Infrastructure Specialist

This page contains the following resources for the Infrastructure Specialist exam:

The content on this site is based on the most recent monthly version of Relativity, which contains functionality that has been added since the release of the version on which Relativity's exams are based. As a result, some of the content on this site may differ significantly from questions you encounter in a practice quiz and on the exam itself. If you encounter any content on this site that contradicts your study materials, please refer to the What's New and/or the Release Notes for details on all new functionality.

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PDF downloads

Agents Guide.pdf
Authentication Guide.pdf
Backup and Data Management Best Practices.pdf
Client Certificate Authentication Guide.pdf
Instance Setting Guide.pdf
Environment Optimization Guide.pdf
Infrastructure Planning Recommendations.pdf
Managing Relativity SQL log files.pdf
RSA Integration Guide.pdf
Workstation Configuration.pdf
Workflow solutions for very large workspaces.pdf
Infrastructure solutions for very large workspaces.pdf
System Requirements.pdf
Pre-Installation Guide.pdf
Relativity Installation.pdf
Relativity Secret Store Guide.pdf
Relativity Upgrade.pdf
Worker manager server Installation Guide.pdf

What's new

What's new in the infrastructure

SQL configuration

Environment optimization
Infrastructure planning recommendations
Instance settings table
Managing Relativity SQL log files
Training Center

Infrastructure performance and configuration

Solutions for VLRW
Environment Optimization Guide
Training Center


Relativity user load balancing
Analytics Servers

Web servers

Viewer Performance Troubleshooting

Analytics and dtSearch indexes

Environment Optimization Guide
Configuring the Analytics Server
Training Center

Relativity Agents

Agents Guide
Analytics servers
Resource pools

Training Center

Secret Store



Installing worker manager servers
Processing System Requirements

Authentication and Security

Federated instances
Managing user authentication methods

Training Center

Relativity management

Service Host Manager

Installer, installs, and upgrades

Infrastructure planning considerations
System requirements
Relativity installation
Setting properties in the RelativityResponse.txt file

Server administration and environment monitoring

Backup and Data Management Best Practices
Resource pools

Training Center

Importing and exporting

Importing through the Relativity Desktop Client (RDC)
Relativity Integration Points
ARM Overview
Service Host Manager


RelativityOne Staging Explorer
RelativityOne downtime windows
User hardware and software requirements
Relativity Desktop Client (RDC)