Performance Dashboard

Note: Starting on April 1, 2019, Relativity will no longer support the Performance Dashboard (PDB) application. For those interested in maintaining their own PDB application based on the existing code, or having one of our development partners make modifications for you, there will be a new open source version of PDB available soon. A link to that new version will be available here. For more information on getting involved with this or other Relativity open source projects, contact our Relativity Developer Experience team.

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Relativity Performance Dashboard helps you monitor and analyze your Relativity environment in real time. Featuring a suite of reports and metrics, it provides you with greater insight into your environment to quickly assess potential areas of concern. Performance Dashboard is available for download through the Relativity Community, which is compatible with Relativity versions 9.2 to 9.6

The latest release of Performance Dashboard features a set of “Quality of Service” reports, allowing Infrastructure managers to view the performance of their Relativity environment through four key areas; user experience, infrastructure performance, recoverability & integrity checks, and uptime. Weekly and quarterly scores are calculated based on these areas, allowing you to gauge the performance of your Relativity environment. Problematic areas can be investigated further using the performance metrics for all workspaces and servers in your environment, such as long-running queries, user counts, user kick-outs, and CPU and RAM usage. Using this information, you can make adjustments to your environment on-the-fly, rather than waiting to find errors over time.

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System requirements

Since PDB is an extension of Relativity, no unique system requirements apply.