' screens to let them know what mode they’re in.
  • Administrators can now preview user permissions in Aero UI using the Preview Security button.