Tracking categorized documents to their example document

During a categorization project, it's sometimes important to know which example document was used by the Relativity Analytics index to categorize the rest of your documents. This information can help you improve your example set and yield a more accurate categorization set.

Recipe overview

This recipe shows you how to create a tab containing a view that displays both your categorized documents and the example document used by the Analytics index to make its categorization decision.


  • Applicable to all Relativity versions
  • Relativity security access
    • Permissions: Access to Tabs option under the Administration tab
    • Tab: Edit/Add
    • View: Edit


  1. For Relativity 7.1 and above, your categorization set must have a Maximum Categories per Document value of 1 or higher.
  2. Under Tabs, create a new tab to display the Analytics categorization results.
    1. Name the new tab and select an Order.
    2. Set Link Type to Object.
    3. In the Parent field, you may wish to place the new tab under the Analytics tab.
    4. Set Object Type to Analytics Categorization Result.
    5. Leave Is Default as No.
  3. Navigate to the newly created tab.
  4. Create a new view with the object type of Analytics Categorization Result.
  5. Ensure the following fields are added to the view:
    1. Document – [Name of Categorization Set]
    2. Category
    3. Category Example

These fields show you the document that was categorized, the name of the category, and the example document that was used by the Analytics index to make its categorization decision.