Keyword expansion

Analytics can position any term, block of text, or document into its spatial index and return the closest documents. It can also return the closest terms. Submitting a single term provides you with a list of highly correlated terms, synonyms, or strongly related terms in your document set. When you submit a block of text, you get a list of single terms that are strongly related to that content. Therefore, because the terms returned are based on the concepts that comprise the search index's training space, any term that isn't included in the training set won't produce any results.

Relativity limits the threshold of this function to .50. Only words with a coherence score greater than .50 will be returned.

You can use keyword expansion to see how different language is used to express the same or similar concepts. Keyword expansion can also be used on a word to identify other conceptually related terms and words in your index that you didn't expect. You can use these results in a dtSearch or search terms report.

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Running keyword expansion from the Documents tab

To run keyword expansion from the Documents tab, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the search panel.
  2. Click Add Condition.
  3. Select (Index Search) from the Add Condition drop-down menu.
  4. The (Index Search) window opens.

  5. Select an Analytics index.
  6. Click Expand.
  7. Enter one or more search terms in the text box. Click Expand to display a list of keywords and their rank. The result set contains keywords that represent concepts similar to the search terms.

    Note: You can expand a keyword in the results set. Click on the keyword link to add the term to the textbox, and click the Expand button. The new results display in the grid.

    Conceptual keyword expansion layout

Running keyword expansion from the viewer

To run keyword expansion from the primary viewer mode or extracted text mode of the viewer, perform the following steps:

  1. Select a document from the document list and open it in the viewer.
  2. Select a section of text, and then right-click the text.
  3. Hover over Analytics, and then click Keyword Expansion. The viewer automatically adds the selection to the Conceptual Keyword Expansion text box.
  4. Keyword expansion from the viewer