Find similar documents

When you click Find Similar Documents in the Viewer, Relativity identifies a group of related documents and displays them as search results in the Related Items Pane. Relativity ranks the documents based on the conceptual similarity of their content in the concept space rather than a strict word comparison.

Finding similar documents

When you click Find Similar Documents in the Relativity viewer, the entire document is submitted as a query string. The process is similar to a concept search, except instead of a query string, the whole document's position in the concept space is used as the query. A hit sphere with minimum concept rank of 60 is drawn around the document, and any documents that are within that hit sphere are returned as search results. This minimum rank value is not configurable.

The user can view the search results in the related items pane. The closest document is returned first in the list. All documents display a green bar rank indicator showing how conceptually similar they are to the active document.

You can use the Find Similar Documents option to run a conceptual search on the contents of a specific document. Analytics uses the document currently displayed in the viewer to identify other conceptually correlated documents. This feature only works if the document is in the Searchable set of the selected index.

To find similar documents, perform the following steps:

  1. Select a document from the document list and open it in the viewer. This is your primary document.
  2. Right-click in the white space of the document.
  3. Hover over Relativity Analytics and select Find Similar Documents. All of the content unfiltered text of the document is used as the query, and Relativity returns other conceptually similar documents.
  4. The conceptual hits appear in the Related Items pane.

Best practices

  • Large documents with many topics are not optimal for finding similar documents. Instead of using this feature, select the text that is relevant to your query, and then submit that text as a concept search.
  • Because the results appear in the Related Items pane, only the first 1,000 results are viewable. To view results past 1,000, you must run a concept search from the Documents tab.