Relativity Certified User

This page contains the following resources for the Relativity Certified User exam:

Note: The Relativity Certified User exam is testing on version

PDF downloads

User Guide
Searching Guide
In-Person Training
Relativity 101: Relativity for End Users Training
Using dtSearch


Running a dtSearch

Running a Dictionary search

Using dtSearch syntax options

Searching Quick Reference Guide

Solutions Recipes

Self-Paced Videos

Creating and Managing Search Conditions


Search conditions

Search panel

Saved search

Creating or editing a saved search

Defining criteria for saved searches

Saving searches on the Documents tab

Self-Paced Videos

Using Analytics for Review

Conceptual searching

Keyword expansion

Find similar documents

Email threading

Email thread visualization (ETV)

Language Identification

Active Learning

Self-Paced Videos

Understanding Permissions for Review

Workspace Security

Creating and Managing Batches


Assigning batches and checking batches in and out

Managing Review Workflows

Solution Recipes

Creating and Managing Dashboards



Dashboard and Pivot Quick Reference Guide

Self-Paced Videos


Running Pivot Reports

Case Metrics

Using Search Terms Reports

Search Terms Reports

Self-Paced Videos

Using Persistent Highlighting

Persistent Highlight Sets

Self-Paced Videos

Using Mass Operations

Mass Operations

Printing in Relativity

Self-Paced Videos

Imaging Documents


Using Relativity Short Message Format

Relativity Short Message Format

Short Message Viewer

Self-Paced Videos

Using Keyword Search

Keyword Search

Working with Entities and Aliases

Entity Object

Self-Paced Videos