Overlaying in the production object

These fields include:

  • Begin Bates
  • End Bates
  • Begin Attachment
  • End Attachment
  • Has Redactions
  • Data Source
  • Production
  • Production Name
  • Production Type
  • Sort Order

After you run a production, Relativity automatically populates the fields listed previously on the Production Information object. If any modifications need to be made to the fields on this object, you can run an overlay using the Relativity Desktop Client.

The Production field is a unique value that contains the Artifact ID value of the Production Set combined with the Artifact ID value of the document. This value ensures that this field is truly a unique document. Here is an example of the format of the production field:

[Artifact ID of Production Set}_{Artifact ID of Document} or XXXXXXX_XXXXXXX

Let’s envision a scenario in which you ran a production and did not specify a relational field. You currently do not have any Attachment values in the Begin and End Attachment fields. This would require you to overlay new Begin Attachment and End Attachment values into the Production Information object. Here is an example of what this load file should look like:

Production load file


  1. Select the Production Information object on the object selection.

    Production Information object in Relativity Desktop Client

  2. Select Overlay on the Overwrite behavior selection.
  3. To map the fields, the Name [Identifier] field must be mapped to the Production field. Map the remainder of the fields to overlay the values into the corresponding fields on the Production Information object. In this scenario, we select the Begin and End Attachments fields. Select the Name [Identifier] field as the Overlay Identifier.

    Running this overlay using the Production field as the Name [Identifier] ensures that the New Begin/End Attachment values are loaded properly to the Workspace.

The overlay creates the following updates to the Begin Attachment and End Attachment fields.

Overlay load file updates


  • Relativity Desktop Client