Reviewing documents in Relativity

This guide walks you through a generic workflow for a first-pass review. To start your first-pass review, log in to Relativity by browsing to your Relativity website. The login screen appears and you can enter your email address and password. After logging in to Relativity, a list of workspaces you have access to appears. To access workspace documents, click on the name of the relevant workspace. The workspace opens with a list of available documents and you can begin your review.

This page contains the following content:

Accessing documents

Depending on how your project manager has set up the workspace, you can either access documents via the Documents tab or the Review Batches tab, or both. To access a document, click on its identifier link. The document opens in the Viewer, part of the Core reviewer interface.

Coding documents

During a first-pass review, initial coding decisions are made about a document's relevancy to issues related to a particular matter. Most of your time during review is spent working in the Core reviewer interface and interacting with layouts to store your coding decisions.

Working with layouts

Layouts can consist of read-only fields, single-choice fields, and multi-choice fields. Read-only fields give static information about the current document. Single-choice fields are denoted by radio buttons or a drop-down menu, depending on what your project manager has set up. You can only select one coding value for a single choice field. Multi-choice fields are denoted by check boxes. You can select more than one coding value with check boxes.

To make your coding decisions about a document, click Edit on the layout. Required fields appear orange and optional fields appear gray.

Once you make your coding decision, click Save to return to read-only mode, or click Save & Next to save your coding decisions and move to the next document for review. If you click Save & Next without a coding decision being made, This field is required will display near any required fields.

Note: If your project manager enabled Copy from Previous, you can use this function to copy your coding decisions from the previous document to the current document.

Using the viewer

When you open a document from the document list for the first time, Relativity loads that document in Viewer mode by default. Viewer mode provides options for navigating through a single document and between documents in a document set for text searching, highlighting, zooming, arranging, and saving pages you review.

The Core reviewer interface screen consists of the following areas:

  1. Document view selector
  2. Note: Check your HideDownloandNativeFileRadioButton instance setting if you do not see the Native radio button. An instance setting was added that enables and disables the native radio button. For more information, see HideDownloadNativeFileRadioButton

  3. Viewer
  4. Navigation bar
  5. Layouts
  6. Related Items pane
  7. Persistent Highlight Sets